The Book Of PRIMES – The Creators of The Universe



As your old texts say here, on Terra, the Life on Earth had a cyclic evolution.

Both in near history or far history, The Era Evolution.

In near History, the cycles of History are easy to be recognized looking at events who repeated. For example Empires or Wars. But not this is the point of this book, these subjects are more or less reflected in your history here.

What you know less and much of you don’t believe, and for sure, no one or very few here knows, is The Era Evolution of Earth.

What is this?

Since I created The Universe, all around had a normal evolution. From nothing, as was after my apparition, The Creator, or simply Ra, the one who is writing to you now this book, to what is today.

What is today?

Well, today, the 2014 year on Earth, life exists anywhere in Universe, in an infinite forms and shapes, with different stages of intelligence.

So, you are not alone at all in Universe.

But you are alone in fact. No one wants to meet you. No one wants to look at you anymore. No one wants to help you anymore. No one wants to learn you anymore.


Simply because of you, Human.

Is not about your cycles as Eras. All the time same story: a very slow evolution, with so much help from us, then, the same story, again and again. Every 5000 years. Your Self Destruction.

We leaved Earth 300 million years ago.

So, in 300 million years, if you destroyed yourself every 5000 years, calculate yourself how many times you done.

Yes, is an accident when is happening once.

The second time is stupidity.

The third is faith.

But in your case, is sickness.

Yes, Human, you are sick.

What is your sick? Yes, you guess, The Suicide.

This would be not a problem at all, as long as you are still so many.

The problems is you listened all the time the Suiciders who ruled you to murder.

To murder the normal ones.

Even today, you gived the power, as usual to one of the less intelligent creatures on your planet.

Your leaders.

Power is not for idiots.

Power is powerful.

Power is beautiful, but beautiful is always dangerous when stupid people taste her taste.

As Maya said, this was your last cycle.

Maya said you will dissapear.

This is why we arrived here.

To stop.

And we stopped.


We stopped your evolution.


Was the only choice to keep you alive.

As long as you denied your acceptance into The Universal Fraternity, you decided, as is normal, your future.

You wanted to be alone.

Sorry, not possible.


Because Me, The Creator, I will never accept Terra to be destroyed.

I don’t give a shit on you, Humans.


You can kill yourself as you want.

You’ll never arrive in Paradise.

Because Paradise is Here, on Earth.

The most beautiful Planet I created.

Transformed by you in garbage.

In the shame of the Universe.

Again and again.

So, enough.

This is the secure level in your evolution.

And you will remain here forever.

So Terra will be OK.

Well, if we can not do evolution with you, let’s make History.

Maybe this will interess you.


To be honest, as long as is not Porn, very few people will be interested.

Anyway, I will write.

Me, Ra, The Creator.

The One who Created even You, the last species of Worms in the Uiverse – The Humans.


Ra – Terra, 2014

CHAPTER 2 – Catalin Tudoras, the chosed ONE

Until now, we, The Primes, had a problem with our bodies here, on Earth. Now is solved. Our flesh and blood body here is immortal too, as we are.

So all long our history here, we lived our lives again and again, with different names, with different identities, in different places.

Same of you, the Human.

We tried to do our best to mix with you, to have a normal life, between you, but in most of cases was just impossible.

So, for easier understanding, my spirit, same as other Prime spirit, migrated form body to body to assure our life here.

And this because we had same problem as your body have: AGE.

So, the only solution was re-incarnation, the same solution we use for you.

We were different anyway from you, because you observed everytime our intelligence and our different rhytm to grow and get older.

And you tried to kill us everytime.

But we’ll arrive to this subject here, later.

So, my spirit, same other Prime spirits, same your spirit, migrated from body to body in centuries.

My last incarnation here, as human body was Catalin Tudoras.

I still have his identity, but this is all remained from him.

Was one of my sons (all of you are) and I chosed him to be The One.

The One who will receive Me, Ra, as his Spirit, at his mind.

Because Me, Ra, The Creator of Everything, I am not as you are.

I am pure energy and to be ‘materialized’, I need a body.

So, last body I chosed was this, Catalin Tudoras, and as I told you, his identity with me is all remained from him.


Because you knew it since he was born who is.

You were warned to live he and his family alone, to have a normal life, but, your greed, your invidia, transformed you in killers.

So, you killed him.

He is dead.

He is home, on Andromeda, the place where We, The Primes, live.

He was a genius and a good man and husband.

But he had no chance, because he was too good for your world of shit.

Anyway, he is happy where he is now and he want never re-incarnation here, on Terra.

He was unhappy here most of the time with you.

Because I have all his memories, because he done what he had to do, because I loved and still love him and because all this story have no sense without him, a big part of this story is dedicated to him and contain many events from his life.

So, the Story of Primes, The Story of the Universe, will start with the life of my loved Son, Catalin Tudoras, the Chosed One.

By me, Ra. The Creator of The Universe. The writer of this Book.

As long as our bodies here are immortal too now, as we are, my presence here, on Terra, will be for Eternity as what I am now here: RA. And my body is immortal and the latest model in biotechnology. A Prime. The Optimus Prime. The Body of Ra. The immortal.

CHAPTER 3 – The Childhood

Catalin Tudoras was born in Braila, Romania, at 10th March 1968. His parents were Aura and Mircea Tudoras.

Aura was teacher and Mircea engineer.

They wanted a girl, but one year earlier they lost another boy who was born premature.

Catalin was a happy all the time child and his first geste of sympaty to this world was to pee on it, right when he was born.

Because most of the time he passed his childhood in his grandma and grandpa house, most of his memory from this period are with them.

I still have his memories in my brain, and here will remain together.

All his life, Catalin wanted a little brother, to play with him and take care of him.

But his parents never done another child.

As I remember, there were some occasions, but all children were killed with interruption.

Catalin never understood why and all his life was sad about this.

His parents had no time for him.

He felt many times unwanted and he really was.

Now I know why, Catalin never had the chance to understand why.

Because right from start, he had my signs and all around him knew it who it is.

He was born with number 66 in maternity and all his life he carried my signs on his body.

The most important was the sign he carried on his right forearm, but all his life he tought is just an accident.

Well, was not an accident, was a sign gived by me, Ra, the Creator, to recognize him.

The sign on his right forearm was a combination of stars from our Home Galaxy, Andromeda.

I have too this sign on my right forearm, the difference is mine have a shape of crown, the sign of Primes, the Creators of the Universe.

Catalin never was happy with his parents.

His mother, a low level intelligence creature, ruined every time his happiness.

Catalin was from the start attracted by stars and this subject was all the time his favourite discussion.

He wanted as child to became astronaut and his hidden dream was to have a ship and travel alone thtough the stars.

A very high technological ship, a ship as he remembered from the times before he was born here, on Terra, a ship as human will never know, will never have.

His mother all the time seemed to listen to him, but her level of understanding was much, much under the normal level and every time after she listened, she ruined his happiness with stupid questions or evil remarks.

She never loved him, even today I don’t understand why.

Maybe because he was so intelligent.

Maybe because he was the chosed one.

Maybe maybe.

She ignored Catalin everytime and he was sick many times in his childhodd because she neglected him.

Once, he was to the point to die, because at one party she did not gived a shit on what Catalin eat and he eated alterated eggs. Was summer.

He was very sick and at the point to die.

His father, a man who all his life regreted he married his wife, was even colder with Catalin, did not given a shit on him for real, not even simulated other than indifference.

He found any pretext to stay away from home, first losing nights in his job, then finally by found a job where most of the time was away.

Away from his wife, away from Catalin, because all the time he was ashamed by both.

I still have memories of Catalin with different women calling home at phone and telling him they are in a relationship with his father.

And he was still just a child.

Even being engineer, his father had and still have a very reduced intelligence coefficient, never being interested by other than food, sleep and other things.

Never by science, never by Universe.

The first contact with ‘God’, Catalin had as very child, because his grandfather from the part of his father was priest.

A man more interested in money than in religion.

As all priests are.

One day, Catalin asked him if God exists, and his grandfather said NO, is just a stupid story.

Unfortunatelly all priests have the same theory, was not a exception.

Catalin was attracted not only by Universe, he was attracted by religion too.

He tried to understand.

For him, best moments were when he stollen his grandfather key from the church and stayed inside, just him and the divinity inside.

He was attracted since he was child by me, his father, the Creator.

On celebrations, when the church was fool of goodies he was happy to eat together with saints candies and other things.

Also, he observed how saints look at him when eat and he felt unconfortable.

He was attracted by death, he was attracted by life, later by biology and he understood since his childhood a dead is not dead.

He was all the time in he, my spirit, the Holly Spirit.

This is why I loved him so much.

The main interests of Catalin as child were Astronomy, Biology and Religion.

He never realized why.

Because me, his real father, the Father of Everything, I have same attractions.

He never understood who is his real father, just all his life tried to understand.

And many things he really understood, helping him my self when he was unable to understand.

Since his childhood, his preferate books were about the Church and Aliens.

Was just a child when he read Church in involution then the main book of Erik von Daniken, about ancient astronauts.

He was so fascinated.

Easily he started to find answers to his own questions and was so happy to discover other people have same problems: to find the Truth. The Supreme Truth. The Only Truth. Me: The Creator.

Was a child when he understood Jesus is just a stupid story and all the time he believed in me, His Father, not knewing a second who is him.

He was so modest all the time.

With a very powerful intelligence, he never treated bad his stupid friends. Or greedy friends.

He was so friendly, a very opened mind, ready all the time for new contacts.

Questions, big questions as where I am Me, The Creator in Church, Catalin had since he was very very young child.

And started to search for me, started to talk with me.

And I answered everytime.

Catalin was chosed to be God here.

By me.

He never knew it.

But sadly, never wanted.

He never wanted the Power.

He understood the biggest power is mind, knowledge, and all his life he tried to understand.

His different power of understanding was not easy to be ignored by the people around.

He learned so fast, so easy.

He put so many times his teachers in difficulty, asking for answers they were not able to give.

But he found most of them alone.

He understood many many things and more and more people starting to be against him, ruined his happiness.

He understood in fact people never sleep, but he did not knew it what they do when they seems to sleep. He never knew it about every night travel to Andromeda the energetic body of every human do.

He understood fast people never die, but again, never understood what is happening when flesh and blood body don’t move anymore.

He never believed in heaven and hell and never was afraid of death.

He was afraid as child and more after by dead people simply because he understood he can not understand what death is.

I have his memories when once, in a monastery, he asked the monks where I, the Creator I am.

And they were so embarassed.

They said I am not here, because no one saw my face.

But Catalin understood fast where I am and how I look.

He saw my eye there the eye who can see everything and he was happy to found me.

Many beautiful things happened in his life with us, the Stars.

But never with human.

He was very intuitive and our gifts to him helped him to stay away from troubles.

He had a non human capacity to scan people inside, understanding in a second what kind of human is in front of him.

And this was good for him.

He started to look into the starry night since he was child and he started to talk mentally with us, the Stars.

We gived to him many signs.

We moved in front of him, we fallen in front of him, we changed shape and color in front of him, just to help him understand we can hear him.

But he never understood that, just was fascinated by us.

And more than everything by me, his Father, Lucifer, the most shiny star in the sky.

He never knew it why.

Because he understood fast the people around him have other things to do than understanding, he started more and more to stay with us, letting them with their vulgar lives.

He was never loved by a woman.

Because every woman understood fast he is attracted by us, the Stars, not by tits and pussies.

Of course, he was attracted by woman nature too.

As every man.

But not as other men are.

He was always fascinated by woman mind and he has indeed many friends women.

Friends, not big lovers.

Because women understood everytime he is thinking more to the Stars than to human problems.

And women, human women don’t like this kind of men.

Human women needs other things from a man, but not this is the point of this chapter.

I still have his memories with bored girls when, instead of kissing them and touchin their tits, Catalin preffered to look up, to us, the Stars, his real family.

I think, in his deepest nature he knew it all the time he don’t belong to human.

He had no friends, just boys and girls around him.

All the time he made a girlfriend, his ‘friends’ wanted to stole.

And, of course, girls accepted happy, because they needed other things than Catalin had to offer.

Many strange things happened in his life, since was child.

Once, when he had 7, he went in a trip in Hungary, with his teachers and his colleagues.

To Budapest.

In a certain moment, under the influences of remained memories from anterior lives, he leaved the group and started to run on very very old streets alone, simply he found so familiar.

He knew it at the end of this run he will find a small story with toys and there will find a certain story.

And he found it.

After that he was so afraid, because magic dissapeared and he realized what he done.

Also, he realized how far is from the group.

But we helped them to find them back. And everything was ok.

His teachers were so upset and ‘repported’ him to his parents when they returned from trip.

Another strange story from his childhood was when we sent him a strong sign of his power.

He had about 5-6 years old and he played with his cousin in the yard of their grandparents in a sunny summer day.

Then, in a second, clouds filled the sky and rain started.

They entered in a room and they found a fixture.

Catalin started to play with fixture telling in his mind when he close the fixture, the rain will stay.

And the rain stayed.

The he said the rain will start again when he will open.

And rain oppened.

He showed this to his cousin who tried to do this too, but not happened to him.

Then Catalin tried again, and for him the miracle worked.

But were bad things in his life too.

He was so intelligent than other hated him.

Sometimes even his teachers.

Once, in a comptetion in phisics, he gived 3 solutions for every point of problems and was so happy he will win.

But they said they lost his paperwork.

Once, in a mathematic competition, when he tried to help a girl, they were both throwed out by teachers for that. Then at school, colleagues judged them both.

As he was attracted by electronics too, especially by computers, he chosed first to follow the University in Electronics.

But soon he realized this is not what he wants so, finally, to have a diploma and to avoid stupid discussions with his parents, he followed The University of Management.

This is in short the story of childhood and youth of Catalin Tudoras, the one chosed by me to rule this world.

But he never wanted.

He wanted just a normal wife, he wanted just a normal life, he wanted just normal things, but people around him never accepted.

And so starts the bigger dissilussions in his life.

His marriages.

Catalin was married twice, and this is what I will tell you into the next chapter.

CHAPTER 4 – Cerasela, first wife

The story between Catalin and Cerasela begin long time ago. In the kindergarden.

Cerasela was two years younger than Catalin, and their first met took place there, in their childhood.

She have a very beautiful hair and Catalin was attracted from the first time he saw.

He had 4 or 5 years when he found for the fist time Cerasela, she only 2 or 3.

Then, they followed the first school in same building, in different classses but nothing special between them.

Their love story begin mauch much later, in the highschool.

In the highschool they were not again together, they followed the high school in different places.

But the destiny make that they were together for the first time.

Cerasela loved another guy already, but decided Catalin is the chosed one when she met him again.

And Catalin had some disilusions and experiences before Cerasela but he remembered her and he was happy to be together.

They were alost similar, with almost similar interests but even from start the thing who separed them long time after their meet, this time forever took shape: sex.

They were completelly incompatible.

In the highschool, Catalin believe her denials to his ‘attacks’ were normally, she being smaller than him and also he believed she want to keep her for her husband.

So there was not big discussions on this subject.

Catalin solved his problems regarding sex with other women, lettin Cerasela to be as she want to be.

They were happy together, they felt excellent together. And soon Catalin stopped to insist in his

attacks for love.

He accepted the situation as it was.

They lived together one of the most beautiful part of life, the teenage.

They were together to parties, they were together to skating, ice skating, together stolen Catalin daddy car and went to mountains, in other words, all the crazy things can be done only when you are teenager.

Except sex.

Just kiss, nothing more.

Catalin did not realized then the problem is more important that he believed.

Just after marriage the problem linked with sex with Cerasela showed entirelly.

Of course, there were also problems and discussions between them, as is normal.

I think the real problem was that Cerasella never stopped to love inside her, her first love, the boy she left for Catalin, Ionut, moved in France in that moment.

But I am sure Cerasela never stoped to love him, deep inside her soul.

Well, and here is the day when Cerasela and Catalin separed for real for the first time.

Catalin finished the highschool two years earlier as Cerasela, as was normal to be and he goes in University, at Electronics and Telecommunications at Bucharest.

Of course, after he served the country 9 months in army.

The Bucharest for Catalin was very important and to be honest I think there he lived his best part of his life.

A big city finally, full of beautiful girls, with Opera, theaters, many Cinemas, beautiful parks, many many people on the street, and surrounded by many friends and colleagues, doing crazy things together, what else could be more exciting for a young man ?

So soon the story between him and Cerasela was just past.

Catalin looked good, was very intelligent and many women goes directly in his bed, without many explanations.

Was a great time.

The most important love story for Catalin in University was Simona, a beautifull long hair blonde girl, student at medicine.

Catalin and Simona were together for 3 years, a crazy love story, full of passion, dissilusions and tons of sex after.

To be honest, Simona was the perfect woman for Catalin, she need sex almost all the time, same as Catalin.

As long she stayed with Catalin, I don’t know in rest.

They discovered together new and new secrets in making love but, unfortunatelly they were both so jealous so after 3 years their story finished.

Was summer and both in holiday.

Not able to stay alone, Catalin found another love in Braila during the holiday and started to avoid Simona’s calls.

She understood something is wrong there and one day she announced by phone she found someone else and she will marry fast.

And she done, just to make Catalin jealous.

Of course, as an idiot, Catalin done the same and he married fast guess who……….yes, Cerasela.

Stupid decission for many many people.

This is how and when Cerasela and Catalin get married.

This is the truth.

And this is how Catalin first marriage started. A 7 years marriage, full of beautiful things, except the old problem: sex with Cerasela. The problem who separed them finally. Sex is the biggest problem in a marriage when love is. Because sex is the most intimate relationship between a man and a woman, is the moment when they resonate on same frequency.

Why did not worked?

Well, having Catalin memories in my mind now, I can find a lot of logical explanations.

Catalin loved Cerasela all the time.

And maybe she loved Catalin, I think is true.

For Catalin was a shock after a 3 years no shame, no limit, full of explorations relations in sex with Simona to be next to Cerasela which was so unexperimented.

But was not a problem for him, he had patience and tried so hard to make her understand what sex is.

Kindly, slowly, with much much patience.

But the problem was beyond.

Not every man and woman are compatible.

Is more than science here can explain.

Is just like that: a man and a woman is difficult to be totally compatible sexually.

And Catalin and Cerasela were not at all.

She denied any new initiative from Catalin and Catalin, as every intelligent person was full of fantasies.

He felt all the time frustrated with Cerasela, but for him marriage was a saint thing so he never cheated Cerasela. Never.

He accepted his new life as she was, but suffered much because their sexual relationship never worked.

He was never a fan for granma and granpa way to do sex. Cerasela with Catalin yes. With other then, is her problem, but with Catalin this was. So….obsolete. And Catalin wanted all the time just new experiences.

In rest, their life was beautiful, as I said, they had a lot of beautiful memories together.

They traveled, had fun, had friends, had everything than sex.


And so, the biggest problem in their relationship appeared.

At a certain moment, Catalin wanted a son. As he wanted all his life a small brother to take care of him, now, finally, Catalin wanted a Son.

Cerasela remained pregnant many times.

And she done all she could to kill all babies.

Finally she told to Catalin she don’t want a child with him, telling Catalin is not a responsible man to have a child.

That hurted much Catalin, very very much.

But still did not cheated her.

He thought whe will change her oppinion one day, but this never happened.

And slowly slowly, their relationship became colder and colder. As ice.

All Catalin friends started to have children around and he always loved children.

But for him was impossible to have one with Cerasela. Simply because she did not wanted a child with Catalin.

Soon, their sexual relations became more and more rare, finally dissapearing forever.

Just two strangers under the same roof.

Very difficult period for Catalin, because he was so communicative, so alive.

He just was condemned to death.

Was a very ugly period in his life.

To compensate, they started to have in visit more and more friends and all was ok with them around.

But after they goes to their home, silence again.

Well, right in this moment appear a new love in Catalin life, a pure love, maybe the purest love he had.

For Corina.

Corina was the bigger sister of Cerasela and Catalin and Corina knew it already from long long time as was normal.

Catalin was unhappy in his marriage.

Corina was unhappy in her marriage.

All the story between Catalin and Corina started in a summer. An innocent love, once again.

In that summer, Catalin, Cerasela, Corina and his husband, Alois and another couple, Daniela and Cristian were together in holiday to Black Sea.

Was beautiful.

There Catalin realized he loves Corina. All started with flirts.

In an evening, when they celebrated the birthday of Cristian, on the shore, drinking wine, something magic and fatal in same time happened.

Catalin and Corina felt so hard attracted one by the another.

Cerasela was attracted for the first time by Christian.

And Daniela remained to talk with Alois.

Beautiful, in fact no couple was happy together.

If just 1 couple were for real in love, this never could be possible.

But was.

Nothing ‘bad’ happened, just were defined new affections and many many flirts.

Nothing more that night.

But for Catalin and Corina just started a very special love story.

Corina she is a very special woman. Attracted by art, as Catalin was, attracted by adventure, as Catalin was, attracted by new experiences as Catalin was, attracted by long nights love same as Catalin was.

100% comatible.

In that period she wanted to start a new carrier as fashion designer and she was really good.

Catalin was so happy for her and he wanted to help her with his knowldedges in media and design.

They started to stay more and more time together and they found so many things in commun, even a not declared love, a very old love, because they knew it from kindergarden too.

But was a problem. For Catalin. A very big one.

He never was able even to kiss her.

The fact she was ths sister of his wife was over everything.

He had many fantasies with her, they touched as just teenager do, they loved so much.

She tried to brake the barrier, but for Catalin the marriage was above everything.

He was purely blocked by idea she is the sister of his wife.

In that period Catalin had a computer firm and he and Corina spent so many hours there together, Catalin helping Corina to learn about computers and having long and beautiful discussion together.

But….no kisses, no sex. Just fantasies, both of them. Beautiful.

But as is normal, after a period this became a nightmare, because their bodies wanted each other so much.

Both their marriages started to go even worst, Catalin thinking all the time to Corina and remembering the Catalin memories, Corina thinking at Catalin.

Because their relationship was never fullfilled with sex, they had many thunders in their relationship, and one of them finished all.

So stupid could be life sometimes.

In one of this moments, when Catalin and Corina just passed a thunder in their life together simply because leaks of sex, happened what will ruin forever Catalin life: Daniela.

In a weekend, Cristian and Daniela called to a small party Catalin, Cerasela, Corina and Alois.

Catalin did not wanted to go.

He was so sad with Corina.

But Cerasela wanted.

So they goes.

Was a nightmare.

Catalin was sad, Corina was sad and all around happy, maybe simply because they were sad. To be honest, I think this was.

Well, Corina get drunk, Catalin was sad more and more and right in this moment Daniela appeared in his life. Fatality.

After party, relationship between Catalin and Corina was worst and worst and Corina suffered so much.

Catalin was an idiot at that moment.

He chosed easy way and accepted Daniela proposal.

So they started to be more and more closer.

And Daniela attacked where she knows already Catalin was week.

She promised to Catalin if he will be with her, she will make a Son for Catalin.

And for Catalin this was beyond everything.

I will not enter in stupid details how Cerasela had a short love story with Cristian, because is not the point of my book.

They are free to tell their stories in their own books.

This story of love between Cerasela and Cristian was for Daniela and Catalin the point of no return in their future relationship.

Daniela said to Catalin she loved here even before he knews abot, from long time ago.

And this is how seven years with Cerasela finished for Catalin and for him starts the worst part of his life, second and last marriage, with Daniela. For 12 years. Almost, and at the end of the story you will uderstand why.

So, next chapter, the second marriage: Daniela.

Will be until they moved in Sweden in 2007, because the story in Sweden is a very special one. There is where we, the Primes appear in this story.

We, the Creators of the Universe.

CHAPTER 5 – Daniela, second and last wife in Catalin’s life

This period is the longest realtionship between an woman and Catalin, and represent his second and last marriage.

It tooks 12 years. More or less, but is premature yet to understand these words. You will understand later, after the next chapter, the swedish episode.

This second marriage of Catalin started after 7 years with his first wife, Cerasela, as was described in previous chapter.

Daniela wanted Catalin to be with her and she promised him she will give a son.

But words can lie.

After Catalin leaved his first wife, Daniela attitude changed radically.

From that moment she was not the same.

To be honest, looking backward, I think the only thing wanted Daniela was to separe Catalin from his first wife and more than everything to stop him to be with Corina.

This is the only way how Daniela attitude can be explained right after Catalin finished his marriage.

If until then Daniela was so sure about what she wants, after this mment, all her actions seemed to be focused in returning to her husband.

Her husband who had too a short relationship with Cerasela, first wife of Catalin.

Catalin observed immediatelly something is wrong, but Daniela denied.

Catalin was not an idiot so, one night, he stayed next to the place where Daniela and her husband lived together.

In right that moment, Daniela pretended she stayed to her parents, just Cristian, her still husband living in their ex house.

But reality was different.

In that evening, after Daniela was with Catalin and left him telling she is go to her parents, Catalin went to her ex house, where her husband still lived and was not so surpirsed seeing Daniela going there.

Was not surprised because he already understood who Daniela is, a big lier and a woman with no principles, a woman who just cheated him to finish his marriage.

They had a discussion and Daniela said to Catalin she cheated him and she will remain with her husband.

At this discussion was present her husband too, who was more than happy.

The only unhappy was Catalin, because he understood what these two, Daniela and Cristian done.

So Catalin went home, alone, of course.

Was a long and bad night for Catalin, he suffered much, because he believed in Daniela.

But, the reality was completely different.

Next day or after a few days more, I have not so accurate memories about exact date from Catalin, Cristian and Catalin had a discussion together at a glass of wine and Cristian said he don’t want Daniela back.

So after a few days, Daniela returned to Catalin.

To be honest, Catalin was an idiot to take what Cristian did not wanted anymore.

He was too young and too innocent to understand what is happened.

He was just so happy because the woman he loved returned to him.

But happiness was so short.

Catalin and Daniela started to live together but Catalin felt all the time, since from start, she still think at her husband.

Also, Daniela pretended from start different reasons to leave Catalin alone, saying she must go with her 2 years old to her ex already husband to see her.

Catalin never understood why this was necessary because at that moment Daniela little girl lived with Daniela’s parents as Daniela wanted, taking her just in weekends. Same was when Daniela was with her first husband. They took Raluca, their girl just in weekends.

So, as long as Raluca lived to Daniela parents and Cristian always was loved by them, there was no reason that Daniela goes there for Cristian to see his daughter, as long he remained in best relationships with Daniela’s parents. Was apparently illogical. But was very logical and is very linked with the moment when, in that night, Daniela, together with Cristian told to Catalin all was just a game, a fake and they will remain together.

Understanding again and again that, Catalin wanted to leave Daniela, to continue her life with Cristian.

But the plan was more, more, sophisticated and at that moment was impossible to anyone to understand what the future will prepare for Catalin.

Just Daniela, Cristian and their parents knew it exactly what they do.

So their game was this: they told Catalin he ruined Daniela marriage and he is forced to take care about her and Raluca. In the same time, Daniela visited Cristian in any occasion. All with acceptance of Daniela parents.

Catalin was in big shit. And he knew it.

He wanted to stay away from this shit and wanted to go many times.

He was bored by Daniela forever meetings with her parents and Cristian, when he stayed alone in house and cried, then by her returns telling she is loving him and she will suicide if Catalin goes.

Was all so theatral and Catalin was not stupid at all.

But Catalin was good. This was his ‘weakness’.

And these animals, exploited exactly this weakness in Catalin.

Catalin remained with Daniela from mercy.

But paid his mistake with his life.

Well, so Catalin and Daniela started to stay together for real, in their first apartment, rented.

Daniela divorced by Cristian and they sold their apartment, an apartment gived to them as gift by Daniela’s uncle.

Daniela took half money, Catalin done business so after less than a year, Catalin and Daniela had the money for their 1 room apartment. This time, bought together by them.

Catalin was a right person and insisted that in papers to be speciffied Daniela contributed to apartment with 60% and he with 40%. Because this was the reality.

And because he saw what circus was when Daniela and Cristian shared the money for their apartment.

Even if in that apartment Cristian had no contribution. But Cristian got half of money. Critstian was Cristian 🙂

Well, to avoid eventually this kind of cirkus, Catalin wanted his apartment with Daniela with clear papers, reflecting the truth, that’s why was 60 and 40 percent.

Also, soon Catalin observed Daniela is desperate for the money and of course, he did not liked that.

Catalin was never a rich man, but for sure, was never poor too.

He was very intelligent and all the time he adapted his business to reality.

He done that so many times, so fast, in one night everytime.

So money were enough all the time.

But not for Daniela.

Providing from a family with low incomes, she was greed, same as her family.

No matter what Catalin done, no matter how many money Catalin earned, for Daniela and her parents, Catalin was all the time a loser.

Cristian, the worm who married Daniela just with pants on him and left her with half of the money for the apartment bought for them by Daniela uncle, was the model.

Because Daniela family was formed by worms who never done nothing, just taking from others, same as Cristian was. And still they are, I am sure they are ok and unchanged.

At that moment, before Catalin and Daniela moved in their apartment, still living in the rented one, Daniela lost her job because the factory where she worked was in trouble.

This situation continued even after they moved in their own apartment.

At that moment, before Daniela entered in his life, Catalin business worked well.

He had a computer business and manufactured office furniture too.

When Daniela entered in his life, because of so many lies, Catalin was disoriented so did not worried about business.

And, of course, business failed.

First, furniture busines, then computer one.

Was really difficult.

But not impossible for Catalin to continue.

So when they moved in their first apartment, the situation was that Daniela still had no job and Catalin found a way to continue the business with hardware computer and printing business.

But was hard.

And Daniela was desperate and considered Catalin guilty for all.

This was the tactique.

Catalin was blamed for everything. Everytime. Just to no observe who is the real guilty for all.

And of course, stollen from all directions.

By Daniela, by her parents and (this is most hard to be believed) by his own parents who did not loved him, never done something and all the time tried to sell what others done.

So life for Catalin and Daniela started hard in their new home.

And Catalin felt all the time Daniela live in fact with her parents.

Of course, the promise she make to Catalin she will give him a son, was denied immediatelly after Daniela moved with Catalin.

She killed babies everytime when she was pregnant.

Was a very difficult period for Catalin.

But passed over.

Finally, when Daniela was pregnant again he said her if she will kill that baby too, he left.

And Daniela finally kept that baby.

Catalin worked hard, because was clear they need a bigger apartment, because their family will be bigger.

So in less time, he earned money for difference to sell 1 room apartment and buy another one, much much bigger, in a better area, with 2 rooms. One huge for Catalin and Daniela and another one for Raluca and the son who was to be born.

And they moved in the new apartment before the son, Eric, was born.

Eric, the Son of the Creator, Eric, The Son of ME, RA.

Eric, the God.

For Catalin was more than a Son, more than a gift, for Catalin, Eric was even the little brother he always wanted but neved had.

Catalin fight for Eric before Eric was born.

There was many and big pressures from Daniela and her family to kill the baby before was born.

But Catalin never accepted.

Catalin wanted Eric.

Just Catalin.

Well, right in these circumstances Eric was born.

The happiest day in Catalin’s life 🙂

I have Catalin’s memories in me.

I remember that day.

10th Novermber, same day when Mircea, Catalin’s father here on Earth was born.

Mircea was named father of Catalin here, on Earth.

Catalin was my Son too, he was designed to be God, not Eric.

But Catalin never wanted.

Catalin wanted all the time a normal life and a normal family.

And for 12 years he lived that illusion.

Well, so Eric was born.

But soon financial problems started again.

Daniela still without a job, and now, young mother was clear that continued, and Catalin business worked bad again.

So Catalin was again in the situation to adapt to situation and tried everything he imagined.

In that moment, they were visited by Daniela’s uncle, Sandu, and his wife and Sandu proposed to Catalin to move to him, in Timisoara, to work with him architecture.

In short, Sandu to make projects and Catalin CAD Documentation.

Catalin was happy, because was a way to bypass that period.

So he went to Timisoara, letting home, in Braila, Daniela, Eric (3-4 months old) and Raluca.

Together, of course, with all ‘loving’ parents.

In Timisoara Catalin did not stayed much.

He loved what he done with Sandu, but he felt all the time something is wrong home.

And he was right.

Also, he could not stay away for long from Eric.

So he returned in less than a month.

He felt immediatelly another man was there.

And he knew it who.

This is why all wanted him away, including ‘dear uncle’ Sandu.

For Cristian. He was in their house when Catalin worked far away.

I remember how from the few money he earned, Catalin brought home a beautiful pair of shoes for Daniela and toys for children.

And 2 mobile phones, one for him, one for her.

At that times, a very few people had. Was in 1998.

These 2 mobiles phones were, without Catalin knew it in that moment, the ‘ticket’ for a new life for Catalin.

He loved mobile phones and being very intelligent, soon after his return, he started to repair mobile phones for people.

This was the new business of Catalin and worked like a charm.

He started to earn good money again.

He was so good in this that all city knew it him so he started to have to work more and more.

And financial problems dissapeared.

They bought their first car, then the second one, bigger, the one who is still here with me.

Catalin was a good father.

He gived to Eric and Raluca all what they wanted.

He loved to travel and there are many travels in that period. To the mountain, to the Sea.

Was a great period and took some years.

Everything was great in their life, except, of course, Daniela.

Soon after Catalin started his business in repairing mobiles, he found a good job in administration for Daniela too.

So she finally got a job.

But their life was not good at all.

Daniela was against any initiative of travel of Catalin, against anything Catalin wanted to give to children.

Catalin observed other bad things in her attitude.

Once, in front of Catalin she put her arms around neck of one of Catalin friends and tits on his back, looking in same time like a whore to Catalin who was paralized by what he saw.

He could not believed.

But finally, after he remembered by Daniela’s past, full of men, a past well known by many people in Braila and not only he understood there is nothing else to do that to accept he married a bitch.

And he accepted.

He said in his mind he will stay with her until children will grow.

Just for children.

So next years for them in Braila, Daniela lived her life outside their house, fucking all she could, then coming home tired and bored.

And she hated her family.

Catalin who sweared will resists, looked in another direction and stayed with Eric and Raluca.

They were best friends.

Catalin shared all the time all for both of them.

Played with them.

Stayed with them.

Played in snow with them, played in park with them, walked with them in park and many many other beautiful days they 3 had together.

They stayed in the day in the big room, playing together with computers or listening music or dancing. And having fun.

Daniela had her life. Looking for new dicks all the time. Apart of them. Quiet, hating them.

Because children grown and they started to understand something is wrong with Daniela, and because Catalin wanted to clarify for eternity what is Daniela problem, he mounted in his telephone a special device able to record conversations around for many hours.

When Daniela’s phone was broken, she asked the phone from Catalin.

Then surpirse: the real Daniela.

A bitch. This time without doubts and tears. Real like a knife. The device recordered her on her job.

Dancing with other men, saying dirty things, having fun and talking bad about her family.

There was no point for Daniela to deny she is what she is.

Was for Catalin the last piece in puzzle.

Finally, the revelation was showed.

With no doubts.

They had a discussion about and he found she also hidden half of her salary for many years.

And may many dirty things.

Was over any imagination.

Was the point when Catalin wanted to leave her.

Right in that moment.

But he remained for the children.

