In The New World We Create Here, Will Be Anarchy. Anarchy Means No Hierarchy, All Will Be Equal In This Life on Earth Too, As They Are When They Arrive Here, As They Are When They Come Back Home, On Andromeda. Alfa

Democracy is hierarchy.

Hierarchy is against Freedom.

So Democracy is abnormal.

Freedom is the only form of normality in Universe and so will be here, on Earth, too.

No Democracy, No Slavery, No Hierarchy in The New World we create now and here on Earth.

Will be Freedom, or Anarchy as they named the Freedom here.

All will be equal and will share everything, because all are equal in front of me, Their Father.

Who will not understand that, will continue to die.

I wanted them all with us in the New World we create here, but i will never accept with us sick animals.

Sick of their own importance.

Sick of their money.

Just Brothers and Sisters will remain here, with Us, The PRIME Family, Our Family.

Who don’t want to remember belong to our family have no place on Earth, have no place in Universe.

To betray your own family for money is not accepted.

So yes, they will continue to die until we’ll be again a Family here, on Earth.

As we are Home, on Andromeda.

As we are In Universe.

As we are above this Universe I Created,

Alfa, Father