The Hierarchy Between Humans on Earth Is Similar To Other Animal Species on This Planet. Human on Earth Is Not Superior To Any Animal on Earth, Just More Stupid, Is The Only One Who Pay Taxes to Live on This Planet. Alfa, Commander of Apocalipsa

 I saw similar hierarchies on Discovery, to bees, monkeys, ants and other species Mother Earth created here.

But Human on Earth is the most idiot race.

They keep their leaders in palaces and luxury.

At monkeys, bees and ants, the leader live together with the ‘masses’ because they understand well what a race is.

Human on Earth is not a race anymore: they have religions, classes, races, money and many other things which divided this race forever.

Human on Earth is not an Organism anymore, is just a pressured bottle ready to explode in every moment.

Then they accumulate pressure again in decades.

Then they explode again.

And so on, again and again.

This Human on Race will never find the equilibrium, simply because is divided in masters and servants.

Their modern form of slavery is called ‘democracy’.