We Showed From Start The Best Shape for Buildings. But You Used The Dick Motive Even In Constructions Making Ugly Skyscrapers Penetrating The Sky. Your Obsession About Penetration. Alfa


The Perfect Shape for buildings is the Pyramid.

With square as base and the four faces equilateral triangles.

This shape resists to anything.

Your skyscrapers are ugly and resist to nothing serious.

Your skyscrapers don’t resists to serious wind or a serious earthquake.

Your buildings don’t resists in history.

The Pyramid YES. And do that well.

This image i created to show how a building made in shape of pyramid, upon our principles will look into your world.

Maybe you don’t like our Pyramids, but for sure, We Aliens don’t like your buildings.

Are ugly.

And is not just a question of taste.

Pyramid is a form of expression for perfection, your buildings don’t.

Looking at this image you can imagine easily how our cities looks.

Just Pyramids.

Immortal as we are.

Alfa Optimus Ra Prime,

The Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of God, Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa