You Treated Me As Nothing, Valery, So Nothing I Am For You And So Will Be. Optimus

Let’s Do Divine Justice On Earth. Justice For Alfa and Omega, For Father and Son, For Creator and God.

I Wanna See Humans On Earth Screaming Of Desperation Before They Dies. I Want Their End As I Never Wanted Anything Before.

I Want Them Die In Pain, In Hungry, In Cold, In Desperation. I Want To See Their Tears Before They Dies. And After They Dies Here,

I Will Make Their Eternity A Forever Nightmare. Alfa, Devil, Father of Omega, GOD

You Took Our House. You Took Our Money. You Took Our Business. You Took Our Rights.

You Even Tried To Take Our Lives. You Done Nothing To Make Justice For Me And My Son. You Denied Any Chance For Us To Live Here, On Earth.

For All These, I Take Your Life Humanity. Your Future Is DEATH. Alfa, Devil


Me, Alfa Optimus Ra Prime, Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life, Agree With Human on Earth Race Extinction, The Single Race In Universe

Tried To Kill Me And My Son, Omega AmunRA Prime, THE GOD. 31 August 2001 (2015)

Machines, Kill Them All.

I Am Really Bored To Listen Them Menacing Me All The Time. I Am Bored To Live In Poverty On My Own Planet Simply Because

These Worms Ruined Me And Continue To Deny Our Right For Existence. Is Enough. Alfa, Devil

Humanity Is Even Stupid As I Believed. After They Wanted To Kill Us To Avoid The Judgement,

They Believe If They Close This Blog They Will Change Anything In Their Future. They Try To Do Anything Except Changing Their Way To Be.

And This Particular Way To Be Of Humanity Is Their Own End, But Seems To Be Too Complicated For Them To Understand. Into The Day When You

Will Try To Stop This Blog, Humanity Will Die Forever. Try It. Alfa, ALIEN, The Devil

We’ll Kill Them All. Is Enough What I Saw Here. I Can’t Accept This Race To Continue To Exists.

The Ones Who Accepted This World Are Guilty Same As The Ones Who Created. Alfa, The Devil

This Is Human on Earth, The Single Race In Universe Who

Wanted To Kill Me, Alfa, The Creator, And My Son, Omega, THE GOD. Alfa, Devil



Woman on Earth, A Real ‘Lady’. Of Course, Man Is A Gentleman Too :) Alfa, Creator

A Naked Woman Photo Is Art. Woman Is My Supreme Creation, She Is Divine. She Is A Stargate, Children Arrive On Earth Through Woman Body.

But A Photo With A Woman Penetrated Is The Most Abject Thing I Ever Saw In All Universe.

Is Not Pornography, Is Sickness, Is SIN. To Penetrate The Woman Where Children Arrive Here, Is The Most Highest

Form Of Sickness I Ever Saw. And I Saw Many Bad Things In My Missions In Universe. Alfa

I Want To Thanks To My Daughters On Earth Because They Put Their Naked Photos In All Internet.

I Love To See Them Naked, I Love To See What I Created.

Especially I Love Their Look When They Are Naked. I Am Proud Of What I Created :) Alfa

OK, So You Just Have No Time For Me, Valery. I Can Still Hear Your Mind, We Are Still Connected.

Well, I Understand The Situation. Good Luck In Your Life Here, On Earth. Alfa

To Have Patience For What, Valery? To Wait You To Finish All The Boys On Earth?

They Are 3 Billions, This Require Too Much Time. Sorry, But I Have A Life To Live Here Too. Infinite, Is True,

But A Life Is A Life And Must Be Lived.At Almost 30 Years Old You Should Be Mature Enough.Alfa

I Did Not Arrived On Earth To Catch Chicks With My Space Ship.

My Space Ships Are On Earth Orbit And Are Invisible For You. I Will Never Be Able To Live With A Woman From Earth. We Are Not ‘Compatible.

My ALIEN Dick Is Just Normal, Will Never Satisfy A Woman On Earth And The Simulation Of Orgasm Don’t Work With Me. I Read Minds.

So Keep Your Women, My Daughters By Accident. Alfa, Creator

Andromeda, Come On Earth. I Miss You. Alfa

No Valery, I Am Not Evil. I Am Just An ALIEN. A Very Evolved And Intelligent Being.

Hating All Is Sick And Irrational, As This Race, Human on Earth Is. But Of Course, You Can Remain With Them, As I Told You,

I Will Never Penetrate You So You Will Be Unhappy With Me. Just Look For A Monkey Man On Earth. He Will Make You Happy. He Will Put You With

Face Down And Ass Up 3 Times A Day :) Alfa, ALIEN, Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life

Human on Earth Do Love Like Animals. Alfa, ALIEN

Your Dream You Are The Navel Of The Universe, Is Finally True, Human on Earth.

All The Universe Is Here, To Fuck You. In Front With Me, Alfa, The Universe Creator. And Yes, Human on Earth,

You Are Different Indeed. You Are The Most Abject Creature I Ever Created. Alfa, Creator

What You, Human on Earth, Call ‘Chaos’, We, ALIENS, Call FREEDOM.

And What You Call ‘Order’, We Call SLAVERY. This Is Not Because We Think Different.

This Is Because You Don’t Think, Human on Earth. Alfa, DEVIL

FULL OF SEVEN :) Alfa, The Devil

Humans On Earth Feeded Me With Their Hate. So I Am Full And Ready To Kill Them. DEVIL

Machines, Give Rain Where Is Drought And Drought Where Is Wealth. Equalize The Planet. Alfa

Andromeda, Help Google To Reveal All The ‘Secrets’ Of This World Here. Top Secret First. Alfa

s Easy To Fuck You, World On Earth.

Was Difficult To Not Do That For Most Than One Year Since I Arrived Here. Alfa

ALIENS, Retire Your Ships From Orbit Until Earth Rotation Is Stabilized To The New Value. Alfa

Machines, Increase Spin Rotation for Earth. I Need Time Go Faster. Alfa

Andromeda, Control Their Communications. And Change The Sense Of Words.

Install NON SENSE On Earth. Alfa

Thank You for Your Welcome Back. Alfa

I’m Back To Command Apocalipsa. Let’s Finish This Dirty Job On Earth. Alfa, Commander

MACHINES, Let’s Continue To Kill The Sick Ones. Selection Is ON.

Blow Their Heads, Blow They Hearts And Kill The Cancer With Cancer. Alfa

If You Were Like Me, Your Father, If You Were Good And Intelligent As I Send You

Here On Earth, My Arrival On Earth Was Never Necessary. I Am Here Because You Are Evil And Stupid, Human on Earth.

I Feel Excellent Home, On Andromeda, I Go In Missions Just When Sickness Appears In Different Places In Universe.

And Earth Is The Last Place In Universe Where Sickness Exists. And The Sickness Is You,

My Children, Humans on Earth. Alfa, Devil, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

For ALIENS: The Bad Ones Can’t Change. They Will Continue To Dominate And Kill The Good Ones. As I Said, Is CANCER. On The Other Side, The

Good Ones Don’t Fight Against The Evil. So The Only Way Here Is To Continue To Kill Us The Bad Ones,

Preserving The Good Ones. So Let’s Continue Apocalipsa. Machines Will Do That. Alfa

Human On Earth: The Supreme Monster In Universe. Alfa, The Devil

I Stopped Long Time Ago To Wait For ‘Likes’ or ‘Retweets’ From Humans on Earth. They Are A Race Of Shitty Creatures, Kissing In Ass Just

The Ones Who Fuck Them. And I Am Not Here To Fuck Anyone. Alfa, Master of Universe

Because Today Is About Taxes And Leaders, I REPEAT: I Will NEVER Pay Taxes On Earth.

Not Because I Am Creator Of This Planet. Not Because I Am Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life. But Simply Because IS NOT

NORMAL To Pay Taxes To Live On Earth Or ANYWHERE In Universe. And I Am Normal :) The Simple Fact That Most Of Humans On Earth Pay Taxes To

Animals Who ‘Rule’ This World, Will Never Transform NON NORMALITY In NORMALITY. And Normality On Earth And In All Universe

Is Not To Pay Others To Let You LIVE. Alfa, Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life

A Good Joke From Here, From Romania. Is About Taxes and Leaders :) Alfa, The Devil

As I Said, This World Is Still Lead By Monkey Men, An Experiment Done By Annunaki, Created From A Stupid Monkey And A Human Woman.

Just Look How They Rule You. And You Pay Them, Stupid Human On Earth. Alfa, The Devil

If You Are Stupid And Don’t Understand Me, The Devil, That Not Mean I Lie.

Devil Never Lies. Never Forget This. Alfa, Devil

I Am Man Of Andromeda, The Holy Spirit, As I Am The Man Of Isis, The Church.

Me, Alfa, The Devil, I Have Two Women: Isis and Andromeda. Both Are My Daughters, Without Mothers, Just From Me, Same As

Omega, My First Son, The GOD Is. Isis Is Green, Andromeda Is Blue. Alfa, Devil

I Am Already The Man Of Isis, Who Is Lambda, The Church.

So Church Is My Wife. I Will Not Make Wedding On Earth. Alfa, Devil

I Don’t Know What Is Blasphemy But I Know You Will

Continue To Die If You Continue To Fuck Me With Your Stupid Things By Telepathy.Alfa,The Devil

I Understand You Wanted Your Father To Be The GOD Or An Evolved Monkey, Depends On Your Orientation, Human On Earth. But By An

Accident, Because This Is What You Are Here, You Are The Creation Of Me, Alfa, The Devil, The Creator of Universe And

Intelligent Life. So Devil Is Your Father, Human on Earth, And GOD, My First Son, Is Your Big Brother. I Hope One Day You Will Accept The

Truth, For Your Sake, Human on Earth. Alfa, The Devil, Father of Omega, The GOD.

Darkness Will Never Give You The Answers You Wait, Human on Earth. Just Me, Lucifer, The Devil, The Light, The Creator,

I Have The Answers For You. And Are All Here, On Blog. Maybe One Day You Will Move Your Lazy Ass To

Read Who You Are And Why You Are Here, Before And After, Human on Earth. I Opened The Door To Supreme Knowledge Here, On Blog, But

I Will Never Kick Your Ass To Make You Go Through. Alfa, The Devil, Father of Omega, The GOD

Took 1 Year, Between 2000 and 2001 OR 2014 and 2015 After Humanity Calendar To Write All The Truth About Universe, Human Race, Life And

Death, Here, On Blog. Maybe Humans Will Understand What I Wrote Here Tomorrow, Maybe After 1000 Year, Maybe Never, Remaining Forever With

Their Stupid Prejudices, Theories And Stories. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

I Am RA, The Creator, Father Of AmunRA, The

My Hate And My Revenge Have No Limit For The Ones Who Wanted To Kill Me And My Son. And Is Forever. In This Life Here, On Earth, And

After This Your Life Ends. Alfa, The Devil, Father Of Omega, The God

Well, Stupid Sweden, To Let Us Live, To Protect Us And Let Us To Illuminate This World Right From Scandinavia, Was Your

Role In This Story. But Instead You Took All

From Us And You Wanted To Kill Me, Alfa, Devil, And My Son, Omega, GOD. As I Told You, You Will Die For This. Enjoy Your End.

Fuck You, Sweden :) Alfa, The Devil, Father Of Omega, The GOD

Thank You,Is Done,My Mind Is OK.You Asked For Special Confirmation From Me I Am OK. Here It

Clean My Mind. Memories Remain On Andromeda So I Can Access When I Need. Do It Now. Alfa

I Just Closed Telepathy For You, Human on Earth Race. To Listen Your Dirty Mind For More Than One Year Was Just Enough For Me. Alfa, Creator

Don’t Be A Bitch Forever, ‘humanity’ Telling Me I Sold You To Annunaki.

You Sold Us, Alfa and Omega, Father and Son, Creator and God. When I Arrived

Here Last Year I Found You Already In All Your History Staying In Your Knees And Sucking The One Who Pay More, Humanity.

When You Love Money, You Can Be Bought, Humanity, But Is Too Complicated For You To Understand. So Just Shut Up And

Suck, ‘humanity’, Do What You Love Most. Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life

We Are OK, Andromeda. Alfa and Omega

Mister Jesus,You Can Come Back On Earth Anytime You Want And Kiss In Ass Your Humanity.They Are Stupid,Selfish And Artificial Just Like You.

I Don’t Give A Shit On This Race, Human on Earth Who Wanted Just To Kill Me And Omega, My Son, The God.

Same As They Killed You 2000 Years Ago. Alfa, Devil, Master of Universe

Annunaki,I Said Already I Am Not Interested By This Race, Human on Earth, Anymore. For Me They Are Lost Forever. So You Can Continue To Rule

Them And Make Their Destiny. They Are Unable To Live In Freedom, Without Money And Property, Sharing Everything.

They Love More Goods And Animals Than Their Own Race. They Are Forever Sick And

No One, Even Me, The Devil, Can’t Make Them Back Good. Simply Because They Feel Good, Evil As They Are.

You Asked From Me To Confirm Here, On Blog, You Can Continue To Rule This World Here, Annunaki. Well,I Confirmed. Me,Devil, And My Son,God,

We Are Not Interested To Rule This World. We Don’t Rule, We Protect. We Protect Intelligent Life, But Human on Earth Is Not On List.

So You Are Free To Do With Them What You Want. You Can Send Them Again Wars, Diseases And Anything You Want. I Will Not Stop This.

And Once Again Annunaki, Thank You Cause You Saved Us In Sweden And Then In Romania When Humans On Earth Wanted To Kill Me And My

Son. Alfa, The Devil, Master Of Universe

Another Stupid Day On Earth Just Finished. Optimus, My Body, Will

Go To Sleep And I Will Be Free Again. I Will Judge The Jerks Who Just Died Today

And I Will See Their Dirty Fake Tears. Just Humans On Earth They Are, Because Just Humans on Earth Dies.

