Human, you will have the ‘right’ to make rules and laws when you will create your own world. This world was not created by you so the only right …

As long as this World was not created by you, as long as even you was created by me, you did not created yourself, who gived you the privilege to make rules and laws for others?


I don’t remember and i never forget something.

I gived you from start just one rule. And remained this one. The only one. Is in all Universe: to NOT KILL ANOTHER HUMAN.

And Humans are all around in this Universe, with varied forms and levels of evolution.

Who gived here to some stupid animals the right to establish for other, the normal people, rules and laws?


They done that just to be sure they can stole theirselves in ‘peace’ when they put normal people in prisons.

This is why they done so many laws, just to make life here an impossible life.

And to have ‘the right’ every moment to send innocent people in prisons when they stays out and continue to sell what i gived to all of you for free since the beginning.

The ones who gave rules and laws here are criminals. Are murderers. Because they denied to others their primary and only right: to live their lives as they wants. In freedom in another words.

We never found in all Universe another species so stupid as human on Earth is.

For so many years (300 million years) you lived in darkness, kept so by other members of your species who proclamed theirselves leaders.

Kings, queens, then presidents.

Even the last entreprenor who have some employee is a little god here.

Are you stupid?

Yes, you are.

You are the easiest to be dominate species we ever found in all the Universe.

The church told you all the time you are all equal in front of Death.

And you observed this yourself.

You are equal all the time.

Even in this life here.

When i send you here, giving you the right to live a life here, i don’t send some of you marked in special ways.

I send you all equals here.

No one is special.

All of you are the same.

Is so difficult to observe that?

Seems to be.

You are really stupid, Human on Earth.

Don’t worry, no other ALIEN species wants to dominate you.

Just your sick members wants to dominate the n0rmal wants.

Your sick members who wants to rules other lifes here.

They have not this right.

I did not gived to them.

As i said, is just one Crime in Universe: to not let other Humans to live their lifes.

To kill them.

To kill then by violence, to kill them by taxes, to kill them by rules, to kill them keeping in prisons, you are expert here in killing other.

Other humans like you.

A species of murderers.

This is happening when you accept to be ruled by murderers.

Your history, your present confirm that in every second.

Your own called leaders are the dirtiest exponents of your species.

And is normal to be.

A normal human don’t want to rule.

A normal human knows all humans are equal and they have all same right here: to live their own lifes.

The sick ones can not accept this.

And wants to dominate.

To rule.

To fuck others lifes.

You call these specimens leaders.

You can see them every day, everywhere.

Are the ones who make your life here impossible.

Are the ones who sell to you your right to live here.

Live here is for free.

All here is for free.

Because was so from the start, when i created this world and i created you to live here.

If you are so stupid to believe others have the right to sell everything to you, to sell to you your right to live here, you are really idiot.

The most idiot species we ever found.

A species of ass lickers.

In 300 million years since our last meet you transformed yourself from the beautiful thing i created in a stupid scared sick animal.

This was your ‘evolution’.

From perfect to what you are now.


Just a number, a tax payes and every 4 years an ass licker.

This is what you are.

A little scared creature who fucked own happiness recognizing other extra rights.

The right to fuck your life.

Of all of you.

There are still many normal people here and this is the reason why i did not killed your species.

As i said, we are here for them.

To give them back their lifes.

Their freedom.

To kill the monkeys who ruled this world and make this world a scary tale.

Optimus Prime

The Creator of The Univers

and Intelligent Life