The Sign of Lion. The Sign of Prime. My Sign. The Sign of Creator. On my right forehand and in your history. Optimus

In your history your ancestors assimilated the Sign of Lion to me, The Creator, many times.

Even today still some evidences exists.

And yes, the first assimilation of Lion to me is the Sphynx.

As i said, the Sphynx is not my creation, is me. Is how humans saw me in the moment when i appeared to them then.

They respresented me with my real head, but with a body of a Lion.

The region you call today Egypt was the one where i created LIFE on Earth for the first time.

Yes, was in Africa, as even your scientists deducted well this time.

But not in the South of Middle of Africa.

In North Africa i created for the first time Life on Earth and today you call that region Egypt.

I have very strong feelings for this region on Earth because there i started everything and what you can see around today is possible to be simply because i created there and then LIFE on Earth.

The Life in Egypt was a paradise, all humans were equal and they had as Gods, as real and only Gods, my 2 Sons, Amun Ra and Tutmes.

As i said, all is finished 300 million years ago when some of them wanted a priest as god (a pharaoh) and wanted to kill my Sons and my wife, your Mother, Isis.

So the ‘egyptians’ assimiled for the first time the sign of Lion to me, maybe because they consider the Lion the King of All, maybe because they consider Lion to be strong, maybe maybe maybe. They know why.

Another big moment in Earth evolution which i loved was when i created Scandinavia.

If you look at Scandinavia, it looks like a Lion.

I loved much Scandinavia.

And Scandinavia was the second who assimilated to me the Sign of Lion.

Sweden was Scandinavia.

Sweden was me.

Even today Sweden is ‘ruled’ by The Lion, which is me.

In reality, Sweden treated me bad and wanted to kill me when i arrived there, so just my symbol, The Lion, remained there.

In fact, today, Scandinavia is just a bad place where bad things are happening, even if i gived them all (again) from start.

Another Sign of Me, Sign of Lion in Scandinavia are the 3 Crowns.

Is me with my 2 Sons.

3 Crowns.

3 Stars.

Scandinavia had no excuse for what done to me in Sweden, when they enetered into my house and scaried my Son taking me to kill me in psichiatric private clinic, they knew it what they do.

They saw the sign of Crown on my right forehand, so they knew it i am The Creator.

And wanted to kill me.

The Sign of Creator i have on my Right Forehand: Is a Crown made from Stars.

Is this:


Egypt and Scandinavia are just two examples in your culture here which assimilated to my name and my face the Sign of Lion.

I don’t know in detail your culture here after we left Earth 300 million years ago, maybe other cultures assimilated to me, The Creator of The Universe, the Sign of Lion too.

Anyway, the Crown is My Sign and is on my Right Forehand.

We have many other Signs.

Another one very important sign of Us, Sign of Primes, Sign of Creators, is THE CROSS.

And i gived this Sign to my Right Hand here, THE CHURCH.

THE CHURCH, NOT RELIGION, please be aware, is completelly different.

THE CHURCH is me, THE CHURCH is Faith in Creator, The Church is my Right Hand.

The religions don’t reffer to me but to ordinary humans which pretended they were in a special relationships with me.

I have no special relationships with certain humans here, all are equal for me, so your prophets just lied you for beneffits.

In fact, i never meet them.

Optimus Prime

The Creator of The Universe

and Intelligent Life