I Just Heard A New Curse Here, In Romania, This Morning: “Fuck Your Mother Candle”. RA, Father

After i heard here, in Romania:

– fuck your mother God

– fuck your mother Church

– fuck your mother Cross

– fuck your mother Icon

– fuck your mother Easter

– fuck your mother Christ

– fuck your mother Dead Ones

– fuck your mother Altair

i believed they finished their repertory.

But today morning, a grandfather told to his nephews who cried:

‘Fuck your mother candle”.

This was a ‘lucky’ day for these children.

Many times parents and grandparents beat them into the street, usually kicking children face or mouth.

I could imagine what they do when they are in their houses.

But of course, they are very good with their pets.

Many times children are considered the source of their troubles, all around this world here, on Earth.

Here in Romania they said:

‘Beating comes from Heaven’.

And is true, because Heaven is here, on Earth.

There is no other place in Universe where Children are beaten, just here, on Earth this is usual.

As i said many times on this blog, this world here will do the best to ‘fuck’ all i put in Children before they arrive here.

And the old ones here on Earth are the most miserable, they are the ones who destroy all is good into the new ones who arrive here on Earth as Children.


Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life