So, If We Aliens Look Different As You Imagined, If We Arrived Here Other Than You Can Explain And If We Are Different Than You Wanted, That Don’t Mean We Don’t Exists And We Are Not Here, Between You. Alfa

After this year spent together here on blog, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Street, Directly you know how We, Aliens Look, Think and Act.

You know we exists and we are here with you.

You know now the Universe was not an accident but a very high tech creation. And still remain my Masterpiece.

You know now the Intelligent Life was not an accident too, The Universe is The Supreme Form of Intelligent Life I Created and Is Populated by Infinite Number of Species Intelligent too, all Created by Me, Alfa.

You know now why you live here this one life on Earth and you know now in fact you are a Star who lives forever in Universe i Created.

Now you know what is The Universe, how i Created, and his way to be: free.

In fact, if you read all i wrote here in this year, since my arrival on Earth in 23 May 2014, you will know EVERYTHING about Universe, Life and Death.

And if you will read and you will understand what i wrote here on blog, your mind will be Illuminated forever.

You will discover yourself you are different if you read and understood what i wrote here.

Normally you should be again what you was when i Created Your Species: Perfect.

This should happen and this is why i wrote this blog.

For You.

To give you all the answers.

To give you a reason why you exists.

To make you immortal again.

I am sure the blog worked for many of you and you are ready for a new life together with us, The Aliens, into the New World we create here.

I hope so.

If some of you can not accept reality, can not accept our existence, our presence, my role in Universe as Creator, in general if you can not accept what i wrote here on blog in this last year, is not any difference.

We exists and We are here.


You can see me, you can talk to me.

I am real.

Are you real too? 🙂

Alfa Optimus Ra Prime,

The Creator of The Universe

and Intelligent Life,

Father of God,

Father of Holy Spirit,

Commander of Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa