Just a curiosity: your satelittes… :)

If you filled already the orbit of Earth with your garbages (you call them satelittes), why you did not used them for communications and you preferred to fill the ground and the air with wires and terrestrial transimitters?

It looks so dirty your world, you need to be ‘wired’ all the time.

Next stage in your evolution we think was to put some wires directly in your ass (the most intelligent part of you).

But you put already wires on dicks and pussies for better orgasms.

Your ‘internet’ is full of your ‘inventions’.

Ah, forgot, in Sweden you wanted to electrify my brain too, sith ‘shocks’.

If i don’t keep my mouth, after you entered in my house and took me to kill into the night.

You love so much electricity.

You have even electric chair who make ‘justice’ in your dirty world.

We’ll play with you with electricity if you love so much.

We want you happy :)

And by the way, instead of using your stupid satellites to spy people, you batter used to give them informations and help them communicate better as any evolved species do.

But as usual, for you was more impostant to look through the door hole how your neighbor make love with his wife.

This is you.

A ‘voyeur’ ? :)

Sick species you are, Human on Earth.

Optimus Prime

The Creator of The Universe

and Intelligent Life