THE MATRIX – Is the INTERFACE between ANY Intelligent Being and The Universe. The Matrix Let’s You Feel Everything. Under speciffic parameters. Alfa

The MATRIX makes you feel The Universe.

All your senses are unuseful without The Matrix, she is the ONE who have all parameters for all you feel.

The Matrix is 1 to 1 connected to The Universe so The Matrix can ‘feel’ everything in Universe.

But you don’t.

Because all the parameters for your senses are defined into The Matrix.

How this works?


Imagine The Matrix as a variable lens.

As a variable lens, The Matrix can make you see the Universe smaller or bigger or not to see parts of The Universe at all.

But The Matrix don’t regulate just what you can see as a lens can do.

The Matrix is the interface between ALL YOUR SENSES and The Universe.

Without The Matrix, you can feel nothing.

You are disconnected from Reality.

And as you understood, the Reality you can see, smell, feel and hear is well programmed in Matrix.

She is the interface between You and All Around.

She control your perceptions and keep all working.

Of course, The Matrix can make you feel more or less than other people around.

If The Matrix let’s you feel more than people around, then you are special.

You can see things other can’t, you can feel things other can’t, you can hear things other can’t, you will have extra perceptions for this world.

If The Matrix keeps your feeling in what this world consider normal or average, then you will be an average human.

If The Matrix let’s you feel less than normal is considered here, the people around you will consider you are idiot.

So this is what the Matrix do.

In other Words, no matter how much you want and try to feel more and more The Universe, The Matrix is the one who establish this level of perception for you.

And of course, you can’t pass over The Matrix.

Simply because she is the Interface between You and The Universe around.

Controlling The Matrix, We, Prime, The Creators of The Universe, can control the way you can see the Reality as is easy to be understood.

Now i am sure you understand what is The Matrix, why is necessary and her effect on You: she makes you feel the Reality around at a very precise level.

Any Intelligent Species have own average level of perception established by programming in The Matrix, so some species can feel more other less from this Universe.

Your instruments are interfaces between you and The Matrix.

Once again, the lens example.

The lens distort the reality and are placed between You and The Matrix which is placed between you and environment of The Universe.

I am sorry but this article will be impossible to be understood by all human here.

But i am sure and happy because for sure many of you will understand what i wrote here and you, the one who understand will understand for sure the let’s say ‘predestination’ for senses controlled by Matrix.

This predestination for your senses is not created to make you stupid, just is well programmed to make you feel the Universe in a way confortable for you.

Small dissfunctions in Matrix will make you gonna be crazy.

The Truth is not easy to be accepted most of time.

And big discunctions in Matrix will make you die, because your senses are not ready for some kind of perception.

But most of all, your Mind is not and Will Never Be Ready for some kind of perceptions about The Universe.

For example you are just binary code in This Machine I Created, The Universe.

You Humans are still alive and OK simply because you think i am crazy when i say you don’t exists in fact and you are just virtual code in this virtual world.

If you were able to understand what you are, i am sure your happiness were just history.

In other words, your limited level to perceive the reality helped you to survive and to be happy.

Love is happiness indeed.

But Knowledge is Everything so is happiness too. With a condition: to be intelligent enough to understand the reality.

By fortune for you, you have no necessary level to understand the reality and you live happy having in mind you are special.

As a proverb said here: ‘The Stupid Ones Will Be The Happiest Ones’.

I am not telling you this to offend you.

Just i am trying to make you understand you can see just a tiny part from reality because you still consider you the supreme Creation.

My Supreme Creation are not You.

The Universe Is.

Alfa Optimus Ra Prime,

The Creator of The Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of God, Father of Holly Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa