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Another Letter To A Murderer: Sweden – One of The Ones Who Done Best To Kill Me and My Son. Sweden, The Animal, Who Still Dare To Ask Money from Me, After Almost Killed Me. Alfa

Today i received two letters here, in Romania, where we live now.

One from Skatteverket, The Swedish Tax Authority and second from Kronofoged who take money by force from people.

Both letters with same subject: after Sweden ruined my life starting from july 2008 and almost killed me and my son, same Sweden have the nerve to ask me for money.

All the story about what is happened to us in Sweden is here on blog.

And below is my answer i sent today to these animals who fucked our lifes:


I received today here, in Romania, where i live, 2 papers: one from Skatteverket and second from Kronofogden with same subject: you wants money from me.
As i told you last year to both of you, both institutions, you will never see a penny from me anymore.
Why this?
In short, simply because after 5th july 2008 after my ex wife said she goes in Romania to see her parents but in fact she started my and my son destruction together with Swedish Authorities and S.R.I. (romanian intelligence).
You, together with my ex wife and romanian intelligence done these:
 – ruined my business hacking my commercial and personal e-mail messages making me to lose all my clients.
 – lied on me about actions of my ex wife and her identity, telling me she is spy, in Stockholm
 – lied on me about your actions againts me and my son
 – tried to acuse me for all the sick mind of my ex wife imagined
 – took me by force from my house in Sweden and put me in private psichiatry clinic in Karlstad when you tried to kill me by night after you recognized she is spy
 – put me in psichiatric clinic in Kristinehamn for 3 weeks menacing me you will put electric shocks on my brains if i tell to the world what is happened
 – tried together with Social to take my son
 – stolen our food from fridge when you put me in psichiatry and scared my son. And feeded him with macaroni as long you keep me in psichiatry by force
 – stolen my last 2000 kr from my wallet in Kristinehamn psichiatry telling me is because i looked on TV in hospital
 – kept me fixed on table in psichiatry to pee on me
 – make injections to kill me both in Karlstad then in Kristinehamn
 – started together with Social an action against me and my son when you put me in psichiatry.
And you continued your actions against us even after we moved in Romania, when was sure there is no chance for us to be let to live in Sweden.
You forced us to leave our house and all i earned in decades in Sweden and move away.
You wants more reasons why you will never see a penny from me?
Anytime, the Swedish part of our life is full of your attempts to murder us and humiliations.
And of cours, your best efforts to ruin us any mean to live, denying any right.
You, Skatteverket, recognized what was done against us and since when and i had a good relation with you until i asked the name of the one who ordered our massacre in Sweden and you stopped to answer to me.
I understand my ex was spy and Sweden is a dictature full of spies implied in international acts, but anyway, an answer from you about the names of our killers was good.
When you stopped to communicate with me Skatteverket, i told you i will never pay anything to Sweden, the country which humiliated me and my son and tried to kill us both.
Together with the bitch i kept in my arms for 12 years and her colleagues, spies in Romanian Intelligent Service, as your police said when all this circus begun.
And you, Kronofogden, i told you too you will never see a penny from me, after i asked you last year to recover my debts from 2 of my clients and you asked me money instead of helping me.
Of course, you still have my house there and Filipstad Kommun which fucked our life do what wanted to do all the time and keep by force that house from me apparently legal.
This is why they still send to me fake invoices about water and garbage even the house is disconnected from these services.
I tried at the and of last year the last attempt to clarify the financial situation in Sweden selling the house simply because no one wants to go back and live in that country.
But of course, Filipstad Kommun and Swedish Authorities blocked the sale.
You want that house for nothing.
After you wanted our lifes, now you want all remained from my work for decades: that house in Sweden and what is still there.
So what you expected for?
Why takes so long to show you again your ugly greedy face, Sweden?
You wants to make your actions to look legal?
No chance.
Tenths of million people now know what is happened to us in Sweden.
All around the world.
So, no problem.
Continue your stupid circus.
But you will never see a coin from me again.
I informed about what you done here Human Rights, European Court of Justice and President of EU.
Play this game alone, Sweden.
I have no time for you.
I wish you die.