For Andromeda: Human Species on Earth have no chance for a normal evolution. Old generations transmit to new ones all is bad here. Optimus

The only way found by human species on Earth to evolve was from start and still is, the transfer of information and experience from old generations to new ones.

This is happening in many many ways here and the result is the society who lives here full of crimes and bad things.

Children learn their history in schools and their history is an infinite chain of wars, bloody episodes, national feelings who generated wars and tensions and murders.

In media, everywhere is adverted all is bad, crimes, murder, theft, money, incest, rape and here is an infinite list of bad things learned by new generations from media from old generations.

On TV and cinema the accent is for action and for this specie action means crime, murdering, guns, rape and all is bad.

Their heroes usually kill from the beginning to the end of the movie.

Even in cartoons for small children the violence is everywhere.

Religion, who is compulsory in many schools divide new generations more and more, making them to be slaves to stupid human examples of so called semi gods who pretended to be what they never was in fact: sons of God or people who meet God.

I never meet none of them and i did not gived to any of them extra powers. Never. Humans here call them prop[hets and all these broke the true believe of people in Creator in hundred currents called religions who makes people to hate each other.

Science is not imperfect, is not present at all and this caused their primitive way of life. Also, science created artificial senses of more than one single race here on Earth, fact who contributed again to tensions and fights.

In these conditions, with all this informational flux of bad things, the chances for new generations to evolve in sense of freedom and equality, both main fundaments for a real species who knows her own members value, is impossible.

And all this is happening simply because old generations transmit to new ones all is bad. As they received too from previous generations. This is evolution of human species on Earth and this is why they will never be able to evolve normally.

Because all around here teach young generations about all is evil.

All the internet is full of advertising on how to make money, their one and only hobby here.

In conclusion, all the sickness here is created voluntary by old generations to the new ones, to be sure they prepare new generations of people ready to accept anything for some money: SLAVES.

The Human Species on EARTH is a species of SLAVES.

All of them are slaves.

Slaves of MONEY, the real and single leader who rule their world here.

Optimus Prime

The Creator of The Universe

and Intelligent Life