Funny Stories From Sweden – Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa – By Alfa, Creator

I just worked to a LCD monitor here to fix (this is how i make money to feed me and Omega) and in time i worked i remembered a funny episode from Sweden.

After they ruined my computer graphic business telling to my clients am mad and dangerous, they started to send into my business e-mail just messages on how Optimus, My Body, to kill Omega, My Son and how to kill his self too.

As you understood, this happened in 2008, before my arrival on Earth, when Optimus, My Body was ‘in charge’ to protect Omega, THE GOD, My Son, here on Earth.

So Optimus understood fast there is nothing more to do with computers because they will block any of hisĀ  attempts to find some work in computer graphic.

Because winter was close and money just a few, Optimus, my body, started to look for a job to feed Omega and to keep him in warm.

The best episode was when Optimus tried to find a job at garbage company in Filipstad, Sweden, where our house is.

They told Optimus he is too smart to do this, in other words he can go home and die safely.

Was the moment when Optimus understood just idiots will find a job on Earth, intelligent people are condemned to death here.

After i arrived on Earth, into my Body, Optimus, i observed myself who have a wonderful life here on Earth: the stupid people who never think.

They are the perfect employees.

So Sweden forbidden to me even to do garbage work to feed me and My Son.

Because Optimus is My Body and when they tried to kill him in Sweden, they tried to kill me.

When they kept Optimus in cold, they kept me in cold.

When they kept Optimus hungry, they kept me hungry.

When they lied Optimus, they tried to lie me.

I am happy Human on Earth cause you ‘appreciate’ me so much so no work is suited to me, Alfa, Creator of Universe.

Anyway, no matter what you do against me, Human on Earth, i am alive.

And so i will be forever.

Hunger or not.

In cold or not.

In dark or not.

In fact, i made myself from Nothing so is just Nothing what i need to do Everything.

By the way, fuck you Sweden, i hope My Arabs will fuck you as you fucked me as soon as possible.

Then, after you will be tired for so much sex, i will fuck you until you will die.

So will be.


Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life