I Will Pay Taxes to Live on Earth When Someone Will Prove Me Created This Planet. Of Course, This Person Don’t Exists Simply Because I Created Earth And I Given To My First Son, Omega AmunRa, THE GOD. For Him I Created This Planet Here. Alfa, Father of Omega

Of course, all Humans on Earth are welcome to live free on this Planet I Created.

I never asked and I will never ask for taxes to live here, on Earth.

I created the Earth to live all together, in freedom, sharing everything, as Brothers and Sisters you are.

If you are so stupid to pay your leaders to live here, is your own option.

Just remember, the money you pay never arrive to me, The Creator of Earth.

These money comes to your leaders and improve their power to keep you under control even better.

But of course, this is too complicated for you to understand, Humans on Earth.

So go happy to your 9 to 5 robotic program, pay taxes, kiss asses, pay interests in banks for all your life here, because you ‘dared’ to have a stupid house here and a boring car.

Enjoy your slavery.


Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life