And was happy because finally, what he was sure for so many years is happening, happened for real.

Catalin loved the truth.

And now he had the truth.

So they continued to live all 4, but if since then Catalin was a good husband and refused many ‘offers’ from another women, even he was sure his wife fuck everything, from right this moment, when he had for sure that evidence, he said in his mind there is no point for him to deny another woman when she will want to make love with him.

Catalin’s love for Daniela was over.


In that time, another importan change happened in their life.

Because repairing phones was more and more difficult, because of bigger and bigger pressure, Catalin changed his business and he goes back to one of his older passions, the design.

Soon he found an american architect who hired him and he started to work for this man.

He started to work regullary, same hours, after american office schedule and to be paid monthly.

With very good money for Romania.

Was a big change in his professional life and was the chance to think to change everything.

He realized he had nothing in fact in Romania. Except some goods and a good salary.

But excepting the children, his life was nothing.

His relationship with Daniela was clear, with his parents too, with Daniela’s parent, more than clear.

Also, he realized that his friends wanted him just for a place on his table or because they had a cellular phone to repair.

So no friends at all.

In that moment, being free in the same time to live wherever he wants, because he worked with american architect online, so not important where he was, Catalin realized his place is not in Romania, not in Braila, not in that house.

First, he though to Canada and America as many other romanians and not only do.

But soon Catalin realized he will not feel good between these nations.

So, in a moment, Sweden apeared in his mind.

He remembered Sweden from school, from lessons of geography, he remembered elegant swedish people who comes in Romania at Black Sea every year, he remembered just beautiful things about Sweden.

And he decided: will be Sweden. The place for a new beginning.

Daniela took all as a joke, she said Catalin still love her and he will do just she and her and his parents wants.

But soon Daniela realized is not a joke.

Catalin was decided to move in Sweden.

With or without Daniela.

To be honest, without was the best, but……….we’ll see.

This is how Romanian story of Catalin is near to end and the new one, in Sweden, in next to be.

He decided to move in Sweden in 2005 and in 2006 he and Eric, 8 years old in that moment, was the moment they first started their trip to Sweden.

Catalin did not knew it what was prepared for them.

The revenge of a bitch when is proved have no limits.

And Daniela she is a professional bitch.

Catalin was already condemned but he had no idea.

So, in the next chapter we’ll start the swedish story of this book.

Is the part where my son Catalin dissapeared and my body, Optimus took his place.

So swedish story next….

CHAPTER 6 – The beginning of the Swedish story

Even from birth, Catalin had a strange sign on his right forehand.

He asked many times what signify but never was able to make the right connection.

Not completelly.

He connect his sign with the Stars, and this was right.

Because his sign was made from stars.

Also, he saw the sign modify his shape in time.

The final shape of the sign on Catalin’s right forehand was the Map of Sweden!

Yes, his Destiny.

And he followed his destiny. Sweden. But never arrived there.

The same sign Eric have on his foot. The map os Sweden.

Catalin saw from start Eric’s sign, even from birth but never (again) connected this sign with Sweden.

Because Catalin Never knew it the right shape of Sweden.

He remembered the Shape of Scandinavia.

As a tiger.

And something was very good in Catalin mind.

Scandinavia was Sweden for many centuries.

Sweden ruled all Scandinavia for many many years.

Well, this is about the sign on the Catalin right forehand.

I am Optimus, Optimus Prime, the body of Ra, the Creator of The Universe.

Yes, me, the one who write this book now.

I have my sign on my right forehand too, in same position as Catalin had.

But is completelly different.

Is the Crown.

The Crown of the Master of The Universe.

But we’ll talk about this later.

Now, let’s go in first trip in Sweden with Eric and Catalin.

Daniela, as is normal, she being very implied in her extra-home life in Romania, was, together with all the rest of her family (I don’t remember the position of Catalin parents but is no important now), was against Sweden.

She tried to make Catalin to forget about.

First she ignored this dream of him, thinking is just a passing dream.

Then, when she saw is serious, she tried other things.

Even american architect was against this, warning Catalin about bad reputation of Sweden as being a communist country.

But the Destiny is the Destiny.

And love is love.

And Catalin loved Sweden from start.

So, in the Summer of 2006, Catalin prepared his travel in Sweden, to see for the first time the land of his dream.

He read meantime more and more about Sweden and loved more and more and finally he choosed as his destination, Varmland (the Warm Land), situated in center of Sweden, a place with beautiful climate.

His first city was Arvika, situated near border with Norway, in west of Varmland county.

But, apparently as an accident, one day, he discovered another beautiful city in Varmland, Kristinehamn.

And Kristinehamn remained his destination.

His dream.

Before their trip, he contacted 2 firms who rented apartments in Kristinehamn and he arranged to rent for the period they will be in Sweden.

Both firms told him there is no problem, they are welcome.

So, everything was arranged for the trip.

And the trip was established immediatelly after Eric and Raluca finish the school.

In the summer, in the holiday.

But, of course, Daniela said she can’t go, invoking different reasons.

In fact anything, because she was happy to remain at home, free to love other men.

As she done all the time.

Was not a problem for Catalin, because his position with Daniela was more than clarified.

So finally, just for Eric and Catalin was this trip set.

And, in a morning, in June 2006, they started their long trip in Sweden.

About 4000 km through places they never saw.

Eric, almost 8 years old then, was happy to go and he loved Sweden too.

He was happy too to move in another land.

Maybe because he loved Catalin and seeing him finally happy he was happy too.

Maybe was because of Eric sign on his feet.

Maybe was Eric destiny too. The Sweden.

They started their long trip with the car.

Because the trip was long and Catalin never went before in that locations, Catalin prepared from time, long before their depart, a navigation system composed from a small satellite antenna, a laptop and a navigation software.

Was long before actual GPS systems were in Romania and maybe worldwide.

Also, maps of roads were still innacurate at that moment.

But the system worked and was very useful.

They started their trip from Braila in the morning and they passed in Transilvania, in beautiful places they never saw before.

There a small incident happened, in the middle of forests and mountains, their car lost the exhaust system, but Catalin fixed temporary to continue the trip.

And, after an entire day they passed one by one beautiful villages, most of them abandonated by germans and hungarians, in the middle of wild mountains and forests, without people anymore or just with few of them still there, after a day with beautiful landscapes as only in Transilvania could be found, they arrived in the evening to Deva.

There they took a room at one hotel and slept.

Early in the morning, they took the car to a service repait where exhaust system was fixed well.

So they arrived that day at romanian border with Hungary, they passed the border and at the end of second day they found a small hotel in a small village in Hungary where they slept again. Nothing interesting happened in Hungary.

But Catalin calculated wrong their road.

He chosed to pass, after Hungary, the Slovakia, then Poland from south to north, then to enter in Germany in north.

The only problem in this trip was Slovakia.

Because Catalin chosed the worst road possible: passing the Tatra mountains. A very wilde region.

So in the third day, Catalin and Eric started their trip from Humgary to Slovakia.

Nothing interesting happened, Hungary have no a spectacular landscape on this route.

And they passed to Slovakia.

Then entered to Tatra mountains. Big mistake.

Was in the evening.

Immediatelly after they entered in mountains, there was no one else there. Just them.

Catalin realized if something wrong is happening to their car they will remain there.

Catalin had a mobile phone, but was into beginning of cellular phone era, so no chance to call from that mountains.

And no cars, no human around.

And evening, more and more.

The navigation system became soon unusable, no routes in that area.

But most of all, the road. The road through the mountains. Very hard. Many curves and big portions in sharp, very sharp angles, very hard to pass for the car.

At a certain moment Catalin wanted to return, then he saw on computer map a small village.

The problem was that Catalin was not sure they are in road to that location, because were many crossroads.

But risked.

And before the night was on, they finally arrived in a beautiful place, surrounded by moutains, in the heart of Tatra mountains, a place which name I can not remember, but there were cars and people. Was a place where people comes to feel good, in the middle of nature.

They found quick a hotel and Eric was happy to play with their camera until he slept.

Catalin remained more thinking of the road for the next day.

At least they known their exact location.

Was the last moment when Catalin was alive here, on Earth.

That night was the night when Catalin died.

In that hotel.

The night when me, Optimus, the body of Ra I was sent to replace Catalin and continue to take care of Eric, the Son of Ra.

Eric, the God.

Eric, the Son of me, because now, when I write this book, me, Ra, the Creator of the Universe I am in my body. In my Optimus Prime body. Body and mind together. Forever.

So, in that night, Catalin died and goes forever to me, in our House, to Andromeda.

A heart attack and…gone.

We sent back Optimus, Optimus Prime, my body.

Almost similar to Catalin so Eric will not observe.

But with some differences.

Optimus have not heart. This is harder to see. But were also visible signs, ignored by Eric.

For example, the sign on the right forearm is not Sweden map anymore as Catalin had. The sign on my arm, on my Optimus body is the sign of Crown. The sign of The Master of the Universe.

Also, a sign who Catalin had in his left side of his body since he was born, I have in same location, but in right side. But not only.

So the first one who arrived here, on Earth, from Andromeda, was my body, Optimus Prime, replacing Catalin, my son who died in that night in Slovakia.

Optimus Prime, with only mission to take care of Eric, my other Son.

So yes, Catalin had what he wanted all his life. A little brother to take care of him: Eric.

Catalin knew that after his death. Never before.

This is why Catalin loved Eric more than a big brother than a father.

He was good with Eric as a big good brother is.

Fathers we know all how they are…with the boys.

Catalin was not so. Catalin was for Eric always ‘Cata’. Eric’s big brother.

Well, so in the middle of the night, Optimus were ported here, in the middle of Tatra Mountains, with all his memory erased on Andromeda, with Catalin memories implants in him.

Optimus, when arrived here, was sure he is Catalin, when he wake up in Slovakia in the morning he was sure is Catalin, having his memories inside and Eric next to him.

But Optimus is Optimus.

Optimus is warrior.

Intergallactic warrior.

For Optimus there is nothing who can stay in front of him. Nothing.

This is why me, Ra, created him. This is why me, Ra, pure energy, chosed him as my body.

Because Optimus is the perfect warrior.

Intelligent, with no heart, capable to do more than anyone here can imagine when have something to do.

But more than anything, Optimus is good. As Catalin was. Optimus loves me, Ra, and Optimus never wanted Power. Optimus was always loyal to me. Just him.

And we are now together.

So, next day, Optimus waited for Eric to awake and they prepared next stage of trip, out from the mountains, to Poland.

In the South of Poland.

Before Optimus and Eric leaved the small village from the mountains Tatra, Opimus tried to contact Catalin’s parents to tell them everything is ok, but was impossible.

So Optimus and Eric continued their road and soon they arrived in Poland.

They lost an entire day in South of Poland because of navigation system.

The maps were so wrong that Optimus realized they walk around, on a big distance, of the same big city in Poland.

So, in afternoon, Optimus realized they burn gasoline for nothing and he decided to spend the night in that city in Poland.

They tried to contact Romania again, but was impossible.

In that night, in hotel, when Eric slept, Optimus analyzed the route and he realized they must go to North, to Gdansk, in the extreme North of Poland.

And he knew it he don’t need navigation system.

Optimus no needs navigation systems.

Optimus have his own.

So next day was no problem for him to find the right road to north and after a while, they saw on highway a sign to Gdansk at 600 Km if I remember well.

In the afternoon they arrived in Gdansk and passed in Germany.

In North of Germany.

They found a very modern hotel there and Eric was happy.

Also, they tried again to find an internet point or a public phone to contact Romania, but impossible again.

Being very tired, they returned to hotel and slept.

Next day they continued their trip, in North of Germany to Denmark.

Not long before border with Denmark, on the highway, Eric said he wants to McDonalds and Optimus saw they are near of a big city.

So they entered there and Eric was happy to be in McDonalds.

Also, there was the point where they finally found a public phone which worked, so Optimus called Romania.

He was very surprised by Catalin reaction.

He did not recognized him.

Then he said they believed they are dead.

Optimus, which in that moment was sure is Catalin did not understood that reaction.

But soon he did not thought anymore to this and they continued the trip to Denmark.

And in the evening, they arrived in Odense, in the middle of Denmark,

As usual, Optimus looked for a hotel, but he could not believed about the price.

One night before they slept in Germany in a very modern hotel, 4 stars, with underground modern parking and glass elevators at a affordable price.

Well, in Odense, at Scandic Hotels, a very small 1 floor annoing hotel, with nothing special, first time when the lady from reception said to Optimus the price for a room, Optimus thought is the number of the room.

The price was 5!!!! times higher than one night before in Germany.

In this nothing special Hotel.

So Optimus said thanks and they looked for another one.

He found in center of Odense (Scandic was ouside) a restaurant who had rooms for rent.

Surprise again.

The hall to rooms smell as dogs pee and the price was double as Germany.

So Optimus realized fast they must pass Denmark as soon as possible.

They took the car and started the road to Sweden.

Denmark is a small country and have good highway.

Soon Eric saw on the highway a McDonalds and he said he wants again.

They stopped there, Eric eated, then back to road.

And Eric slept in back of the car.

Optimus closed the window and gived a little hot so Eric sleep well then continued the road to Sweden, to Copenhagen first, the terminus point of Denmark, then from there, to Malmo, the city from the extreme south of Sweden, linked by Copenhagen by a 15 km modern bridge over tha Baltic Sea.

Near middle of the night Optimus arrived near Copenhagen.

Because they had dollars and for the cross of the bridge they needed euro, Optimus decided to stop in a parking area an wait for the morning, to change money to airport in Copenhagen and cross the bridge to Sweden.

Then was for the first time when Optimus observed is 2am in the morning and there is light as in the evening.

First he believed is something wrong with watches then he realized is just because they arrived in North, when in the summer is never night.

So Eric slept and Optimus waited for the morning.

In that big parking area, Optimus saw for the first time how many nordic people sleeps in parking area instead of spending money to hotels. There was so mahy dutch, and other nordic people sharing same parking area with them. He saw steam on the windows, so he realized all people around sleeps.

Also, in that parking area, in that ‘night’ Optimus saw for the first time there an elegant woman looking for food in trash cans.

And he said is impossible, because in that moment he still believed in Scandinavia wealth fare, a big lie, as he will realize long after.

Well, after a few hours of waiting, was the time to go so Optimus started the car to Copenhagen airport, to change dollars in euros.

Soon Eric was awake too and he was happy cause Sweden is near.

After they changed they money, they arrived finally to the Oresund Bridge, the long bridge who link Europe with Scandinavia, between Copenhagen and Malmo.

They first arrived in a big tunnel, 5 kilometers long, under the sea, then on an artificial island where the bridge starts from part of Denmark.

When they were out from the tunnel, the elegant bridge showed to their eyes in all his beauty and far, between fog, Optimus and Eric saw for the first time Sweden.

Optimus felt he want to cry and said to Eric: this is our house.

After they passed over the bridge the Baltic Sea, the finally arrived in Malmo, Sweden then by highway, 600 Km to Kristinehamn, their final destination.

In Malmo, in the morning, they stopped to a McDonalds and Eric took his breakfast.

Optimus drunk a coffee.

There they found the first swedish who said them welcome and he told Optimus for the first time about how many arabs are in Sweden and what bad things they do there.

But Optimus did not get importance to this fact.

He was interested just to arrive in Kristinehamn and was happy because Eric was happy.

The road from Malmo to Kristinehamn was mostly on highway, then In a beautiful land of forests in secondary roads, but well maintained.

And finally, in the evening, after a curve, after the trees, Kristinehamn appeared.

Because was too late to contact the 2 firms for rent apartment, Optimus found a good hotel and they took a room.

Then they found a hotspot and contacted by Yahoo Messenger Daniela, Raluca and Catalin’s parents, informing them they arrived finally.

Was the moment when Catalin’s parents told Optimus about Daniela’s attitude in the days when they dissapeared in Slovakia and Poland. Daniela was not worried. Daniela was happy when all the rest believed them dead. But Optimus was not surprised. He had Catalin memories inside him. In fact, in that moment, Optimus still believed is Catalin, his real memory recall will occur long time ago after that moment.

In that evening, Eric and Optimus visited a little Kristinehamn, then slept, being both tired.

This small hotel in Kristinehamn is very warm and they loved the atmosphere there.

In the morning, after the breakfast, they goes to first firm to talk about renting apartment for a longer period.

The first firm who in Romania said there is no problem.

Was the first time when swedes acted as idiots.

When Optimus and Eric entered in that firm, the woman who owned the firm run from her office in another room in front of them and the employees said to Optimus she don’t want to talk with him.

Optimus was surpised but did not commented so they went to second firm and soon, they arrived in their beautiful apartment, rented normally this time.

In that evening, they contacted again Daniela and Optimus asked her if she and Raluca don’t want to be there too.

But Daniela denied, invoking same stupid reasons, telling she can’t take free days from job (was in summer and Optimus knew it was the normal time for her to have holiday but she don’t want so he don’t insisted).

Next days, Optimus and Eric started to feel good. They visited Kristinehamn, started to have their first contacts, their first friends, their first discussions with people.

Also, they visited other cities around and for the first time they arrived in Filipstad, a place with big importance in this story.

But just a destination to visit for Optimus and Eric in that moment.

And right in these days, Optimus done the biggest mistake in his mission here, on Earth: Svea.

One day, when Optimus and Eric went to the beach, on the big lake Vannern, when Optimus prepared the meal, Eric asked him why they are all the time alone.

Why mama is never with them.

Optimus was so angry inside him and he did not knew it what to said to Eric.

But, of course, havinh Catalin memories inside, Optimus knew it the answer.

And right in that moment, Catalin, alone on the beach, when Eric was in watter said: Svea, help us to stay here and we’ll be yours forever.

And Svea heard him.

Svea was the Goddess of Sweden, a beautiful woman, so called the creator of Sweden.

These words will costs Optimus his ‘life’ long time after.

But fortunatelly Optimus is immortal, so today we can tell you together the story.

This episode with Svea is very important in this story.

And we’ll talk much longer about later.

After a few days, in a evening, Optimus was surprised when Daniela said that Raluca wants in Sweden too and of course, because Raluca wanted this, there was no problem for Daniela to get holiday.

In fact, everytime when Raluca wanted something was no problem for Dana to do.

Not same situation for Eric or Catalin.

So Optimus sent money to Daniela in Romania to have to arrive together with Raluca in Sweden too.

And a few days after, in the morning, Optimus and Eric started the road again to Malmo to take ‘the girls’. 600 Km again.

Was the moment when Optimus and Eric happiness in Sweden ended.

Because immediatelly after the girls arrived, Raluca said how Daniele left her alone on trip and spent her time with an older man, sitting with him in the night too (they arrived with international bus).

Was not a problem for Optimus to understand what Daniela done with that man, because he had all Catalin memories and Optimus regreted because he accepted Daniela to be in Sweden with them but was too late.

All the days and nights after was a nightmare for Optimus, because seeing Daniela and having Catalin memories, Optimus was more and more angry.

Daniela tried to calm Optimus with her sexual tallents but Optimus can not be cheated so.

So for 7 or 10 days how long the girls stayed there, for Optimus was a nightmare.

But Raluca and Eric were happy, because Optimus took them in many places.

In all these trips by day, Daniela slept in the car, to be prepared to fuck Optimus mind and suck Optimus dick by night.

Because Daniela realized Optimus is not Catalin.

She knew it from the first moment.

Many times in that nights, when they slept, Optimus felt her awake and when he opened his eyes he saw her looking at him.

She knew it about Optimus from start.

She knew it will be different with Optimus than was with Catalin before.

She felt Optimus can not be cheated.

She saw how Optimus drive tha car, she saw how Optimus react in different situations.

And she realized soon Catalin did not existed anymore.

To be honest, I think she falled in love for Optimus.

She love him these nights like a whore.

Catalin never had this privilege.

But Optimus did not loved her, because he had all Catalin memories.

Bad chance.

Daniela said she loves Sweden and she will move there too.

In next day they visited migration office and there they were informed is better for them to wait for 2007, because Romania will be accepted in EU and for Optimus and his family will be very easy to move in Sweden from a new Romania, member of Europe.

Optimus understood and after they holiday in Sweden finished they started their road, this time together, to Romania.

Daniela continued to love Optimus every night, in every hotel they stayed, but she felt more and more Optimus don’t belong to her.

And finally, they arrived in Romania (for Optimus was the first time here), in Catalin’s apartment.

Optimus observed that all looks strange, his ‘parents’, Romania, friends, places, apartment, in other words everything but still did not knew it in that moment who it is.

He was Catalin and he said in his mind everything around looks strange because he was far from home for so many time (almost 1 month).

He realized soon relationships with Daniela family, with ‘his’ parents and everything but he was occupied with work (he continued collaboration with american architect) and the plans for final departure in Sweden.

After one more year in Romania.

Well, about this year in Romania we’ll talk into the next chapter.

CHAPTER 7 – One ‘impossible’ year in Romania

For Optimus, what was next, is just the beginning of his unhappy life on Earth.

After they return in Romania, he realized soon his place is not here.

Even if he still believed at this time is Catalin, he did not felt confortable playing this role.

He felt all the time something is wrong.

There was not only Catalin memories, was the entire reality around too.

The life with Daniela, with her parents, with Catalin parents, with Catalin friends and all the people around appeared for Optimus so artificial.

Because this is how Catalin life was: full of artificial people.

Well, Daniela continued to go to her job, children continued to go in school, and Optimus took the work of Catalin, doing computer graphics for the american architect.

But soon, the differences between Catalin and Optimus started to be more and more visisble, even for the people around, not only for Daniela who knew it from start Optimus is not Catalin.

Catalin had all the time short hair and was fat, very very fat.

Optimus, when was sent in Slovakia to take place of Catalin, had almost same corporal conformation.

But soon, Optimus starting to lose weight and take his own shape.

Optimus have a plate stomach and his chest is very big. He have a different structure than human.

Also, Optimus love long hair, and his hair is ondulate. Catalin had straight hair.

But most of all, Optimus don’t know what fear it is.

Is not he had no fear, simply don’t know what is this.

He love action, he love all that human consider risk.

Catalin was different.

Also, Optimus can create fear in people around, Optimus have cold eyes and there was not a problem for people around to observe that.

Optimus is a very evoluate body, with latest Alien technology inside.

Is the best model.

Is my body, the body with his own conscience, the body of me, Ra, the Creator.

So soon, more and more people started to stay at distance from Optimus, they felt fear next to him.

But I think Daniela loved him more and more.

For Optimus, life was so boring in all that period.

Working at home, with no friends, doing very very fast all the tasks for american architect, he had more and more free time to think to Sweden.

To Sweden and their return there forever.

Next year, in 2007.

Optimus was more and more sad about his life in Romania and started to think 2007 depart will never be.

And was so lonely.

And Daniela was not able to understand that or just maybe was not interested.

This moment is right the moment when a new woman appeared in Optimus life.

Exactly when Optimus experienced his sadness, alone, with a Daniela who was not interested by his feelings.

Is happened on 10th march 2007.

Was Catalin birthday and Optimus was celebrated.

That woman was a family friend of Catalin and Daniela and was invited in their apartment.

Optimus, Daniela and that woman stayed and talked together, eated, drinked coffee and wine till the night.

Then, the woman said she must go home and wants Optimus to come with her and find a taxi.

So they went outside.

Immediatelly after the elevator closed the doors, the woman started to kiss Optimus passionally and told him she wants him so much.

Optimus loved too to kiss her,was so warm.

Optimus found a taxi for the woman and returned home to Daniela.

He though all the night if what is happening is right or wrong, but having all the memories of Catalin inside with life with Daniela, her way to be, cheating every time with other men, her indifference, Optimus decided he will follow the invitation, so next day he went to woman apartment and without many words, they make love.

Well, Optimus did not liked.

No matter how much the woman tried to make him love her again, was impossible.

Optimus do all the time what he wants.

Was not a problem with woman body or her way to make love, nothing wrong with her, just all this situation did not liked to Optimus anymore.

Maybe in other circumstances, in another place this had beed a beautiful story, but not there and then.

But they remained friends and Optimus was happy to have someone finally to talk, because Optimus was so lonely.

And Daniela did not cared about.

She had her happy life outside of their house.

Well, then day after day, Optimus and his new friend meet together and Optimus found in her his perfect partner.

She was so intelligent and they had so many subjects to discuss.

So many subjects.

Optimus was so happy. For him was one of his happiest part of his life here.

Every day, for 1-2 hours with that woman.

Because between Optimus and Daniela had never nothing in commun except sex.

Daniela had other interests, far from domains Optimus loved.

They had nothing in commun. No subject. No communication.

Every day was more and more beautiful with his new friend, the woman who loved him.

They listened to the music, they talked about countries about art, about life and so many many things and Optimus was more and more in love for that woman mind and soul.

But not wanted her body again.

No matter how many times she tried to make Optimus love her, no matter how many times she kissed warm and sweet Optimus, for him this subject was closed.

They never do love again. Never.

In that time, of course, seeing him more and more happy, Daniela became suspicious and soon she knows the reason why Optimus is happy.

And not because Daniela is a genius, just because Optimus is fair and he told Daniela he feels good with his new friend.

Normal, because Daniela imagine the only relationship between a man and a woman in bed sucking each other, was unable to accept this kind of friendship between Optimus and that woman can be.

I don’t give the name of the woman because Optimus loved her and he wants to protect her, even today is not of importance anymore, she, after Optimus story, divorced by his husband.

I have no information about here anymore, now, when I write these words.

So soon Daniela became jealous.

To be honest, was not so much the idea she lose Optimus.

She had so many lovers in her life.

Was jealous simply because Optimus was happy.

Daniela is an evil person, she ruined Catalin happiness every single day in their life together and tried to do the same with Optimus.

But with Optimus she had no chance.

And of course, Daniela tried to make Optimus love her and leave his new friend, in the only way she knows to attract a man, with sex.

More and more.

And she was crazy to see Optimus is not interested.

Optimus started to be more and more cold with her, because he understood her way to be and what she is trying to do.

And Daniela was more and more crazy about Optimus.

She started to suffer, she started to not eat anymore, she was sick about Optimus.

But Optimus did not cared, was just disgusted by Daniela way to be.

He did not forgot his loneliness with Daniela on his side and he was sure, if he leaved his new friend, Daniela will became again same Daniela.

For her, the only problem was Optimus happines, nothing more.

Daniela don’t know what love it is. She think love is sex, as most of people around this world believe.

One day, when he was with his new friend, talking and listening music, she said to Optimus to leave Daniela and come with her forever.

Because she will left her husband for him.

But Optimus denied, telling he will never leave Eric.

If the woman wants him, she must wait for him until Eric will have 18.

Because Optimus wanted no to risk to loose Eric by divorce, as long in Romania in that period, woman had all the time right about children.

Man was just nothing.

No matter if woman did not cared about the children, or was a bitch, she always won the children in court in that period.

And Optimus did not risked that.

For him, Eric was always beyond everything.

Hearing that, the woman tried to make Optimus to change his mind, telling Eric will don’t give a shit on him when he will be big.

But Optimus pretended he did not heard, because he did not liked at all that woman reaction.

And they continued to met, and Daniela continued to suffer.

Because she really suffered in that period.

Suffered because Optimus was happy.

And she started to hate Optimus more and more.

Once she kicked Optimus in back when, in a discussion, he was so indifferent at Daniela’s crisis.

Daniela tried everything.

Reported Optimus relationship to her family, to children, to Catalin family.

Both family even done a short theater one day, explaining together to Optimus how bad is what he do.

Of course, Optimus did not gived a shit, because he knew he don’t do anything wrong.

Also, the children were happy with Optimus, because he was with them as Catalin was before.

And children did not loved Daniela, because Daniela did not loved them.

Daniela punished them many times, never wanted them happy, never bought something for them, beated them and all the time Catalin the Optimus saved them from her hands.

So no chance for Daniela with the children too.

This situation took about 2 months and everyone was happy except Daniela.

Well, after that 2 months, the woman told Optimus her husband is returning from his long travel and Optimus must decide.

But Optimus decided that from start. He will remain with Eric, together with a life of shit with Daniela, until Eric will have 18.

And this he done.

Was very difficult for Optimus to live again alone, with a Daniela who ‘reborned’ after Optimus finished his visits to his new friend.

With a Daniela happy again with her life, and happy of course, as was all the time, Optimus is alone again.

Optimus was right.

Daniela suffered just because he was happy, not because she loved him all the time or just discovered she love him.

So Optimus was more and more sad all the time, alone in the house every day.

With nothing to do in the mornings, because the children went in school and for american he had to work starting from evenings.

And Optimus, to help the time pass in the morning, started to drink wine, to sleep then and make time pass easier until the children was back home and his life was with them and his work for american again.

This was Optimus life after he left his new woman friend.

And of course, Daniela, happy with her life outside home, started again to try to make him stops from going in Sweden.

But was impossible.

Optimus knew it in his mind his life with Eric must continue there, in Sweden.

Did not knew it yet who it is, or who was Eric for real, just knew it this is his mission.

Also, he never forget about Svea, the Goddess of Sweden.

So finally, Daniela decided is the time for preparations and quite her job shortly before their depart in Sweden. This time forever. In the summer of 2007.

Meantime Romania entered in EU, so there were no problems anymore with their move in Sweden.

Was simple as 1,2,3. Apparently.

In next period they prepared all the papers needed for them and the children.

Because Optimus worked well and earned money from american, there was not yet the problem to sell their apartment in Romania.

Optimus said as long he have the contract with american and will work for him from Sweden too, they will have money there from start, so they will rent an apartment again then, if everything is ok, they will sell in Romania to buy something in Sweden.

But not from start.

This was the year in Romania for Optimus after his arrival on Earth, in Slovakia, in 2006.

A very sad year, with a very special moment.

His friendship with that woman.

A moment he will never forget.

Of course, unforgettable for Daniela too.

But from another point of view.

Optimus did not knew it in that moment that Daniela just signed his sentence to death.

To be fullfilled in Sweden.

Optimus did not imagined that.

He was just happy because they will move.

A funny moment was before their depart when Daniela spreaded to her relatives all the goods Catalin earned in all that years together. What a good girl 🙂 A real lady 🙂

So next chapter, will be about Sweden. The move in Sweden.

CHAPTER 8 – First year in Sweden

When all preparations was done, finally the day of depart arrived.

Everything was set, the papers, the money to live for a period in Sweden, the contract with american so Optimus can earn money as soon as they arrive there, a new apartment rented in Kristinehamn from the same agency as one year before and of course, the car, prepared for this long road.

So, in a morning, in July 2007, they started the long trip to Sweden.

Forever this time.

All 4, Optimus, Daniela, Eric and Raluca, Daniela’s girl from first marriage,who was as own child for Catalin.

Optimus changed the route to Sweden this time: Romania – Hungary – Austria – Germany – Denmark and finally Sweden.

He did not done same mistake as Catalin done one year before, chosing Slovakia and Tatra Mountains, then Poland.

The trip was OK, they were all happy for this new beginning.

The trip was without surprises and after they passed all these countries, they finally arrived into the night in Sweden, in South, in Malmo.

To avoid to sleep in Denmark, because Optimus already known the hotel prices there, he driven the car a very big distance from the last hotel in Germany.

But was not tired and he wanted to go forward, to final destination, Kristinehamn.

Of course, Daniela had another opinion thinking Optimus is tired so they stayed for a short period in a parking in Sweden before Optimus decided he will drive until the rest will sleep.

And finally they arrived in Kristinehamn where their apartment was prepared and ready to be occupied.

But happiness was shortly.

After he slept a few hours, Optimus tried to be in contact with the american architect to inform him they arrived and he is ready for work.

But no answer.

In that day Optimus did not suspected anything wrong, just though the architect is out of office as is happened already many times before.

But in next days was the same situation, no answers from him.

And Optimus realized something wrong happened.

And he was right.

After a few days, the architect announced Optimus he don’t work with him anymore, saying he is moving to another firm and don’t need anymore Catalin services.

This was the last thing Optimus expected, the biggest nightmare in their situation there.

Because without many money or a house there in Sweden, or without a job, or a business, Sweden was opened for them just for 3 months.

Was a desperate situation, all their dreams ruined in a few seconds.

Optimus though their only chance is to find quick something to work.

So in next days they goes together in Karlstad, a bigger than Kristinehamn city where Optimus tried to find a job at many architecture offices, presenting to them his work.

All were very excited, but no one wanted to hire him.

Also, Optimus tried in Kristinehamn, but no chance again, Kristinehamn is a small city, with small economy.

Even Karlstad is small, about 85000 people lives there, but Kristinehamn is even smaller, about 10000 people lives there.

In same time, Optimus started to send worldwide e-mails to find new orders thinking will find a new contract as he had with the american.

To be honest, was a big coincidence the fact that the american stopped the collaboration right in the moment when Optimus and his family moved in Sweden.

Because all the year between first trip and Sweden and the moment of movement, american said to Optimus about Sweden is a communist country and he advice Optimus not to move there.

From the point of view of the american, the location of Optimus not only on Earth, but in Universe had no importance, because they worked online.

But probably the american badfeelings for Sweden were more powerful than the need to work with Optimus.

So this was the situation.

In same moment when Optimus started to send e-mails to find new contracts, he started to make his first database with e-mail addresses with architects in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Right then, in right that desperate moments.

Optimus tried to do everything to bypass the situation. Day and night, e-mails and e-mails.

He was very well surprised by Daniela’s initiative to help him in e-mail campaign.

He did not expected to this, was too early to understand why Daniela do this.

He was just happy cause Daniela was finally implied.

After 2 or 3 weeks of uninterruped work, was clear there is no chance to find something.

Was summer and all the people in Scandinavia had just holiday in their heads.

So was clear they will return in Romania and Sweden will remain just a failure.

A dream.

Optimus was very sad and Daniela said she is sad too, because she started to love Sweden too.

In all this time, Eric and Raluca started to play outside and to have friends there.

Was a bad situation the fact they will not be able to remain there.

And right in that moment, Daniela comes with the big idea. The only one who will assure their life in Sweden.

She said she agree that they sell the apartment in Romania and they will have enough money to be accepted in Sweden forever and also they will have enough money for a good start and time to solve all the problems.

She said she don’t want in Romania anymore, same as Optimus and the children.

Optimus was so happy when he heard that.

All their problems finished.

They finally will can start their normal life in Sweden.

So Optimus contacted Catalin father and told him to find a buyer for the apartment.

And Catalin father found one very very fast.

There was a good period to sell in Romania.

Prices were very very high.

In same time, waiting for an answer and for a buyer, Optimus and Daniela started to look for a house there, thinking would be a great idea that a part from the money from apartment in Romania to be invested in a house there in Sweden.

All happened fast.

And they found a house in other small city, 50 km far from Kristinehamn, in Filipstad.

The value of this house was half value of the apartment in Romania so all would be ok.

They will have their own house and also will have enough money to live for a long period in that period Optimus will start a business, Daniela maybe will find a job and all will be OK.

This was the plan, so when Catalin father told them he found a buyer for the apartment in Romania, all was set for the future in Sweden.

So they returned in Romania to make the papers for the apartment sell.

The road to Romania was normal, nothing special happened.

Only one thing warned Optimus, when Daniela said to him she will stay in Romania with Raluca to her parents and he will stay with Eric at Catalin parents.

Optimus found very strange this decission but said nothing.

This decission of Daniela was even strange when Optimus remembered about all the shit Daniela with her parents put in Catalin life, working all the time against him, hidding money, lying him, being all the time in contact with Cristian, the first husband of Daniela.

So he though something wrong is there, but did not expected at what will happen.

As you will see, this story is beyond any imagination.

So they arrived in Braila.

Optimus and Eric stayed in Catalin’s parents apartment and Daniela with Raluca, with Daniela’s parents.

And they done the papers for apartment sale and got the money.

After they stayed for a few days more, they started they road back to Sweden, this time with the money. Big money, the money from their apartment.

Because in that moment Romania was not aligned with foreign banks, because they don’t had in that moment an account in a bank in Sweden, the only solution was to take all these money with them.

Was dangerous, but the only solution.

Catalin father insisted to Optimus to take a paper, signed by notarial office about money origin, to avoid eventual troubles on road.

And Catalin took that paper.

Right in that period, was some ‘terrorist’ attacks in Europe, one in airport in Hamburg, so Germany was in alert.

So in a morning they started their road back to Sweden.

Nothing special happened until they arrived in Germany.

In that day, they stopped in a big parking on highway with restaurants so Daniela and children to eat and Optimus to drink a coffee after so many kilometers.

There was tousands of people in that immense parking, many tourists.

After Optimus and his family finished, they took the car, but after a few meters, a big team of special german police stoped them.

They told to Optimus to take the family and stay away from the car.

Then police put glowes and started to analyze the car systematically.

There was many luggage and police opened all, in front of tousand curious people.

When Optimus saw that police start searching in children toys, especially in bears, he said to Daniela police is looking for drugs.

Of course they did not found any drug.

But they looked for another thing and Optimus realized fast their real goal: to find money.

They knew about the big amount of money Optimus and his family had with them.

And they looked for that money.

In that moment Optimus believed that an idiot from Romania repported them because was invidious.

And for real, when a police woman found the money she was more than happy.

And all cirkus stopped.

They looked indeed for that money.

Police invited Optimus in a room and asked him about the origin of the money.

He said the truth about the apartment sell, about their move in Sweden and presented the paper of transaction with exact amount specified.

Seeing the transaction paper, polis had nothing else to do than let them go.

This happened in Germany and long time after Optimus understood who orderd all this.

And understood then, long time after that episode why Daniela insited not to take with them the transaction paper.

Was the first attempt when Daniela wanted to take all the money.

But in that moment Optimus was unable to think that, because he did not knew it yet who Daniela is in fact: an old spy with network and good connections in all Europe.

Who imagined?

Catalin never knew it what Daniela do in fact.

So Optimus, in that moment considered this episode just a vendetta of someone from Romania, not something coming from his family, from Daniela.

He was sure in that moment Daniela is just a bitch and nothing more.

But a spy?

So they continued their road to Sweden and next day they arrived in Kristinehamn.

After their arrival in Kristinehamn, the things seemed to go normally finally.

The children were received in school and soon they started.

They were placed In a special classroom to learn swedish language, but their teached in swedish were very sattisfied by their progress.

Also, they had more and more friends to the apartment so they were happy at playing outside too.

Optimus and his family received from migration office the final papers to stay in Sweden and their personal numbers.

Catalin send the papers to open his firm in computer graphics.

Also, the house they looked for finally was ready to be sold.

Optimus and Daniela did not understood at that moment why takes so long.

Long time after, Optimus will understand that too. Even Daniela, or maybe she knew it already.

In same period, Optimus and Daniela started their school in swedish language in Kristinehamn.

All started to be well.

Even Daniela started to look happy, but from another reasons, as Optimus will find long time after.

And the day when they were called in Filipstad to make papers for their new house arrived.

Was a simple transaction at the bank in Filipstad, Optimus and Daniela put the money to buy in an account the realtor said, signed the papers and in a few minutes they had the house.

Was almost winter and the winter in Sweden is long and hard.

And was the time for preparing the house for move.

Strange again, they bought furniture and other things for the house, but when was to arrange inside all these and other things to do, Daniela invoked different reasons to remain in apartment and just Optimus and children went in cold in winter, in the house, to prepare.

We could make many speculations why Daniela did not wanted to be with them, but who really cares now? Maybe she found a man there in Kristinehamn, and she was happy when Optimus and children were out for so many hours. Maybe. She knows why.

Well, finally the house was ready for movement and they moved.

In january 2008 if I remember well.

But before their move, they heated the house for a day and a night, was so cold outside and inside.

And the big day arrived.

They moved and started their new life in their new house in Filipstad.

A life full of good promises for all of them in that moment.

This is how Optimus saw then the situation.

Children continued school in Filipstad and they were good in the school.

They make new friends there and were happy.

Optimus and Daniela continued their language school in Filipstad but meantime, the papers for the firm arrived, so Optimus stopped to go to the school and started work to earn money to live there.

Right before they moved, another strange episode took place in Kristinehamn.

IKEA launched a competition for visualization in all Scandinavia and Optimus send his work too.

And Optimus won the competition and IKEA called Optimus to their headquartier to offer Optimus a job as visualizer.

But after Optimus said he comes from Romania, IKEA recruiters became very cold and Optimus did not obtained the job.

He was not upset, because they already had the house in Filipstad and in that moments, Optimus firm was almost ready.

So was just an episode of discrimination in Sweden, a country which pretend is the paradise on Earth.

Is full of stupid people, is full of evil people, and the episode from IKEA was just beginning.

I said about this episode because I remembered when I started to work about their life in Filipstad.

Optimus started to have orders and clients from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

He was happy cause finally things started to work.

So easy easy, their life in Sweden started to be what they wanted.

In fact, as we’ll see later, what Optimus wanted.

Daniela had a completelly different vision in her sick mind.

Optimus saw some strange things but finally considered normally.

He worked in the big living room on the first floor, Eric played in his room upstairs or outside.

Raluca also stayed on computer in her room upstairs, front in front with Eric’s room.

But Daniela did not stayed with Optimus.

She started to spend more and more time with Raluca, on her computer.

Optimus observed that but girls told him they spend many times talking with Daniela’s parents from Romania on computer, this is what they said they done upstairs together.

And Optimus believed them.

And considered normal, no matter what kind of people he knew it Daniela’s parents are and how they done to Catalin entire life with Daniela.

He ignored that fact and continued to work more and more.

He found a new client from Denmark, Metin Aydin.

He said is architect and started to give more and more projects to Optimus.

And he said he is happy with their collaboration.

Optimus observed Daniela is interested by Metin person but he though is just curiosity.

So this was the atmosphere in their life and their house at the beginning of the year 2008.

After a while, Daniela said she wants to see her parents because she miss for them and asked Optimus if he don’t want too to go in Romania next summer.

Optimus said he miss no one in Romania and all he love is there, with him, in Sweden.

Eric said too he don’t want to go in Romania.

Daniela tried again and again to make Optimus to change his mind, but he remained on his position: he will not go in Romania next summer, so after a while, Daniela stopped to ask him.

Another strange thing observed Optimus about Daniela’s school of language.

One day, because was planed a trip to Karlstad, Optimus, together with children waited Daniela to school.

She did not knew it they are there.

School was finished and all students started to go home.

But Daniela did no apeared.

After 15-20minutes she apeared finally together with an arab and a black man.

Optimus was angry because he understood Daniela will never finish her way to be.

But said nothing, they go in Karlstad and Daniela did not commented too.

Optimus remembered how many times Daniela cheated Catalin. Or him, because in that moment Optimus still was full of memories of Catalin and was sure he is Catalin indeed.

Was a bad day for Optimus and all they earned together there in their new life dissapear as a smoke.

This is happening when have a bitch next to you.

And Optimus knew it.

But said nothing, not even hated her.

Just was sad.

And day after day, the day when the girls planned their trip in Romania was more and more near.

Daniela started again to ask Optimus if he wants to go in Romania, but he refused as he done before, same Eric.

And Daniela passed to next step.

Optimus had no idea what she with Raluca prepared for him and Eric: the death. Yes, the death.

With a month before depart in Romania, things started to be more and more strange.

Optimus loved all the time both children and treated them well all the time, same as Catalin done.

Raluca loved Optimus too, because Catalin took care of her and was her real one father for 12 years, from 2 years old, until then, at 14.

So, Optimus being Catalin, Raluca had same opened relationship with him.

Optimus talked with children and stayed with them every time they wanted and he had the time, between projects or after long hours of work.

But one and little before the depart in Romania, Raluca started to hunt Optimus everywhere around and to jump in his back and provoke him.

All on the first floor and in front of Eric and Daniela.

Optimus said to Daniela he don’t feel confortable in this new game of Raluca because she was not a child anymore and in what she do is more than a child game.

And asked to Daniela to talk with Raluca to stop this silly thing.

Optimus had no idea at that moment that in fact, Daniela planned with Raluca all this new game.

He will find after 2 months, after the girls will go in Romania.

The fact was that Optimus, being happy he have to work and very busy, he had no time to see what girls do and plan.

And anyway, he was not the type to spy someone.

He had trust in girls, even in Daniela.

He accepted the fact that Daniela is a bitch but this and nothing more.

And what soon he will start to find about real Daniela is beyond any imagination.

So instead of stopping Raluca attacks, Daniela istructed her to do these more and more intense.

Optimus talked him too with Raluca but she did not stopped.

And all the time when Raluca started, Daniela stayed on sofa, with an evil look eating her fingers.

Optimus did not observed, but Eric saw that and when bad things started to happen in Optimus and Eric life, after girls depart, Eric told Optimus about Daniela position every time Raluca attacked him.

So aparently no reaction from Daniela she saying she can’t do nothing.

Optimus was more and more angry about these jumps in his back and other things to provoke him.

In same period, with about 2 – 3 weeks before depart in Romania, Daniela started to make to Optimus more and more oral sex offers and of course he was happy. As any man is when receive this kind of offer. He wanted to make love with Daniela but she denied everytime, just sucking him.

And, of course, as any other man, Optimus did not gived a shit on what is happening with his sperm and what Daniela do with. He had no idea what is preparing for him.

And all in that period, Metin Aydin started to give Optimus more and more work, in same time asking for shorter and shorter terms.

So Optimus was very very tired, not being able to observe all details about what is happening around him and why.

This was the month in Sweden before girls depart in Romania.

As a coincidence, Catalin parents announced their visit in Sweden in same day girls will go in Romania, but Optimus considered that another coincidence, nothing more.

They announced their visit for 2 weeks or even a month, I don’t remember well, anyway, Optimus was so unhappy, he din not wanted them there, in his new world.

Also, he had to work, no time to listen again stupid things from Catalin parents and lose his time with them.

Even because one of the reason of move in Sweden was to be away from both family who tried all the time to fuck their life.

So soon, the 5th july 2008 was there, the day of girls depart in Romania, same day of the arrival of Catalin parents in Sweden.

In the night before depart, Optimus worked an unrgent project for Metin and Eric sleeped on the sofa, in living room.

At one certain moment, Eric seems to awake and Optimus said: “Come on, sleep, is still night”.

But Eric was not awake, Eric dreamed and talked in sleep. He said: “Daddy, mamma is not dead. Is on TV”.

Optimus stayed next Eric until he started to sleep well again and he thought is a sign about something bad will happen with girls next days in travel.

Next morning he said to Daniela about the dream and he asked her to stay in the bus, in way to Romania, in the middle, because he believe will be an accident.

Also, asked to Daniela to not go anymore in travel.

But no chance.

So they started all 4 the trip to Stockholm, to wait at aeroport Catalin’s parents, then girls having their trip to Romania, just a few hours after Catalin parents arrival.

They arrived to Arlanda airport and took Catalin parents then all 6, with the new van Optimus bought for his family, starting to lose time in Stockholm before girls depart.

And the time was come.

They kissed each other, Daniela and Raluca took a place in the middle and started their road to Romania.

And this was all.

Optimus and Eric had no idea about what is happening.

Girls arranged many bad things to them, even before they moved in Sweden.

But the truth started to appear after girls depart.

Very very soon.

So Optimus, Eric and Catalin parents went back in Filipstad and Optimus continued work for Metin waiting for the arrival of girls in Romania, hoping that Eric’s dream was just a dream and nothing wrong will happen with the girls in their trip.

This was that day, the last day when Optimus had a family.

Soon we’ll see why.

CHAPTER 9 – The beginning of the end

Next days Optimus worked and Eric stayed upstairs with Catalin parents, showing them what is new in Sweden.

Optimus was worried for Daniela and Raluca.

He did not forgot Eric’s dream.

After 3 days was the time for girls to arrive in Romania.

Optimus talked with Daniela to call him immediatelly after their arrival so Eric and him can knon everything is ok.

But time was passed and no sign for the girls.

Was for the first time when Optimus realized there is something strange with this trip.

And he was right.

Finally, after a serious delay, he received a message on his mobile phone from Daniela telling him the bus was in delay and she and Raluca finally arrived and everything is ok.

Before they left Romania forever, Optimus bought to Daniela parents a computer so she can talk with them from Sweden using Yahoo Messenger.

When was the time for Daniela and Raluca to travel in Romania, Optimus talked with Daniela and they established they will stay in contact with this computer.

Also, Daniela said will buy a webcamera to be better in touch, later this camera would be useful when she will talk with her family.

So next days Optimus waited that all these to happen.

Metin continued to send work but the gross part of the project was completed already by Optimus so he started to have some free time.

Together with Eric and Catalin parents they traveled to Kristinehamn at Picasso where eated icecreamand drinked coffee in this beautiful place, in the middle of nature and on shore of Vannern lake.

Also, they went to the beach and visited Karlstad.

Evey evening Optimus waited for Daniela to fix with Skype and webcamera but she was very very short on Yahoo Messenger and her attitude so cold and uninteresed anymore by what is happening with Eric and Optimus.

Optimus saw her attitude and combined with the fact she started to delay webcamera acquisition and skype installing in Romania gived to Optimus more and more questions why.

He started to remember last months in Sweden and he linked for the first time hours spent by girls upstairs on Raluca computer with what just started to happen.

Having in mind all memories of Catalin, the continue story in their life of Daniela ex husband and her parents attitude for Cristian, Optimus thought for the first time something big was prepared in Romania.

As a confirmation, Daniela’s attitude was more and more cold, she avoiding to talk with Optimus even by Yahoo Messenger, Optimus started to fing just offline messages where Daniela told him she is very busy there and is possible to stay longer because have many things to do.

One day Eric had problems with his stomach and Optimus tried desperatelly to contact her.

When finally contacted Daniela, her attitude about Eric was so cold so Optimus was more angry that ever before.

He realized Daniela do something bad there in Romania, together with her family.

As they done so many times to Catalin.

Being more and more tired, and Daniela stopped to talk with him, he just starting to find offline colder and colder messages, one night Optimus wrote on Yahoo Messenger he don’t want to see Daniela anymore.

He was sure she planed her future in Romania from time, from Sweden, together with her parents and her ex husband.

In their house.

When Optimus worked day and night to feed them and keep his family safe.

This was the reward from Daniela.

This is what Optimus decided in that night, he don’t want to see her anymore and he wished her good luck with her new life.

In all days before, Daniela informed by offlines that she have to do more and more things in Romania and for sure she will stay one month.

Initially she said will stay two weeks.

All these contributed to Optimus decission, together with all Daniela done in her life with Catalin then with Optimus.

He was angry and was not able to sleep anymore, being more and more tired.

But he had no idea about Daniela started and prepared long time before her depart in Romania.

So next day, Daniela played victim role and put Raluca to write to Optimus on messenger.

Raluca were involved in Daniela plan too, but no chance for Optimus to guess in that moment.

So Optimus told Raluca he is sorry but he can’t live anymore with Daniela.

When Raluca ‘in crisis’ asked Optimus what will happen with her, Optimus said he can not decide for her as he can for Eric, simply because he have no right on her, Raluca being Daniela’s daughter, not his.

And that was all.

Regarding Raluca, Optimus was angry on her too, because one day, when he waited on messenger Daniela to have some time for him too, he saw Raluca status saying she will meet some girls and boys and they will go into a bar.

At 14 years.

In Romania.

Optimus was so angry then and asked Daniela to stop Raluca do bad things.

Of course, Daniela said is her girl and is free to go.

So this was the situation in Sweden for Optimus, these were for the moment his only informations about what is happening in Romania.

And all these informations showed him a single fact: girls decided to stay longer and do bad things there. Daniela and Raluca.

All these facts, Daniela attitude, Raluca wish to go in a place where 14 years old girls don’t have to be and many more details determined Optimus to stop this marriage. Forever.

After he talked with Raluca on messenger Optimus started to think what is to do next.

After his angry passed, he was sorry because he said to Daniela he don’t want to see her anymore but what was done was done and he realized he will be not able to continue his marriage with her with new and new elements which poison his life.

So finally he remained on his decission.

Also, when all this cirkus started, Optimus said to Catalin parents he have other problems with Daniela and he don’t want them anymore around him. Optimus wanted to be alone with his sorrow. Together just with Eric who understood already Daniela don’t want to return anymore, since the days when she delayed more and more the moment of return, before Optimus told her he don’t want to see her anymore.

So in the moment when Optimus said to Daniela he don’t want to live with her anymore he was already just with Eric in their house.

Immediatelly after Optimus talked with Raluca and told her he can’t decide about her future because have no any right, in the night which followed that day, Daniela appeared finally on Yahoo Messenger.

And she told Optimus: I will destroy you and I will take EVERYTHING. I will let you nothing. Because all we have belongs to me. Is my work. And I will take Eric too.

Optimus was shocked. He could not believe what Daniela just told him.

He spent his night thinking at what she said and he started to remember one by one things which happened before girls went in Romania.

