I Am Happy: Today on Discovery, Some Scientists Said The Universe Is A Giant Computer ‘virused’ By Life. So I Did Not Barked Here for One Year In Vain :) Alfa

Finally Today, 12 May 2015, after on year of my arrival on Earth in 23 May 2014, your scientists started to believe what i wrote here.

Why? Because is the Truth.

Today on Discovery, Morgan Freeman, in his broadcast about The Universe, for the first time presented scientists which believed what i said here: The Universe Is A Giant Computer.

But they said the life is a virus in This Giant Computer I Created, The Universe.

This is not true.

Intelligent Life I Created Too.

And is not a Virus as long as act normal.

And are many species who lives normal in this Universe.

Viruses are just here, in You, Humanity.

And we are here to solve this problem.

Anyway, is a big progress what i heard today on Discovery in your understanding about the Universe.

And i am very happy cause i spent this year on Earth telling you the Truth about The Universe.

Because this is why i am here.

To make you understand the Truth.

And all Truth about this unique Universe i Created is here, on this blog.

And one day i am sure all of you will understand all the ‘misteries’ about life, death and Universe.

Just if you read what i wrote here you will understand.

This is my gift for you, Humanity.

Your Illumination – Wrote by Me, Here, On This Blog.

I Am Really Happy For This Day.

I Was Sure all the time your scientists read this blog, i saw most of visitors are from United States where they are concentrated.

And today i had the prove, when i looked on Discovery.

Alfa Optimus Ra Prime,

The Creator of The Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of God, Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa