I Don’t Know How Old I Am. We Have No Time. But As Long Upon Your Time, I Created The Universe Now 7 Billion Years Ago, I Am Older Than That For Sure :) Alfa

We have no time in Universe.

I explained here on blog why you have this notion, time, here on Earth and only here on Earth.

Anyway, in your Time, I Created The Universe Now 7 Billion Years Ago, as i said many times here on blog, in posts about the Universe.

My Universe.

So, if i created the Universe 7 billion years ago, i am older than this age of 7 billion years.

How long?

There was no time before i created Earth and You.

And I Created You and Earth when Amun Ra and Tutmes were children.

So not long after i Created the Universe.

In other words, Earth and This World is old almost as the Universe is: 7 billion years old.

But Me, I Am more older than the Universe.

For the ones who read here my blog is not a secret why and when i created this only Universe.

When i realized my brain gets older.

I created the Universe as the clone of my Brain and since i Created, The Universe is expanding to reach the dimension of knowledge of the original: my Brain, the Brain of Creator.

Read the blog if you are interested by subject, is all explained here.

Also, reading the blog you will understand your real age is not this one from this one current life here of you.

You are much much older too.

And you have many memories from your past.

From your ‘anterior lives’ here on Earth and not only.

As Star, as you are in fact.

All of you.

Is so simple to understand the Universe, life and death with one condition: to be interested about.

Because all answers and truth i put for you here, on this blog.

For your Illumination.

So read if you want to know.

Or, remain in Darkness forever.

Is Just your choice, as life and death are your choices too.

Alfa Optimus Ra Prime,

The Creator of The Universe and Intelligent Life,

Father of God, Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa