Our Variety As Individuals Is Just In How We Look. In Rest, We Think The Same, We Have Same Tastes, Same Goals For Our Species, For Universe. This Is How We Aliens Are. You Don’t. Alfa

Our World of Aliens is not bored at all.

We as individuals look different, there are NOT 2 identical Aliens.

This is common with your species, Human on Earth.

But We Aliens Are Completely Different By You.

We have same tastes, same goals for our world, for our species, for The Universe.

We don’t think the same.

Some of us think faster, some harder, some as you.

But we think the same. You don’t.

We All Aliens have same desires.

We Act As A Giant Organism.

We Act for The Giant Organism, The Universe.

We Are All The Same.

We Are A Species.

This is Normality – The Same Goal: Normality in Universe, Normality in Our Worlds, Normality in Your Lives.

You are different.

You never had a common goal for your species.

You are not a species.

Just individuals fighting all life for a better personal life.

Never giving a shit on the others.

Never giving a shit on your species.

Never giving a shit on your World.

Never giving a shit on Universe.

Never giving a shit on Future.

Why you are so?

Because you love your own too much.

Each of you consider his or her own above everything.

You are egocentric and being so you never was able to have a species here.

You are not a species even now, in front of US, THE ALIENS.

Some of you love us and expected us, because they share same ideals as we share.

But most of you are against us because the word SHARE can not be accepted by you.

You are proud by your variety as individuals and you consider this the key of your imagined progress.

First of all, we can’t see any progress, the Worlds who lived here before this 5000 years Era were more evolved than you.

And believe me, your variety never caused progress – just wars, fights, crimes, murder, invidia, competition and all the bad things.

Is impossible for a species to be a species where every individual consider his or her own above everything as you do.

This is why you never was a species here, on Earth, just simple individuals which by force sometimes done great things.

Everytime forced.

Alfa Optimus Ra Prime,

The Creator of The Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of God, Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa