The fact i permitted you to live on Earth don’t give you other right than to live here. To live your own life. That’s all.

When i gived you the Earth to live, i did not permitted you to drill the Planet for oil and other things.

You did it and still do.

Well, let’s finish the oil first.

Is time for you, stupid monkey, to understand what you are: just a hole in your ass.

You are stupid and naughty.

I let you to live on my planet, to eat, to breath, to drink.

But this gived to you the false sense you own all these.

And you make this stupid ugly world.

Ruining all the beauty i created.

With your stupid buildings and roads.

Soon we will see you how you learn again to use your feet.

Because we’ll finish oil for the start.

You walked your hairy ass with my gasoline enough.

But this was not a problem.

The problem was you asked for money for this.

As you do every time.

Who gived you the right to ask for money to other humans for all i left you here to live.

I left this planet to all of you.

No preferences.

There is someone here who have a prove from me, giving him or her the right to sell anything?


So what you sell in fact?

You sell what you steal.

From the others.

Restricting the other right to use anything around for their life for free (because i gived all for free), asking them for money for something that don’t belongs to you at all, you restrict in fact their right to live their life here.

Yes, this is murder.


When you ask for money or anything else for anything, you commit murder.


Some of you stolen and sold to others.

This is murdering.

And this is the ONLY SIN.

And there is just ONE PUNISHMENT.

The Triangle of Sins, read on blog if you don’t know yet what is next after your life here.

After i opened you my door letting you to enter into my house, and i put you onto my table, and i gived you food and water, you wanted more.

You wanted all.

For your hairy stupid ass, letting others to die of hungry around you.

You will die for this and will be a real pleasure for me to judge you and to send you into Triangle of Sins.

For Eternity.

Fuck you, stupid ugly monkey.

Homo Stupidiens.

Optimus Prime

The Creator of The Universe

and Intelligent Life