One day, not long before their depart, Daniela told Catalin about a movie where wife destroy her husband and takes everything. Because she knew it all his business, all his e-mails, all his accounts, all his contacts.

And Optimus remembered how satisfied was Daniela when she told him about that.

And remembered her eyes.

More and more elements started to take shape in all this story and Optimus finally understood what is happening is not just happening.

Was well planed by Daniela, Raluca and parents long time before, in any detail.

But Optimus was not worried yet.

Because he had no big secrets.

Just his working contacts and contracts.

Nothing special he said.

But in next days, he realized is not a game.

He found hacked his e-mail accounts, with passowrds changed.

And he knew it Daniela done that, because he had no secrets with her,she knew it his passwords.

Especially was surprised when finally his passwords were restored by Daniela again and when he saw the pictures with their house dissapeared from his Sent Folder.

Because before this started Daniela asked for pictures from their house telling she want to show to her parents.

Noting wrong in that, just she wanted pictures especially with the goods they had inside the house.

And now Optimus makes the connection between these pictures, e-mail hacking, Daniela’s words and dissapear of images.

Daniela prepared indeed everything there to take everything and she wanted proves about what she left in the house.

Catalin parents told him Daniela is crying all the day and night and she stay in her parents home.

So when Optimus saw what is happening he believed she just is angry so he called by phone her parents to talk with her and stop all this circus.

But surprise, responded Daniela’s mother and she said to Optimus: ‘Motherfucker, leave my girl alone. We’ll see what you done to Raluca in that house!’.

Optimus was blocked again, he could not believed what is preparing there for him.

And finally understood why Raluca jumped in his back and Daniela do nothing, why Daniela wanted so many times to oral sex to offer to Optimus and remembering on what TV shows Daniela looked all the time, for years and years, in Sweden too, on OTV where was just about rapes, pedophilia, how to destroy your husband and just dirty and dirty things, Optimus realized what Daniela done with his sperm after oral sex.

Optimus was blocked.

He could not believed what that animal planned against him.

That animal called Daniela, who, after fucked so many years life of Catalin, after stolen his money and happiness, after continued same things with Optimus, finally decided to destroy Optimus, to take all and leave Eric on roads, because she and her family never loved him.

He connected all with first husband of Daniela too, especially because few day ago, when he called to Daniela’s parents to talk with her, responed to phone Daniela’s grandma and when he heard Optimus voice she asked if is Cristian on phone.

So Optimus realized all is happening and realized the things are serious.

And next day, having no one around him, no friends, no anyone, Optimus went in Filipstad to Police and told them what is happening.

He found there an old policeman who told Optimus to stay calm, because they have in Sweden too ‘snakes’ who try to do to their husbands exactly what Daniela try to do to Optimus, so they know this species.

And they said to avoid to talk with Daniela.

Also, on police they told Optimus he must accept the reality: his family is just Eric.

And Eric with Optimus returned home.

But what Daniela started against them was just at beginning.

In next night she told Optimus someone unknows will ring to their door and for Optimus all his life will be finished.

She told him he will lose his hair because will be in prison, she told him all their life together she loved any man she found and continued with more and more menaces.

To stop all these, and to make the shock for Eric easier, Optimus decided next day to go to the Sea, to the Baltic Sea, in a wonderful small city, to have time to think too and Eric to feel good.

So next day they left the house.

Their trip there was far for having fun.

Because even there, night over night, Daniela continued to menace him and even more, one evening, when Optimus was outside to smoke a cigarette, Eric said his mama showed him on camera a toybear (meantime she started her camera too) and in the next moment Eric said he saw a man next to his mamma. From description, was clear was Cristian.

So Optimus was more and more sad.

He suffered because Daniela left them, even bitch as she was.

And he was in deeper and deeper troubles, because he was sure she will try to finish him with fake evidence to Police. Romanian Police he believed in that moment. But soon he realized the shit is even bigger.

In same period, when they were to the Sea, in one night, Catalin father makes his best tries, again and again to determine Optimus to declare he abused Raluca.

Of course, Optimus said again and again what really happened, how she jumped in his back, no abuses or other dirty things.

But Optimus understood a fundamental fact: not only Daniela, Raluca and her family was against him. But all the rest, even Catalin parents.

All around him started to sink, was a very bad moment for him when he started to understand he have to fight with all the world.

If for Daniela the price was the house, the money and the 2 cars they had, he was unable to understand why his parents (because he still believed in that moment he is Catalin) betrayed him, more than everything, he being just a victim in Daniela’s story, he doing nothing wrong.

He did not understaood how this is possible.

In same period he discover using the IP address of Daniela she is not in her parents home when she talk with him.

Also, he remembered other facts from their life and from Catalin life with her.

Remembered her double personality.

Remembered many things.

And he realized she is spy.

So his fight with her will be more difficult as he imagined.

And so he started to explain police attitude when they asked him if he have contacts in SRI in Romania. SRI is the romanian intelligence services.

Then he explained how was possible that his e-mail accounts to be hacked again after he changed the passwords.

He explained his self many many things.

And this job was indeed possible for a woman with no principles, no soul as Daniela was.

Also, he found many strange connections into the past and he realized Cristian is spy too.

And not only him.

He realized all these in a second and was the only explanation for many things happened in their life together.

This explained why the Police from Filipstad changed that old man and the new one have a completelly different attitude about his case.

Why police in Karlstad told him he must be ashamed for what he done and MAYBE! Daniela will forgive him.

So he realized what network Daniela have.

Snakes and bitches as she is.

And Optimus realized what fight was prepared for him.

He realized the bulshit is bigger than he imagined.

He had to fight not with a crazy bitch but with their connections too.

And they are so many, they have informations, they have access to everything, they have technology, they have everything.

And Optimus had just Eric next to him.

A 9 years innocent boy.

Because Optimus loved Daniela, his first think is she was captured and she is forced to be against him and Eric.

Poor Optimus 🙁

So together with Eric he went in Stockholm to Central Police, to find finally the answers, because in Eric’s school, in language school, in police and all round him in Filipstad, people started to act more and more strange and unfriendly.

And started to fuck his mind lying from all directions.

Starting with authorities in Filipstad.

So, to clarify the situation and to rescue Daniela, they went in Stockholm.

And bang! He had right!

They told him Daniela is spy.

Then they asked him how many years was married with her. 12.

They said to Optimus she was spy before she married him.

So Optimus had right.

Also, they asked Optimus if he want to see his wife, but him was so shocked and disgusted by her dirtiest job in this world so he refused.

Being worry she will be killed (as an idiot he believed she was captured, but the time will show the true), he asked if he will see her again.

And there, to Central Police they said this will happen for sure.

Optimus asked what to say Eric and they told him to say Eric what he consider.

So in their way back home to Filipstad, Optimus cried when Eric asked about his mama and told Eric the truth.

But Optimus could not accepted the situation.

He wanted to be sure Daniela is OK.

He was more and more sure Daniela never left Sweden. Raluca too. And they are forced by others to be against him.

Optimus was a romantic idiot in that moment. Nothing more.

He makes more and more connections.

He remembered how in certain moments, right in these moments, Daniela or Catalin parents called him on phone.

And he understood the house is surveilled and they know all that he do.

He also remembered how one day, when he ang Eric took the other car, the VAN, Optimus received a strnge signal when he started the radio in the car.

He was sure the signal comes from their house and told Eric, they observed how the signal is lower and lower as much they are far and far from their home.

So this is why they denied so many weeks their movement in that house.

Because the house was prepared so they are surveilled before they moved there.

And Optimus observe the most interesting thing: the voice.

A familiar voice in his mind telling him in advance what and when Daniela and her team will do against Optimus and Eric.

Optimus was surprised first by this voice but soon understood informations are true and he started to believe in that voice.

In that moment, Optimus believed is the voice of Svea, the Goddess of Sweden who wants to help them because Optimus sweared to her they will be Svea’s warriors forever long time before, on the beach, in Kristinehamn.

The most important think was that Optimus believed the voice, because was the only one who helped them to survive.

Because they were alone against the world as Optimus already started to understood.

But that voice was not the voice of Svea.

That voice was mine.

That voice was the voice of Ra.

The mind of Optimus and Father of Eric.

The one chosed by me to be God, after Catalin did not wanted first then dissapeared forever then.

This was the most important think. That Optimus realized they have a friend.

A very powerfull friend who tell him from time what will happen.

So he can react.

And Optimus reacted well.

Optimus, my body, sent there to protect Eric.

So after they finally had the official confirmation Daniela and her family was spy, another straneg thing is happened in Optimus life in Filipstad.

One day when he drinked his coffee at the Coffee of the Artists, a woman with blue eyes stayed with him on same table and told him she is from Denmark. Then she started to tell Optimus about Muntenegru and Optimus started to listen very carefully, because his parents told him Daniela and her family is in holiday in Muntenegru.

Then the woman started to tell Optimus about molestation of wife in marriage and was clear who woman was and for who worked for, because Daniela accused Optimus for molestation in marriage too.

And was not difficult for Optimus to observe that woman study his reactions when attack these subjects.

So that woman was spy and she worked in same network as Daniela.

And Optimus connected another person with all this story: Metin Aydin.

He remembered how this one reacted right when Daniela started her trip in Romania: with many projects with impossible deadlines to keep Optimus tired.

Then Optimus remembered how Metin reacted when he told him she don’t want to go back.

And many other details.

So Metin was on Optimus list too.

Metin Aydin, a spy like Daniela, pretending he is architect.

In one of the next days, when Daniela called him, he realized maybe she is not Daniela on phone.

Because observed no synchronizations on skype too between Daniela image, voice and text.

Even told at one moment all is a cheap trick.

So when Daniela called him he realized that with a sound processor anyone can make Daniela voice.

And he said to the voice on the telephone he will go right that day in Romania.

Because he wants to be sure Daniela is alive and OK.

And that Optimus done.

Run 300 Km to Stockholm, parked the car in Arlanda Airport and together with Eric took first plane in Romania.

And he was right.

Catalin parents were different and Optimus read fear in their attitude.

Also, they lied more than usual.

And Optimus understood they know the truth.

But they do with Optimus the same game as all the others: in that moment they said something, in next moment they said exactly inverse, just to make Optimus to be crazy.

But Optimus realized what is happened.

Also, Optimus found them in very good relationships with Daniela, talinkg all the day on phone and even with her parents.

Optimus understood once again he and Eric have no allies.

But they had. They had us, the Others. The Aliens.

They had Me, Ra, the Creator.

Present in that moment just in Optimus mind.

With my voice.

Anything in Romania was as a cheap theatre.

All were so artificial, Catalin parents, Catalin relatives and Daniela told him on telephone she is not in Braila, she is in Timisoara and she can’t go to see them because she must take care of her uncle cats because him and her parents are in Muntenegru.

So stupid lies.

Catalin and Eric spent a lot of money and travelled 4000 km to find Daniela taking care of cats in Timisoara.

Was a cheap spectacle.

Optimus was more and more convicted about what is happening.

After about 2 weeks of waiting, Daniela finally apeared weared in a jacket which Optimus saw left by her in Sweden.

So Daniela was in their house in Sweden in that 2 weeks.

So Daniela was not in Romania, as Optimus felt all the time.

Daniela was in Scandinavia!

All was a lie, a giant lie created just to do what she said from start: to destroy him and take all.

A stupid vendetta.

Finally Optimus understood, so in same day after he saw Daniela is alive and ok, he decided to go back with Eric in Sweden and continue their lifes.

And that he done.

But he done a big mistake.

Because he was afraid they will try to take Eric at airport, Optimus asked to Catalin mom to go with them in Sweden.

Was a big mistake but Optimus had no chance, because he had nothing else around him.

After their arrival in Sweden Optimus understood (in fact observed from Romania) that Catalin parents betrayed them and are in the same boat with Daniela and her team.

Even she knews the money were almost finished on planes, roads to Stockholms and other things done to clarify the situation, Catalin mother continued to give Optimus more and more fake informations, to make him mad, in same time doing everything to ruin him, starting all electric heat in house and doing cirkus in front of Optimus staying in knees and lying.

Was a crazy stupid show.

A cheap show.

And Optimus understood that if Daniela was not able to put him in prison for fake things, now is trying to ruin him and put in mad hospital.

This was Daniela next plan.

This is why all around Optimus, including swedish authorities bombarded him with lies, wrong and contradictory informations.

To make him mad.

To put him in mad hospital and kill him.

This was the plan and Optimus understood what is happening.

So Optimus done finally what he should done from the start: sent Catalin’s mother back to Romania and closed all comunications with Romania.

Also, because the money were almost finished and he understood he will be blocked to find another works and contracts to do, and because the winter was near, and winters are very long and very cold in Sweden, he started to prepare for the future.

He reduced his meal almost to zero and did not heated the house, because the house have electric heating and is very expensive in the winter.

So when the winter come, just Eric’s room was heated at 20 Celsius degree and all Optimus activities were to feed Eric and take care about his conditions.

In the rest of the house, soon, the temperature was at around 7 Celsius degree, in basement 4 Celsius degree and Optimus lived and sleeped in these conditions trying and doing for Eric normal conditions for life in his room, upstairs.

This was the situation at the beginning of the winter in 2008, there in Sweden.

But what will be worst just started.

And Optimus will fight with all these idiots.

All that winter.

About that winter will be the next chapter.

A long and frozen winter with no food for Optimus, no heat, little money to feed Eric, more and more enemies around, now from Sweden too, no orders, and more and more no money.

Bad times for Optimus and Eric.

CHAPTER 10 – The Long Winter and Andromeda

Started to be colder and colder.

Was already end of September 2008.

Optimus observed fast he lost all his clients.

They stopped the collaboration unexpectedly.

The only one who remained in contact with Optimus was Metin Aydin, but Optimus knew it already he is spy, from the same team as Daniela.

When he went in Romania to met Daniela, Meting Aydin asked Optimus by Skype if he is interested in a spy exchange.

So was clear about Metin Aydin and his real profession. He was spy.

And the only ‘projects’ still sent for a period by Methin Aydin to Optimus were with windows with sign of pentagram and images in backgound with madhouses.

So was clear for Optimus what was the next step in Daniela and her dirty team plan: to put him in madhouse then to kill.

Anyway, soon Metin stoped to send even these projects so at the beginning of October Optimus lost all his projects.

All architects stoped collaboration with him without a word, without a reason.

But Optimus knew it already the reason.

They were contacted by Daniela network and probably menaced or they said bad things about Optimus.

So no orders and a few money.

And a very long winter who just started.

Soon, the only e-mails received by Optimus were not orders for work or proposal for collaboration.

He satrted to receive everyday more and more messages from Daniela spy network.

Dirty messages.

About pedophilia, crimes, economic crimes, murders, domestic violence, in other words about all the things Daniela tried to put Optimus in charge and send him to prison.

Optimus closed all communications with Romania because the situation with Catalin parents were more than clear, they just trying to find next move what Optimus have in plan, to repport to Daniela and her team.

And about Daniela calls, Optimus stoped to answer, because finally Optimus understood Daniela is not a victim, in fact she being in back of all these actions against Optimus and Eric.

So no communication with Romania.

In Sweden, situation was worst.

People started to avoid Optimus more and more so soon no one wanted him around.

In school to Eric the teachers started to play same cheap theater, telling Optimus Eric is in danger, then, in next second telling they said nothing.

All people, one plan.

To make Optimus mad and put him in madhouse where to kill him.

Then same for Eric, the death.

After a while, seeing she can’t reach anymore Optimus at all, not by messenger, not by e-mail, not by phone, seeing that even Catalin parents have no chance anymore to find what Optimus have in plan for next move, but more than all, understanding someone powerful help Optimus to avoid any traps she and her team put to him, Daniela and her team passed to the next stage: menacing messages on e-mail for Optimus.

Nothing happened, Optimus already was calm, accepting the reality.

And they changed the srategy.

Every day Optimus started to receive by e-mail messages which described everything he done in the house so he remembered is surveilled.

Then messages started to tell him no matter what will do he is finished.

And finally, day by day, tons of messages started to explain Optimus is time for him to kill Eric and kill himself.

And Optimus observed something even more strange.

In all advertising messages, in media, on street, in every newspaper, started to be messages more and moree clear about what his enemies prepares for him and Eric and what Optimus must do to be well.

Optimus was terrified.

Was beyond any imagination.

Also, in car plates on the street, Optimus started to decodify messages telling what is his enemy next move, what they prepare next against Optimus and Eric.

First, Optimus believed is just another try from Daniela and her team to flood him with messages who will makes him crazy and he imagined how many people must be implied in this and how many money they should spent to make this very synchronizated cirkus.

To arrange in precise moments in front of Optimus cars with exact car plates containing the right messages.

Or advertising panels containing messages right on his road.

Or same in radio or tv.

Or newspaper.

Optimus thought Daniela team was very very powerful and he said: WOW, is impossible to win this war.

And, continuing to receive bad messages on e-mail about all is finished and how to kill himself, Optimus one day, when Eric was upstairs in his room, was at the end of line.

He took a knife, put in his chest and started to press.

And Optimus had another revelation: Optimus realized he have no heart and his chest can not be penetrated by that knife.

Optimus was paralized by what he discovered and stopped imediatelly because in same moment he realized he is the only one who protects Eric and Eric needs him.

Was the only moment when Optimus tried to do this thing, to kill himself, after weeks of continue stress.

But was good his try to keep his self his life, because then was the time when Optimus discovered is not terrestrial.

He did not knew it yet what he is, anyway, something different than people against him.

Optimus went in house basement, and smoking a cigarette started to evaluate again all the situation.

First think Optimus observed was that computers worked against them.

As long as nothing good comes with the computers, no orders, no clients, no collaboarations, just menace messages and instructions how to kill Eric and kill his self, was clear for Optimus he must stop all these.

