The Universe is a ‘replica’ of my brain linked with my mind.

I created the Universe as my brain when i felt my brain will die.

So the Universe is my ‘artificial’ brain.

Is the Supreme Machine I Created, as i told you, I Created Me.

I think is no more else to be said, what else could be?

Just one more thing: i have no mercy for ‘anomalies’ into my brain.

I want to keep my brain in good shape and this is what i do all the time.

This is why i have missions: to kill diseases into my brain, into the Universe.

This is why i am here, on Earth, in last mission: because you, human on Earth, are the ultimate evil.

The ultimate sickness.


Not accepted.

You will restore your health as species.

Or you will dissapear.

Only you can choose.

With your mind, where your soul is located.

Not in brain is your mind, your mind is in your heart.

There i put your mind when i created you.

This is why i can now communicate so well with your heart, with your soul, with your mind.

Your problems here are not in your soul.

Your problems here are into your brain.

This system, your brain, was designed by me not to rule your existence.

Your brain was designed for 2 functions:

– to keep your flesh and blood body in well function

– to communicate with Andromeda and to tell her all you discover here. Good or Bad.

So your brain don’t think.

Your heart make decissions.

Because you overestimated your brain, this started to influence in bad your decission and to make you do things over your heart.

Over your conscience, over your mind, over your soul.

Your brain, a very simple automate designed just to maintain functions in your body and for transmission to Andromeda, took control over you.

Over your heart (this you are, not your brain), over your soul, over you.

Because your brain is an automate, when he took control over you, you transformed in automate too.

In this moment you are not human anymore.

In this moment you are just a simple stupid automate which ‘fight’ with own species to maintain own life.

This is what you are.

This is your sickness here.

If we can not together solve this problem, you must die.

The Universe must remain normal.

You are not anymore.