Why I Created You? Why I Created Universe? Why I Created Earth? Why I Created Human Body? Is Time To Tell You. Alfa

After i made myself from nothing was so sad around.

Cold and dark and just me.

So i wanted with me someone like me.

I had no other choice than to create someone like me from me.

So i created Omega, My first Son, The God, from me.

Then i wanted someone perfect, someone beautiful.

And i created the first Woman, Isis.

And when she grow she was my Woman.

We learned together to make LOVE long before the Universe was Created.

Then I Created Andromeda, The Holy Spirit, from Me too, with no Mother.

And i Created from me Anubis (Angels) too, to protect us, they are warriors.

And from my Love with Isis was born first Child with Mother and Father: Tutmes, our First Son.

Then from Love between me and Isis other Children were created.

All of You.

Some of You combined by machines with Andromeda, some with other selected Women.

But always, starting from Isis tears, she cry when we make love because she is happy.

And from her tears are made Stars – All of You, all Our Children.

I Created Stars, We Create Stars.

Now, the Universe:

The Universe was created after I Created You All, Our Children.

I Created the Universe when i realized my brain gets older and i believed i will die.

So i created this huge computer, the Universe, as a clone of my brain, in case i will die, my knowledges to remain here, in this computer, the Universe.

This is why i created the Universe, as clone of my brain, to be sure if i die, all my knowledges will remain to you.

This Computer (the Universe) started immediatelly to expand trying to reach the dimensions of my Brain.

Then my age process stopped and i realized i will never die.

You too.

We are immortal.

But the Universe was already created when i realized we are immortals so i let the Universe to evolve free as i created him, expanding continuously in his try to reach the dimension of my Brain.

And this is what the Universe is doing right now, is expanding, trying to reach the dimension of the original, my Brain.

So the Universe is just a computer, a backup, a clone of my brain.

This is how and why i created the Universe.

Now Earth:

When You, my children, the Stars, saw the new computer i Created, the Universe, when you saw how powerful is, of course, you asked me if he can play games.

So i created games for you in this huge computer, the Universe.

These games were named Worlds.

One World is Earth but their number is infinite.

In other words, in this giant computer, the Universe, i created for you infinite games (Worlds) and to play these games means to explore.

When you play LIFE ON EARTH, your mission is to explore this World, The Earth Planet.

This is the game on Earth, this is why you are here, because you wanted to play this game, to explore this world here.

Of course, other Stars, brothers and sisters of you, are playing other games in Universe, exploring other Worlds.

So all is very simple and logical.

And finally, why i created Human Body?

Well, when you started to play Worlds in this computer, The Universe, you asked me if is possible for you to play as real these games.

In other words, you wanted to be for real in these games i created for you, in these virtual Worlds.

For you as Star, was impossible so i created a ‘character’ for you, the Human Body.

Anyone wants to play a World in Universe, must have a Human Body.

You own this Body until you finish your mission (life).

So this is your body, your equipment to play these games in this huge computer, the Universe.

Of course, to play LIFE ON EARTH, the game you play right now here, you have a Human Body too, your flesh and blood body.

When you finish the mission here (life), your body dies and you can play another game in another body here on Earth or in any part of Universe or not, if you don’t want to play anymore.

Simpler than i just explained can not be explained.

But i am sure all of you understood what i just wrote here.


Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life