All Cosmic Events, All Together, Killed Less People as your WW2 Killed. And in Cosmic Events are Included Earth Punishments and Warning to You Too. Alfa

Do you really want to talk about this subject again?

I finished your Judgement.

Why you insist to tell you again you are a race of murderers?

You like what you are?

You are proud by you?

You have no shame anymore?

You are completelly sick, Humanity?

Should i tell you how many innocents were to die in WW3 you wanted to start in 2014? 2000 for real.

What do you want from me?


Mercy is sometimes obtained when you said ‘Please Forgive Us, Father. We’ll not do bad things anymore.’.

Did you said this to me?

Just one of you, did asked for mercy from me?


So if you are proud by what you are and what you done, stay proud till the end.

Do you really think i will continue to put Earth in danger for you?

Who do you think you are, Humanity?

You are what you done, what you think.

What you said when continue to send me by telepaty your thoughts and your asks to me.

Should i name your way to be stupidity?

I would be happy.

But stupid is stupid.

You are not.

Stupid is not a crime, can be solved, can be fixed.

But your naughty way to be is something different.

Your impossibility to accept how small and dirty inside (and outside, you use perfumes to not stink), is another thing.

Is just another side of your philosophy: You believe you are so important.

You are wrong.

Should i show you recordings about how you are when you die?

How you cry when you arrive to Judgement?

How you scream for mercy in front of Me, The Creator, when i send you forever in Triangle of Sins for what you done on Earth?

Why you cry then, after you done bad things here?

What you expect for me?

Mercy for crime?


Alfa Optimus Ra Prime

The Creator of The Universe

and Intelligent Life,

Father of God,

Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa