Humanity Disease Is Sexual, As I Said Already. Is Sexual Frustration, For Both Sexes. Man Is Frustrated Because His Dick Is Too Small For Woman Pussy, Designed To Be A Stargate To Bring Children Here, Not Object To Fuck. Woman Is Frustrated Because She Have No Orgasm With Male Dick, By Penetration. From The Same Reason. Dick And Pussy Were Not Designed By Me, The Creator, To Make Sex. I Told Them Last Year, After My Arrival, The Right Way To Do Love: With Mouth. Man Must Kiss The Woman Pussy Until She Is Happy And Stabile. Woman Must Suck Man Dick Expecially When He Is Done, Helping Him To Stabilize His Hormonal Equilibrium. 69 Is The Best Position, As I Told Them. But They Considered Me Mad Or Maybe Stupid And Continued To Make Love As Animals By Penetration. So They Are Even More Sick. From This Sexual Frustration Resulted Wars, Competition, Domination, Rape, Gangbang, Murder, Money, Slavery, Fight, Pedophilia, Zoophilia, Homosexuality and All Is Bad In This Race, Human on Earth. Simply Because They Do Love Or Sex As They Said, In Wrong Way. Because Of Sexual Not Satisfaction Resulted From Their Way To Do Love By Penetration, They Are All The Time Overcharged With Sexual Energy, Their Body Is Bad. If This Sexual Energy Is Not Consumed Right, Doing Love In Right Way, With Mouth, Until Both Partners Are Happy, This Energy Will Make Them To Do All They Do Bad. This Is The Problem Of Human On Earth Race, The Old Sexual Story. RA, Creator Of Human Race