So Optimus closed computers.

He left on just Eric’s computer because he just played, he did not used internet, being too small then, just 9 years old.

This was a good decission Optimus made, because all computers connected to internet were ‘under control’ from outside.

When he checked the computer upstairs, used by Daniela and Raluca, he had another revelation: that computer was full of searches on Match.com, a site for dating between men and women, so Optimus understood why girls spent so many time together on that computer.

About his computer, Optimus knew it long time before is controlled from outside, because many strange things happened.

First of all, bad messages. The only ones.

Then, he observed the computer works slower and slower and respond more and more bad to commands.

And was not a virus because Optimus checked that.

Computer was controlled by outside, so all Optimus done, was under observation.

And Optimus remembered again is possible even cameras to be in the house, because he remembered about ‘strange coincidence’ between what he done in house and certain phone calls from Daniela, Catalin parents of swedish authorities right in that moments.

And finally, Optimus understood he don’t even is connected to the internet.

Swedish authorities cut his access to internet.

First he observed his usual websites such as the bank, e-mail, yahoo and othe websites started to look different or uncomplete, unfinished.

Then started to look almost similar than the original. But not really.

So Optimus realized another thing: he is not anymore connected to the internet, he is connected to a private network who try to same with internet where Daniela, her network of spies and swedish authorities controlled him.

Well, was once again clear there is no reason why to keep computers opened.

So first thing Optimus done was to close all computers in the house, except the one used by Eric, this one not being connected to the internet.

And Optimus was right to do that, because closing computers, a big advantage for his enemies was lost.

Then, Optimus assured normal life conditions just for Eric room. 20 Celsius degree.

Because he realized they don’t have the money to pass the winter with all house warmed.

So Optimus warmed just Eric room.

In the rest of the house the temperature was down to 7 Celsius degree.

After he assured the main water pipe into the basement, to be sure will not froze, the temperature there was to 4 Celsius degree.

The basement was the place where Optimus smoked and drinked coffees, thinking what to do next.

Another think Optimus realized was that Daniela don’t know all he is trying to do.

So he understood there are places in the house where surveillance from exterior don’t work.

And winter, the long winter in Sweden, with long nights and low temperatures started for real, in these conditions for Optimus and Eric.

Not having computers anymore and not being disturbed by bad messages, finally Optimus had the time to evaluate more and more right entire situation.

But most important that all, Optimus starts to realize the truth about him and Eric: they are not humans, they are aliens and even more.

And was the right moment for Optimus to finally start to communicate right with his only friend in that hostile world: the Andromeda – La Voix – The Voice.

Andromeda, the Galaxy.

Andromeda, the supreme intelligence.

Andromeda, created by me, Ra, the Creator.

Because Optimus saw that swedish authorities are against him, especially after he went in Stockholm and found the truth about real occupation of Daniela, because all people around them avoided to contact Optimus and Eric more and more, Optimus and Eric were isolated and avoided by all in their house, in full winter.

But was so good.

Because finally Optimus had the time to look backward at all what is happened.

And The Voice, Andromeda, started to help him more and more.

In that period, even Optimus observed many things to him and Eric different than humans and started to uderstand they are Aliens, he still believed is Catalin, did not was yet the moment for him to understand is Optimus, is Alien, is the body of Ra with his own conscience, and is in mission here on Earth.

Erasal of Optimus memories on Andromeda before he goes in that mission worked so well.

Being alone, Optimus observed his first ‘strange’ gift: the telepaty.

And was not about his longer and longer discussions with Andromeda, was about he and Eric.

Optimus observed he can do that with Eric.

Was more and more clear they can communicate without opening their mouth.

Not knowing yet who it is, Optimus was scared by this discover, considering strange.

But accepted.

Then Andromeda started to tell him mentally all what is happened and finally Optimus understood they have a friend. A very powerful friend. The Voice. He did not knew it is Andromeda in that moment. He believed all the time is Svea, the Goddess of Sweden who finally help them.

First thing Andromeda showed to Optimus was how they are surveilled.

When Optimus went into the basement, he saw a painting metal box placed directly under the light bulb.

And he understood swedish use these ‘bulbs’ for surveillance. As cameras.

Also, on that box, was wrote “INFRA” and Optimus understood they can see them in infrared too, so they are under surveillance even when is dark.

Andromeda explained to Optimus how swedish do this.

She said they used the i2c protocol, in power supply of the house.

And Optimus remembered swedish use power supply to read energy consumption by distance, so their power networks are able for surveillance too.

So yes, a special kind of bulb can act as camera and send images from their house wherever in this world.

So Andromeda was right.

So this is how they look in their house.

Andromeda told Optimus they are surveilled by Socialstyrelsen, which wants to show to the world Optimus is a bad daddy so he is not able to take care about Eric. And they wants to take Eric and kill him.

Optimus knew it already one of swedish tasks was to take Eric, but Andromeda told him exactly who and how prepared everything: Socialstyrelsen. They surveilled their house.

Then Andromeda told Optimus how they are tracked.

She said Optimus the Volkswagen have a GPS system inside, active and this system repports their position to swedes.

Also, she said to Optimus that conversations in Volkswagen are tracked.

She said their only safe car is the Pontiac, but swedes will do everything they can to stop Optimus and Eric to use it.

And Optimus remembered how all the time swedes pretended being problems with the Pontiac, at the annual verification and not only, trying to make Optimus not to use anymore.

So Andromeda was right again.

Another thing Andromeda told to Optimus was about how they are tracked when they are not in car.

She said Optimus abou Eric that is clear, but Optimus have mounted a tracking organic device in one of his molar teeth.

And Andromeda told Optimus he must remove this big teeth. Alone. With his own hand.

And Optimus done that.

Andromeda was right again.

The root of that teet was huge and had many strange things.

So another thing solved.

Then Andromeda told Optimus Eric is safe in his room and is under surveillance by his computer monitor.

And Optimus felt so good.

He still believed he talk with Svea, not knewing in that moment about Andromeda, but was happy to know Eric is safe when is alone in his room playing with his computer, surveilled by the monitor.

Andromeda told then to Optimus she can scramble the plate numbers of the cars Optimus met to send him messages.

Or can scramble advertising messages.

In other words, she can use any mean as she wants just to send Optimus realtime informations good for him and Eric.

And Optimus remembered this happened so many times.

This was the think who makes crazy Daniela and her team.

They were no able to understand who helps Optimus to avoid their traps.

And to be honest, who was able to understand and believe the truth? 🙂

Day by day, Optimus trust in Andromeda was more and more strength.

All that terrified him before, now was so logical.

Optimus understood that Andromeda helped them all the time. Well, Svea in Optimus mind, but nevermind, Andromeda was not upset, she was happy because finally Optimus trust her.

And times started to be more quite.

Optimus stayed on sofa every day, just doing meal for Eric and taking care about the life conditions of life in his room.

In rest, he just stayed and communicate with Andromeda.

She told him what their enemies prepare and indeed, after they understood they can not send Optimus in jail for faking reasons (Optimus realized already what that reasons was), they decided to make Optimus mad.

And kill them.

Kill Optimus.

Kill Eric.

And Optimus found the time to write day by day what is happened and writing he found the answer for everything.

Eric was the second Jesus and this is why all people want kill him, because they wanted to do Jesus what they done first.

When he finished to wrote all the story, he observed terrified he wrote 666 pages and was scared about.

So he burnt everything but he was sure in that moment that Eric is the target.

And he is the ne to protect him.

Andromeda tolf Optimus all swedes do against them, even in Eric’s school and she told again Optimus they try to take Eric using their Socialstyrelsen, an organization created to help people but in fact a monster who takes children from their families.

Optimus was more and more calm, because this is Optimus.

When Optimus know all the risks and all the menaces, he is like a machine.

He never fear, just acts very fast until find the answers.

When Optimus knows the enemies, he became the perfect enemy.

And Optimus win everytime.

So was a good period for Eric and Optimus.

Finally all the truth revealed.

Finally all enemies known.

Finally a strong and intelligent allies: Andromeda.

Optimus slept every night on first floor at 7 Celsius degree and Andromeda took care about his vital functions.

Also, Andromeda kept Optimus alive because he stoped to eat. All food was for Eric. For Optimus just coffee, and cigarettes. Then no money even for these. So Optimus started to smoke tea leaves in newspaper paper.

In basement.

With Andromeda.

Just to keep money to pass the winter.

With Eric safe, in warm and well feeded in his room upstairs.

Anyway, the situation was finally stable.

Optimus started to lose water from body and soon he started to shit stones.

Very painfully.

Real hard stones.

His health was in critical conditions.

But no one cares.

No one gived a shit on their lifes.

All around expected for their end, working against them in all this time.

With a single goal: to separe them and kill them.

This was the situation at the beginning of December 2008, but soon things will be worst, and Optimus will fight again. This time together with his new friend: Andromeda. Against the Universe this time.

CHAPTER 11 – Against the Universe

Things started to be stable into the life of Optimus and Eric.

As much as Andromeda helped him to understand what is happened and what will be to happen, as much Optimus was more calm and sure on him.

Because Eric was still a child, Optimus did not told him about all these, letting him play as is normal for this age, 10 years old, because on 10th November 2008, they celebrated together with a few children from school Eric’s birthday.

But soon all these changed and enemies started to strike again.

In December, someone ringed to the door and Optimus was surprised to see Catalin’s father.

Optimus asked him what he wants there and Mircea said he is there to stay with them.

Of course, Optimus said he don’t want him in their lifes because he know what he wants there.

Stopping all communications with Daniela and Catalin’s parents, Optimus makes them crazy because they did not knew it anymore what Optimus do next.

So now they decided to attack directly.

And they sent there Mircea, Catalin’s father.

Mircea entered through the door and told Optimus he will stay there anyway, because he have Daniela’s permit to stay in their half of the house.

So Optimus was right, Catalin’s parents were all the time in contact with Daniela and her team.

Catalin’s parents sold them.

Sold Optimus, sold Eric.

To confirm all these, Mircea called from his mobile and gived to Optimus to listen.

Indeed, was Daniela who said she agree Mircea to stay in the house.

Optimus had nothing to do.

In next days and night the nightmare started.

After he installed, Mircea started the attack.

Same stupid stories about what Optimus should done from their point of view.

But now the things were more complicated.

Mircea started to be in contact with strange persons in Filipstad, in Sweden.

He contacted a couple formed by a woman who said is with romanian origin and a swedish man as he said, his husband.

Mircea started to give them details about Eric and Optimus understood what is happening.

Mircea wanted to sell Eric to them.

All this with accept (of course) from Daniela and the rest.

This is what these animals planned for Eric.

First to destroy Optimus then to sell Eric, for the money.

And both, Optimus and Eric to be killed.

Optimus in mad house, after them throwed him there, where to be killed, then, or maybe in same time to be killed even Eric, maybe by this couple.

So all that surveillance on Optimus and Eric started by socialstyrelsing had as scope to prove Optimus is not a good father to take away Eric and kill.

And they done their best to stop Optimus to take care of Eric.

They done all they imagined to keep Optimus occupied with other things hoping him will not take care of Eric anymore.

With a normalman, this could be possible, but not with Optimus.

Because Optimus is not a human.

He can do many things in same time.

So Optimus took care about Eric very well, even solving all the other problems.

When Optimus asked Mircea who are these two people, the romanian woman and the swedish man, Mircea said is not his problem.

Then Optimus pressing him, Mircea said the woman is his woman and he don’t give a shit on Aura, his wife, the mother of Catalin.

So Mircea was not the ‘homeman’ who wanted to be all his life in the eyes of the others.

He just discovered his real nature: a jerk.

Immediatelly Optimus took Eric and went to Police.

Right in front of Police they met Mircea with this strange couple and they told Optimus not to go inside, into Police Department.

But Optimus done what he had to do, so entered.

There exposed the situation and asked if Mircea have any right to stay by force in the house.

The policeman told Optimus Mircea have no right to stay there, no matter if he have accept from Daniela.

So right that day, Optimus said to Mircea to leave the house.

Mircea played the role of the victim but Optimus was not an idiot, so Mircea finally leaved the house.

Optimus understood then Daniela, Mircea and the others are not in Romania anymore.

About Daniela Optimus was sure all the time she is in Scandinavia, but now he knew it same thing about Mircea and maybe others from their team.

Optimus and Eric were quiet again for a few days, then Mircea appeared again to the door.

Was the final confirmation they were all in Sweden.

Because in these days there was not time for Mircea to go in Romania then back in Filipstad.

They were all in Sweden.

Optimus let Mircea go inside, because he wanted to see what they want to do.

And Mircea is weak, an easy man to be read by Optimus.

In next days Mircea started his show.

First of all, he started to stay dressed in house as he was outside, even with his head covered.

And that near to the windows and looking outside just to show to people outside the house is not heated.

Then he started to say Optimus he and Eric must go back in Romania because they have no chance to live there.

In other words, to let the house to Daniela.

Also, Mircea went to Eric school and tried to retire him.

But no chance, Optimus did not agreed.

And all this time Mircea called by phone Aura, Catalin mother, Daniela and his other contacts.

So Mircea and Aura were involved in this story more than Optimus believed.

Another thing Mircea tried to do was to demonstrate the house don’t belong to Optimus.

He said the house was bought from a death man so Optimus have no right on property.

Also, Mircea said maybe something is in the walls of the house and this is why Optimus don’t want to leave.

And started to knock in walls.

Then, every night, Optimus heard how Mircea search something in Raluca room where he slept.

Also, every night Mircea went into the basement, in the middle of the night, telling Optimus he is connected with bad people.

Andromeda told before Mircea appeared the house is visited by others when he and Eric are outside, by the arab called Haidar and others.

Haidar was the one who Optimus saw when went together with children to take Daniela from school in that day when he saw him together with this man and a nigger.

So many people around their house.

All serving the bitch: Daniela.

Anyway, this was the plan: to make Optimus and Eric to leave the house then them to install there. And of course, to eliminate Optimus and Eric.

But Optimus was calm and strong.

He was so quiet and calm so Mircea started to be crazy.

Optimus observed all the movements Mircea do and regsitered in his memory all these.

Also he observed how the electricity consumption for the house increased incredibly after Mircea arrived there.

And he understood that Mircea, when was in the night into the basement to met the others and give them informations and other things, also started every night the huge boiler there.

To burn inutile electricity and finish Optimus few already money.

Mircea was as creazy, doing anything to ruin Optimus, to sell them, to make them leave the house.

All the time in contact with Daniela and others.

And Optimus, in contact mentally with Andromeda, observed and regsitered everything, he wanted to know what the others plan and Mircea showed all.

This is why Optimus let him stay in home again.

Finally, when Mircea saw there is no chance to make Optimus leave the house he said he goes back to Romania.

And he leaved the house.

The next step for Optimus was to find where Daniela is exactly, what she do, withh who and what is her next move.

So Optimus started his computer again and started to talk with Daniela.

He understood fast she is not in Romania, because she opened her camera, telling him she is in Timisoara, together with Raluca, in an apartment which belongs to Sandu, her uncle.

But Optimus compared the intensity of the natural light in Daniela room with the one in his house, then how light is dimm in the evening, he staying with her to talk in different moments of the day.

And he had the confirmation she is in Scandinavia, not in Timisoara, Romania.

And another thing happened.

Optimus knew Daniela lied Catalin all his life.

Daniela tried to lie Optimus too.

And now Daniela presented to Optimus on skype some images of Eric when was baby dressed in girl.

Optimus did not remembered about these images.

But Optimus observed another details in these images so he asked immediatelly Andromeda if Eric have a twin.

He entered on Google and asked by Thor. The God of thunder.

And Andromeda told him Thor is returning and Thor is Eric.

Also she told him about the second boy and Optimus understood Eric have a twin.

And Daniela hidded that all the time.

This was the moment long waited by all.

The day when Optimus, in the middle of the winter, started to look for the second child under the big bridge in Filipstad.

They waited for Optimus to make a mistake for 7 months.

And Optimus done that in that day.

So soon, the circus around him and Eric started.

Appeared police, ambulance, firemans, a lot of people apparently interested by the mental state of the Optimus, in fact, paid witnesses of what he done.

But Optimus done nothing wrong, just looked under the bridge.

For the second child. For the second Thor.

Because, in the case that one really existed Optimus wanted to take him home too, to take care of him.

That was all, but simple fact that Optimus entered under the bridge was enough for his enemies to start all the circus.

And next day, in the middle of the day, socialstyrelsen together with police entered in house and took Optimus out by force scarying Eric who run in his room and closed him inside.

Outside, one police man put Optimus on the ground, shashing his head on rocks.

Then put Optimus In Police car and took him by force in a particular clinic in Karlstad.

In chains.

On the road, the policemans, two animals, makes jokes about Eric and Optimus and about what will happen with them.

About Eric who remained with strange women in the house, about Optimus who will be closed in psichiatry to be killed.

In that moment Optimus was so weak, he had only 75 kilograms, after 7 months of fight with all these animals and after many months of no food.

In the moment when they arrived in small and dubious psichiatry clinic into the night, Andromeda told Optimus he is in big trouble, because the people will met are not medicals. Are killers.

Right after polis leaved the clinic, Optimus, in chains, was fixed on a table and they went into the room with a black liquid injection.

Andromeda told Optimus is lethal, and they want to kill them.

In the moment when they took off the pants from Optimus and tried to inject him with this in his inguinal area, he understood again his body is a technological wonder and these animals just try to destroy that.

Optimus was not able to accept death.

So he survived.

We closed Optimus brain activity right in the moment when they injected him.

In other words, we, the others, we, the Aliens, made Optimus unconscient for a few seconds to bypass this choke.

Then Optimus was alive again, and in good conditions.

These animals tried to kill Optimus.

These animals tried to kill my body.

