We Are 7 Lions In Ursa Major. Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life



1 – Alfa, Me, Ra, The Creator, The Father

2 – Omega, My First Son, AmunRA, The GOD – No Mother, Just Me as Father

3 – Andromeda, My Daughter, Alfa2, The Holy Spirit – No Mother, Just Me as Father

4 – Isis, My Woman, Your Mother, Queen of Universe – No Mother, Just Me as Father

5. – David, Tutmes, My First Son With Isis (You ALL, On Earth and Universe, are My Children With Her)

6. – Ramses – My Son With Isis

7. Anticrist – My Son With Isis

Home, On Andromeda, All Girls Have Blue Eyes Like Me and All Boys Have Green Eyes As Isis.

Here, on Earth, is another story, i explained on Blog.

Alfa, Father