Answer To One Of My Daughters On Earth. Maybe You Are Interested Too To Read. Ra, Father, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life

I am not calling you ‘Aliens’.
I am father, you are my children.
All of you.
Your brothers and sisters from all Universe arrived here still maintain 10 october as date when they will show to you.
But i don’t believe this.
Humans on Earth are not yet prepared for this.
Is enough to look here around me and to imagine for example what they can do if the huge ship over the Church here, in front of my balcony will became visible for them.
Or to see our ships on Orbit of Earth.
Also, i think they are not yet prepared to see Humans variety in Universe.
They still look at my nails on my feet when i go outside.
Could you imagine their reaction if they see how variate is Human race in Universe?
In Romania they made jokes we have small dicks.
And other.
They put poor children to scream after me on streets ‘Mr. Gorilla’.
And i look almost similar with Humans on Earth.
Others don’t, they are very different.
Here human on Earth still have problems to accept ‘niggers’, ‘gipsies’, ‘jews’, ‘arabs’ and others, humans on Earth too.
How they can accept other Human species arrived from Universe?
Nope, this human on Earth race is still too arrogant to accept is not the only one in Universe.
We’ll see, 10 october is not far.
I am sorry S, but was not a joke when i said Earth is the last primitive place in Universe.
I love You :)
I will publish this answer to you on blog, i am sure there are many who wants to know too.
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From: S
To: The Scandinavian-architecture magazine
Sent: Friday, October 2, 2015 7:04 AM
Subject: Re: Did you ever saw this in America on News? :)

I wish it was like that here! I’m happy that people are being open now. :)
What is the ‘Aliens’ real name? What did you originally call all of us?
And do we get to meet eachother? :)

On Oct 1, 2015 10:53 PM, “The Scandinavian-architecture magazine” wrote:

Here is on TV, how was presented on News the arrival of one of our ships above Bremen airport.
People talk free and say what they saw.
This is Germany.
In America something like this is not possible.
In America Aliens don’t exists.
NASA still look for them :)
And we are here.
Look the video from Germany:
I love You :)
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