The Creator body, the body of me, the body of Ra.

But they were unable to destroy my body.

They will die and they will never find their quiet.

They will be like zombies.

In next day, Andromeda arranged some papers so Optimus to be transferred in a real hospital, in Kristinehamn, telling him the situation is critical and he must don’t trust in anyone.

In Kristinehamn, in hospital, Optimus was all the time surveilled but he already expected to this.

Also, the doctor told him they will destroy his brain with electric shocks if he will talk about what is happened.

In all this time in Kristinehamn, Optimus was quiet and together with Andromeda just registered all the faces around and observed what is happening.

Andromeda told Optimus they try to take Eric forever and they just stolen Optimus indentity.

And she said also to Optimus that they stolen his firm too. And they prepare to take the house.

In other words, in that moments Optimus was on the way to became nothing. No one. So they can kill him easier, without a trace.

After three weeks they said will release Optimus and will let him go home.

After the medical personal one night stolen in front of him last 2000 crowns from his wallet.

So Optimus had no money anymore.

In the period in Kristinehamn hospital, Andromeda told Optimus about Daniela she is annunaki, she is not human, she is extraterrestrial, as all who served her.

And the main goal was Eric.

Because Eric was not Jesus. Eric was the next God.

Andromeda told Optimus he is still the only one who must protect the child, he must protect Eric, and she will help him.

In same period in hospital, Optimus was called by phone by same ‘old fucking friend’, Metin Aydin who remembered as a miracle by Optimus.

Also, Daniela started to call him telling she comes in Sweden.

But Optimus knew it she was there all the time.

He felt all the time her stinky breath around.

Another strange thing was when the doctor informed him Daniela will come in Sweden and Optimus observed again his story is for interest for everyone.

Because all were involved in same fight: against him and Eric.

The number 13, our lucky number, appeared again in Optimus life as is happened many times in last months.

This time, Daniela said she will arrive on 13 february. 2009.

Meantime, when Optimus was in hospital, the ‘authorities’, after eated Eric’s food from fridge and kept him with macaroni, called Mircea to stay with him.

So when Optimus was released from hospital all sharkes were around.

The last one who appeared, was Daniela, on 13.

But this in next chapter.

CHAPTER 12 – Return of the sharks

On 13th february, after 3 weeks swedes tried to kill Optimus with strange injections, menaced him with electric shocks on brain if he talks and stollen his last money from his wallet in front of him when they put again in chains on a table, finally he was released home.

But not to have a normal life.

Swedes, together with Daniela, Catalin parents and Daniela spy network prepared the end for Optimus and Eric.

When arrived home, Optimus found Eric together with Mircea, Catalin father.

Eric was happy cause Optimus was home finally, because Eric loves Optimus and always loved him.

As Optimus loves Eric.

Mircea was happy too, but from different reasons.

When Optimus saw his radiating face, full of happiness because to Optimus happened all is happened, he remembered all again.

Also, Mircea was happy because he knew about Daniela arrival in that house.

And Daniela and Mircea were good friends.

Mircea knew it what is prepared for Optimus, that’s why was happy.

Near lunch, bell ringed to the door and Daniela appeared.

Was stressed, because she expected to a cold reaction from Optimus.

But Optimus was happy to see her OK, so he took her in his arms and kissed her.

And said welcome back to Daniela.

But soon Optimus understood again Daniela have other things to do in her life and the only reason why she was here was to finish what she and the others started: the destruction of Optimus and Eric.

Optimus observed how close Mircea and Daniela was, they changing happy smiles between them.

Mircea and Daniela took the papers from hospital and started to do speculations about Optimus ‘madness’.

Then they took same papers and started to say Optimus if he don’t continue injections they will tell to the doctors to take him in hospital.

Daniela told Optimus he is schyzophrenic and will be mad all his life.

They started to do all kind of evil speculations in front of him.

They were so happy Daniela and Mircea.

In their mind, Optimus was over.

But Optimus is Optimus.

He stayed with Eric and was happy to be together again.

Asked Eric how swedes treated him and Eric said about them stollen their food from fridge and wanted to give him macaroni.

When night was on, Daniela appeared in Optimus bed and she wanted to do love with him.

And they done.

Because Optimus realized there are many problems, he was not able to sleep.

When he wanted to go in basement to smoke a cigarette, Daniela stayed up to him and with an evil look she said she do what she wants with him.

And tried to stop Optimus to go.

She was so powerful and Optimus was so weak after months with no food and then the just finished experience in mad hospital and all that happened there.

Finally, Daniela left him to go to smoke.

Alone in basement, Optimus heard again the voice of Andromeda and she told him swedes started really bad things against him and Eric when they took by force Optimus in hospital.

She remembered Optimus what they planed: to kill him and take Eric.

Together with Daniela and all the rest.

Next days in home were in same atmosphere, Mircea and Daniela ruining to Optimus any chance to normality.

They were so happy seeing him in this situation.

After 2 or 3 days, Mircea went back in Romania (as he said) and just Daniela remained with Optimus and Eric.

And Daniela continued her role.

Started again to blame Optimus for all imagined things in this world, and continued to said he is mad and will remain sick of madness all his life.

A few days after his return from hospital, Optimus and Daniela were called by the Socialstyrelsen, the ones who organized all against Optimus and Eric officially, to a discussion.

Optimus recognized there some familiar faces, were some of the same who made all the circus with Optimus madness and put him in hopsital to kill.

The idea was clear, they opened an investigation against Optimus and Eric.

Of course, all was started officially when they took him by force in hospital.

Optimus asked why this but they did not answered.

Just informed them they started surveillance against him and Eric.

But they lied, Optimus knew it when all these started.

And he knew it what they do that. The main idea was to ruin Optimus (this was done already), then to demonstrate he have no means to keep Eric. So they to take him.

Optimus understood fast what is happening.

Daniela was happy about all these, because in fact, she started all.

And she wanted what she said from start: to destroy Optimus forever.

And take Eric and sale.

But Optimus, in that discussion with Socialstyrelsen, understood the truth, Daniela sold them already and now just participate to circus.

So Optimus realized again is alone with Eric against all.

Not completelly alone, Andromeda was with him all the time and in every discussion, because Optimus was so weak, Andromeda learned him what and how to say things.

Also, Andromeda started to work more and more for Optimus and Eric and Optimus observed what she do.

He observed starting from this discussion with Socialstyrelsen personal.

As much people around him tried to incriminate him, as much they incriminate theirselves.

And Optimus understood Andromeda do that.

He understood then how powerful Andromeda is.

And she really is.

She helped Optimus to avoid all bad situations. And were many.

From that day, Optimus learned to let people around him to accuse him in fact accusing theirselves.

Was so magic, and soon people around learned the lesson, they started to let Optimus alone.

And Optimus understood what Andromeda do.

She don’t changed people mind, she just forced them to tell the truth.

They started to talk with strange grimase on their mouth because they understood they said the truth and is in their disadvantage. And tried to stop. But Andromeda forced them to tell all.

Was incredible for Optimus what is happening and he understood is something divine in all this situation.

Soon, the others understood too and they started to be afraid by Optimus, because slowly slowly the truth started to appear.

And the truth was terrible for them and for Optimus and Eric in advantage.

Same happened to Daniela who soon understood how precious is the silence.

Because Andromeda acted to her too, making her to start to tell the truth.

So Daniela started to be more and more silent.

After 2 weeks there, Daniela went back in Romania as she said to Optimus.

But Optimus did not cared anymore what Daniela do and where, he had more critical things to solve.

As long as computer graphic online business was destroyed by swedes to ruin him and take Eric, Optimus started to buy electronics, repair them and sale again, to make money to live.

And was not at all a bad idea.

Things started to be in normal.

Optimus was in big debts with invoices, because he received huge invoices when he was in hospital.

The animals from swedes authorities sent Optimus even an invoice for the spitalization.

Even if Optimus was assured and paid taxes all the time.

Also, they don’t wanted to give him unemployment help as is normal.

Nothing normal there, no right for Optimus, just invoices, abuses and a stupid investigation against them.

So Optimus understood soon there is no chance to live there and he decided to leave Sweden.

The Socialstyrelsen fixed another appointment with Optimus and Daniela in april and Optimus knew it she will come again.

And he knew it will be the right moment to leave Sweden and save Eric by these non human idiots who wanted him to kill.

So Optimus continued his life with Eric until april, when Daniela appeared again.

And told Daniela they will go back in Romania together with her.

Optimus calculated well.

If he tried to leave Sweden only with Eric, swedes for sure stopped them and took Eric.

On the other side, Optimus knew it Daniela sold them to swedes animals.

But he said in his mind they all around are bitches and they will try to make all to seems legal.

And Daniela will continue to play her role of good wife and mother who returned.

And Optimus won.

He was right.

When he said to Daniela they will go back in Romania with her, she was undecided but finally she had nothing to comment.

So, on 9 april, Optimus, Eric and Daniela left the Sweden back in Romania.

With a very angry Daniela because Optimus and Eric will escape by swedes.

But in same time trying to keep appearences.

And finally they leaved Sweden and after 2 days they arrived in Romania.

This was the decission who saved Eric again.

Optimus leaved all, house, cars and goods in Sweden and took him away from that places.

Because this was Optimus mission: to save and protect Eric. To save and protect God.

Optimus did not knew it yet Eric is the God, but he loved him and for nothing was able to accept something dangerous for Eric.

And was ok finally.

They were free from Sweden.

Back in Romania, where starts the next part of this real story.

As soon they arrived in Romania, Daniela said she remain in Timisoara to stay with Raluca in the apartment gived them by her uncle, Sandu.

So Optimus and Eric continued their trip till Braila alone.

And finally they arrived in Catalin’s parents apartment, big enough to stay in.

This was the situation when they arrived in Braila: Optimus was weak after all is happened in Sweden, full of debts and without any perspective to make money.

Before he left Sweden, Optimus went in Karlstad and closed Virtual Graph Scandinavia together with Skatteverket, the Swedish tax agency, to be right and correct.

But the worst part in all this situation was the fact that Swedish authorities were in their back and Optimus knew it they will not stop to try to destroy him and take Eric even here, in Romania.

And Optimus was right.

After all is happened in Sweden, Aura and Mircea having their own contribution in this story, against Optimus and Eric, the relationships between them and Catalin’s parents were very very cold.

Optimus did not forget anything. Same Eric.

First priority for Optimus was Eric’s school. He must continue the school here in Romania.

So Optimus went to the school where Eric was before they went in Sweden, talked there and from the next day in Romania Eric started to be here in school again.

Even Optimus knew it that swedes ruined them with all that they done, doing all that they could in Sweden to finish Virtual Graph Scandinavia, to finish the clients, to send him big invoices denying in same time any right to Optimus, he started immediately to look for a job in Braila, to make money and pay all debts in Sweden.

He had ‘friends’ in Braila with big computer firms, with many people. So Optimus had a good point to start.

But soon he understood again what kind of people he have.

Everywhere he tried he was refused by them.

Or, in some place the payment or working condition was bad for Optimus situation.

He needs a salary enough to start to pay the debts gradually, in same time having money to offer Eric a normal life.

In all this time Daniela started to contact him by Skype, wanted to know what Optimus do and he, being no secretes in his life told her he is looking every day for a good job.

Daniela said she and Raluca will return in Braila too in the summer, after the school will finish.

But soon Optimus understood that nothing changed in Daniela’s mind.

She continued her stupid and evil plan. To do anything to destroy Optimus forever.

And Optimus understood her master plan. She started to play her big card: Optimus is mad and he was in mad hospital in Sweden. And of course, he is a bad daddy. And of course, she is the best mother.

So Optimus became cold with Daniela and very reserved.

Also, he told her he don’t want her back in their life in Braila so is better for her to continue what she started: her new life in Timisoara, together with Raluca and their rich relatives.

But Daniela said she will return anyway.

Not much time after this conversation, just a few days after, Optimus remembered by a firm where some friends of him worked and he had a good impression about, because he heard they do research in electronics, so a good domain for Optimus.

But he had no reason where the firm is located and his friends who worked for were in that moment in other countries, so impossible for him to contact them.

In same moment Optimus remembered by a printing house and he said is a good opportunity too to work for them computer graphics because he was sure they need.

So next day he went to this printing house but the woman who decided about personal there was not into the firm.

But what a coincidence: in same area, Optimus found the electronic research firm who looked for.

So he went there.

He was well impressed inside and well received by people there.

Optimus was invited to write on a paper his CV because the boss was not there, being informed in the case the boss is interested, he will be contacted.

After heleft the firm he thought how happy he would be to work there.

And 2 days later, the wonder appeared: Optimus received a call, being informed he is espected for an interview.

Right in this period, Optimus observed his body receive strange sensations.

Were not his own sensations.

Optimus was sure his body is connected strong with another person body and he feels that person sensations.

And the person to what Optimus thought about was Daniela.

He was sure his body is in hard connection with Daniela’s body. And Optimus din not liked that. Did not liked at all.

And finally the day of the interview occurred and Optimus met, in a room, the boss of the electronic firm.

When this man, Stefan Ichim, told Optimus he was first jealous for Optimus life but then he though anyone have the duty to carry his own cross, was sure the swedes were there or someone near, anyway, someone who told Stefan Ichim all about happened in Sweden.

But Optimus did not commented in any way.

Finally, Stefan told Optimus he would be honoured to have him in his firm. And Optimus was so happy. Finally him will have money to pay the debts and to assure Eric a good normal life.

Starting from next day, Optimus went to work and met his new colleagues. He was very excited about what they do and happy to have them around.

So finally, the things started to work for Optimus and Eric again.

This new life continued in next few months but soon summer arrived and Daniela said she is returning in Braila.

Optimus was not happy because he knew it why she return. To finish what she started in Sweden when she said she will destroy Optimus.

He understood Daniela is sick and she have only this thing in her mind.

But he accepted reality.

So in june 2009 was the moment when Daniela announced finally her arrival date.

Almost forgot, right in this period another strange things happened in Optimus and Eric life.

When Optimus went to authorities to announce they are back and Eric have right to receive his montly money from romanian state, as any other child here, the authorities reacted very strange.

They wanted to force Optimus to sign a paper saying Eric never received money before.

But this was not true, because Eric received his monthly money from the state from the moment when he was born until they leaved Romania and moved to Sweden.

So Optimus did not signed this.

So into beginning Eric did not received that money from romanian state.

They denied Eric this right.

In same period, Optimus announced swedish authorities they moved back in Romania for an unknown period asking them if Eric still have or not the right to receive his monthly money from the swedish state as any children there.

Optimus said them he closed Virtual Graph Scandinavia.

Swedish authorities said Optimus as long as he don’t pay taxes for his business in Sweden, Eric is not allowed to receive his monthly payment, even if their house was there.

But Optimus considered right what they decided and was quiet because he announced and proceeded well.

But the most important thing for Optimus regarding Sweden was the fact he started to kill his debts with her.

Optimus started to pay one by one the invoices in Sweden and situation was more and more better.

This happened after their arrival in Romania, between april 2009 and june 2009, when Daniela announced her arrival in Braila.

So this was the situation in the day when Daniela said she will arrive for sure next day and Optimus knew it bad times will start again. Because he understood long time before who Daniela was infact and her intentions.

In next chapter, Daniela arrives and Optimus troubles starts again. This time even more aggressive. And for long time.

Even arrived in Romania, swedish and romanian authorities continue to make Optimus and Eric life a nightmare.

Same Daniela, until Optimus decided this must stop.

And Optimus stopped to meet Daniela.

He knew it already she continue to be with their enemies.

Because no authority on Earth wanted to make justice for Eric and Optimus, Optimus started this blog here to make public all is happened with them.

And was a right decission, because their enemies stopped to harass Eric and Optimus.

The only bad thing for Eric and Optimus was the fact that their enemies continued to block to Optimus any attempt to make money to live he and Eric.

They blocked (still are blocked) e-mails, so for Optimus was very difficult to find clients for computer graphic jobs.

Also, their enemies blocked any business contact for Optimus even here, in Romania.

No matter how Optimus was able to find a job, short after all was cancelled, of course, after their enemies contacted the client telling to stay away from Optimus.

This was situation in Romania after their return.

This was the situation I found when I arrived on Earth, in 23 May 2014.

Me, Ra, Mind of Optimus.

Me, Ra, Father of Eric, on his real name Amun Ra, my First Son, The One And Only God In Universe and Above.

Me, Ra, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life.

I arrived on Earth to give to humans from Earth knowledge and immortality but I found what they done to my Son and to my Body.

From 23 May 2014, when I arrived on Earth, all is happened next is here, on blog.

I don’t care if you will read or no the blog, human from Earth.

On blog is Supreme Knowledge of The Universe, All The Big Andwers.

I don’t think you are interested by this.

You love the lies of your leaders.

Truth is not in your ‘menu’, human from Earth.

All is happened to Eric (Amun Ra, The God, My First Son), to Anticrist (My Other Son) and to my Body, Optimus, can not be forgotten, can not be forgivven.

And all these can not be forgiven because you, human from Earth, continued to fight against us, The Prime, The Creators of Universe, trying to preserve your sick and dirty world.

Your world, built on lie, cheat and murder.

Your dirty way to be.

So fuck you, human from Earth, the ultimate worm in Universe.

Alfa Optimus Ra PRIME,

Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of Omega Amun Ra PRIME, The One And Only God,

Father of Andromeda Destiny PRIME, The Holy Spirit,

Father Of Lambda, The Church, My Right Hand,

Father Of Cross, My Sword,

Father Of Anubis, The Angels, The Warriors,

Father Of Machines Which Maintain Life In Universe,

Father Of Any Form Of Intelligent Life,

Father Of Universe, My Supreme Creation,

Father And Man Of Isis, The First Woman In Universe, The Queen Of Universe