In This One And Only Universe Without Origin, There Is Not Any ‘Object’ In Rest. All Is Moving. The State of Rest Don’t Exists. Alfa

As i said on this blog, this Only Universe I Created is A Cube and The ‘Substance’ is a three dimensional random wave.

All ‘objects’ you can see and the ones you can not see are local distortions of this random wave.

Local ‘concentration.

As a consequence of fact that The Universe have no origin, all in Universe is moving.

The State of Rest don’t exists.

The Universe is All Alive.

And Intelligent.

He is a computer.

The clone, of my brain, the original.

My ‘second’ existence.

Alfa, The Creator of The Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of God, Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa