And Sweden, Catalin Tudoras NEVER Lived In Sweden. He Was Killed By You, Romania and USA in Slovakia in 2006. I Lived in Sweden, Alfa Optimus Ra Prime, Catalin Father. Alfa

Sweden, show this photo to my neighbours in Filipstad and ask them which one is Me.

They will recognize me easily, i am in the right side, not the one from left side.

Catalin Tudoras, my son, is the one from left.

I used his name in Sweden because i looked for his murderers and as long he was murdered in Slovakia in 2006 in his road to Sweden, was clear you, Sweden had a role in his murder.

And yes, you killed Catalin Tudoras, my Son, together with Romania and United States.

Hired by Vatican.

This is why starting from july 2008 you tried to kill me too, Catalin Father, to close this story.

The house i own in Filipstad, i bought, Alfa Optimus Ra Prime, but i used my son name, Catalin Tudoras for the reason i said above.

So stop sending me papers for Catalin Tudoras.

He is dead from June 2006.

Killed by you, Sweden, by Romania and United States.

My name is Alfa Optimus Ra Prime and i was born in another part of Universe.

With no mother with no father.

Here is the photo of me and my son, Catalin Tudoras to finish the confusion.

Yes, the one in right is the one you tried to kill in that night in private psichiatric clinic in Karlstad.

After you slashed my head on rocks in my house yard.

After you told me my ex wife she is spy.

Then put me in Kristinehamn psichiatry and menaced me every day you will fry my brain with electric shocks if i said the truth to people.

Yes, this i am, the one from the right side in this photo.

The one you wanted so much to kill.

To kill me and My Son, Eric.

Fuck you.

Don’t bother me anymore.

I have nothing good for you Sweden.

I hate by nature murderers, criminals and liers, your domains by excellence.

Alfa Optimus Ra Prime

The Creator of The Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of God, Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa.

The Photo:


And This is The Sign of Crown on my Right Forehand, The Sign for what you wanted to kill me. This is how you knew it i am who i am: