Why you still afraid by Death? I explained what life here is. I explained what Death here is. Religions make you coward. Why you wanna live forever …

I explained you in many articles on blog here how the Universe was Created by me with my mind.

I explained you here how you were born, as Stars in Universe, from the LOVE between me, Ra (i like more Optimus) and your Mother, Isis.

I explained the origins of Earth, i told you how i created this planet as playground for my Sons, Amun Ra and Tutmes and how many of you wanted and still wants to play this game here, named Life on Earth.

I explained also, this game, Life on Earth is just a game when all of you are characters.

And this game is hosted by Andromeda, which is a very very big ‘computer’. More or less, anyway, she makes this game, Life on Earth to be possible here.

Then i told you your real life is as Stars in Universe, i told you about our House, the place where all of you were born as Star, The House of Prime, The House of Me, The Creator, Andromeda.

Also, i told you this body here, the flesh and blood one is not your real body, is just your body in this game, on Earth.

Your real body is energy, all of you are Stars and you are all immortals.

In these circumstances i don’t understand why you still have affraid by Death.

Yes, the Death is Me, The Creator.

Your Death here, in this world, in this game, is just virtual as all this game is.

I explained when you die here your flesh in blood body dies in fact, is just a robot used by your real identity to play this game, Life on Earth.

When you die here, you are judged for what you done here.

You judge you yourself for all you done here.

Then i decide what will be next for you.

If you played here right, respecting my ONLY RULE HERE: DON’T KILL HUMANS, you are accepted back in My House, Andromeda, then you decide if you wants to play again this game, Life on Earth in another flesh and blood body or not.

Or you can play another games, in another planets in ALL UNIVERSE.

Just when you kill we have a problem and the punishment is The Triangle of Sins.

As long as i explained all these to you at your level of understanding, i don’t understand you why you want so much to live as long as possible here.

You want immortality for this flesh and blood body here.

This is not allowed, here is just a game, and you have here infinite lifes, NO INFINITE LIFE.

So you can play again and again and again this stupid game here called Life on Earth, but every time with another character, with another flesh and blood body.

But the real one, YOU, will be all the time the same, because as i just said again, your real body, your energetic body, you, The Star, are immortal as all we are.

Consider the flesh and blood body you have here what is in fact.

Just a character, just a robot used by you to explore this world here.

This is what you call to live here.

When i created you, when i created this game for you, you understood the reality.

But religions here transformed this shit (the flesh and blood body) in something you consider important.

Well, is not.

Is just a thing which starts to die since is born.

After is born here, your flesh and blood body here starts and do what was programmed: to die.

Slowly slowly.

Accept this and you will think right again.

Believing in your real life as Star, in your immortality, will make you play this stupid game here better, fair, because for this i created this game here: to make you happy.

Are you?

Do you like how you transformed this game?

And for what?

Because you are stupid enough to believe your only life is the one you live here.

Just try to think about what i told you and try to accept all this and not only here is just a game.

This is reality.

Treat this life as a game, there is no reason to be evil with others, just play the game.

Just play fair.

Believe me, after death here, your Eternity in Triangle of Sins is a real nightmare.

And is forever.

Do you really think 100 years maximum for you, in this life, is a good reward to accept your Eternity caged in Triangle of Sins?

Be serious.

100 years here is nothing for you.

Simply because i created you immortal.

I created you forever.

Accept that.

Optimus Prime

The Creator of The Universe

and Intelligent Life