As i said before, Universe is contiguous. If you dream so much to anti-gravity you must

We'll See Also Who Stolen Energy. They don't produce, don't distribute. In fact, just give

Romanian PARADOX? Or...another MATH? We don't understand.

Don't be so GREED Germany! Food Costs HERE More Than in Germany and Sweden!

Germany, 10,98 RON not equal 11 RON. You must give back the rest. As in Germany. As in

You know something Germany? Don't send me your shitty gifts. I can feel the real smell of

Even You, Skatteverket are shitty?

Keep Your Dirty Money, filipstad kommun...Smashing my head on cement was your way to say

Don't Be Affraid :) We Are HERE ... FOREVER!

More Informations About Prople Belongs to Ex Spy Network

Skatteverket Örebro don't want to send to my ex. her declaration to pay taxes. Neither to

And you, what do you expect? The end of the world? What is your mission?

Crimes Against Humanity - Kids Kidnapping - Fuck You SVEA! This you wanted to do to me

There was 2 periods in Your History, Terra :) This is the third one. The normal one.

The System in Which Sweden Tried to Ruin My Identity is Cambio Cosmic

Filipstad Kommun continue to play same stoopid game. Is out of reality as usual. They

Be Prepared Metin Aydin :) Still do you believe are the Great Architect? Bitch!

Another Confirmation: Sweden Started to Be Against Us doing an INVESTIGATION :)

Just a New Letter to My .Ex(e) :) Today Later Well Talk about Human Achievements, Gods,

You Have Betrayed Your Gods for who? - For someone who gived you poverty, crime, invidia

Eikon Pendant Lamp by Schneid

SIGMAX, an Office Building with Appeal

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

For THAT i will never forgive you sWEDEN: This WAS SUPREME HUMILIATION

Justice in Sweden - Not only 30 years ago, now is the same. SAPO is Sweden's Security

SWEDEN CASE - Another Dirty Institution: IVO - Inspektionen för Vård & Omsorg

SWEDEN - ruled by spies and bitches

Hof Van Engelen 2010 . Residential

It was (and still are) You, America, behind of this all 'Swedish Story' ?

A Successfull Restoration in Frankfurt am Main

Building Anton and Gerard win the 2013 Dirk Roosenburg prize!

We want the names SWEDEN! Of ALL people implied in the campaign against us...

Be aware with Sweden: She's eating your money then try to destroy you. Eventually will try

FIRE STATION Houten (Netherlands)

Mortensrud Church, Oslo, Norway

lO DESIGN won an AIA Merit Award 2011 for the new Dalian Public Library

lO DESIGN won an AIA Merit Award 2011 for the new Dalian Public Library

New facade concept for the Amager Centre

Ave Fenix Fire Station Mexico City

Amphidromous Rectangle : CSM 402 Renovation

An Easy to be done No Pollution City – The Electric City Model

4 Holes = No Trouble: New Electrical Outlet Concept – Free to be Manufactured

Great Software: DRAFTSIGHT – Free CAD Software for Your DWG Files By Dassault Systemes

About Body-Soul-You and Immortality

Serious things: The Universe – as i said, is contiguous, not discrete

Shame on You for ALL Sweden: now we know the true. Is exactly how i knew. All the time :)

Thermal Bath, therapy and Hotel – Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

Great Free Software: LuxRender – Physically Based Renderer

GEISHA – A special web template for architects, designers and photographers

Reflecting Cube in Weinheim, Germany

Modern World Wonders: Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

What annunaki WANTED from You: IMMORTALITY – annunaki was religion

Great Human Achievements: GPS – The Navigation System

WINDOWS 8: BEST Operating System EVER

Introducing VIA – a Building Management System for iPad – Time to say Goodbye to the Thermostat

You stolled our numbers: 0 AND 1. You can keep. Are free for ALL PEOPLE ;)

Aalborg Waterfront – linking port & city

3. All is happened because you killed. There was just 1(one) rule.

2. OK, now we know who tried to kill us. And we know why. If you are a bitch Sweden,

1. WW2 – this is neutrality, or business, Sweden ? This is how you protected life?

The History – The evil (is history :)

There is no point of return: Some trues, before history.

Final Tip, Sweden: 3rd Principle of Newtonian Mechanics, the ONLY way for you

Tip 3, Sweden: honey, i’m home :) as always…

Tip 2, Sweden: forget NOT EQUAL forgive AND we never forget

Tip 1, Sweden: time is not important, just LIFE IS IMPORTANT

Thailand Based Underwood Art Factory’s Revamp of Norwegian Underground Restaurant.

Market square Unterneuhausen (Bavaria) Project by Oberprillerarchitekten, Germany Photos: Florian Suttor

TNT Centre, Hoofddorp The design process surrounding the realisation of the TNT Centre in Hoofddorp,

Shame on you again, Sweden! Our lifes is not ‘a case’. What you done and still continue is a case for sure.

Shame on you, Sweden. You are menacing us for what you done? Scandinavia is not for people like you :(

Tourist project Gudbrandsjuvet -Landscape hotel Burtigard, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway 2008

La casa del árbol Project by Grupo Plus, Mexico Photos by Tadeo Carreño Cole