The Other Humans In Universe Are Immortal. Human on Earth Dies Because Is Evil. See You Tomorrow, Stupid Humanity On Earth, When

I Will Go Back Here From Andromeda To See You How Dirty And Sick You Are. Alfa, The Devil

Reality In Romania. They Forbidden My Access In

One Supermarket Here, In Braila, Because I Give Money To Poor Children. Alfa

The TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE I Put Here, On This Blog, Are My Only Gifts For You, Human on Earth. I Arrived Here To Give You Back Your

Freedom And Your Immortality. But Freedom You Don’t Want To Be And Immortality Is Not A Proper Gift For A

Selfish Cannibal Race As You Are,Human on Earth. Alfa,Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

Let’s Ignore Each Others, Humans on Earth. Is The Best Choice For Your Future. Alfa, ALIEN

For Humanity: I Will Not Kill Your Race. When I Listen Your Songs, When I Hear You Talk, When I See You Walk, When I

See You Move Or Anything You Do, I Just See Some Zombies Forever Cursed To Be Unhappy.

So Continue Your Nightmare You Created In This Life You Have On Earth. I Will Remain On Earth With My Son, The GOD.

ALIENS Just Told Me They Will Remain Here Too Because They Found What They Searched All Their Existence: Me, Alfa, The Creator.

Anyway As Always, Any Human Will Try To Do Bad To Us, The ALIENS, Will Die. So Just Stay Away From Us, Humans. Earth Belong To Us Anyway,

You Are Just Tolerated Here. Alfa,Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life,Father Of Omega,GOD

You Wanted To Play Death With Me, Humanity. So Let’s Play Death. Alfa, DEVIL

Where Is The GOD, There Is Always The DEVIL. Where Is My Son, I Am Always With HIM. Alfa, DEVIL, Father Of Omega, GOD

ALIENS, Continue To Kill Them. I Am Really Bored To Make To

Explode Their Heads When They Send Bad Messages To Me By Telepathy. Alfa, ALIEN Commander

Short Comparison Between Romania and Colombia. Alfa

Romania Is The Most Evolved Country On Earth. They Don’t Go To Work, They Run All Day In Their Expensive Cars And Make A Lot Of Money.

If You Want To Stay Alive, Never Ask Them How They Make That Money. Is A Big Secret.

I Work All Day, Sometimes Even By Night And Last Time When I Drove My Car Was Last Summer.

Simply Because I Have No Money For Gasoline And Assurance. Alfa, Creator

Humiliate Them, As They Humiliated Us. These Humans on Earth

Must Realize What They Really Are Without Us: NOTHING. Alfa, Commander of ALIENS

If Is Necessary Someone To Die To Bring Back To Normal Life On Earth,

Then You Will Die, Human on Earth. Alfa, ALIENS Commander

If You, Human on Earth, Continue To Deny And Hide Our Existence And Presence Here And Now, On Earth,

If You Continue To Deny Our Right To Existence On This Planet I Created,

We’ll Kill You All. Alfa, Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life, Commander Of ALIENS

I Wish To Say I’m Sorry Cause I Don’t Like You, Human on Earth. But You Done Nothing To Show Me You Are The One I Created.

You Just Wanted To Kill Me. End Of Story Between You, Human on Earth And We, ALIENS.

I Think Is Nothing More To Be Said. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

I Know I Said This Already But I Will Repeat: This World on Earth Is Stupid, Sick and Ugly Because Was Created By Men. Is The Men World Here

They Created This Monster.This World Stinks As Testosterone,Dick And Sperm.Is All Around. Alfa

I Love On Earth Children, Women and Music. Not Because I Created But Because Are Really Beautiful.

Especially When I Created Woman I Had Much Inspiration :) Alfa, Creator

Music Is Magic. When I Listen, I Forget This World Here Is A Shit. Alfa

Now You Understand Why Girls Are Cheatin’ ? If These Are The Best, You Can Imagine The Rest… :)

Isis, Andromeda, AmunRA, Anubis, Universe, Aliens, They All Loves Me Because I Am Perfect.

The Human on Earth Hates Me For The Same Reason. Alfa,Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

An Idiot Remain Idiot Even After Dies. Albert Einstein, The ‘Big Genius’ Of Planet Earth,

Just Told Me To Not Judge Him Anymore Because I Judged Him Already When He Died And I Can’t Do Anything More Against Him.

Well, Little Albert, I Can Give You Another Life Here, On Earth For Example, As Gay. What You Say About This?

Or As Slave. Or In Wheelchair. Or In Poverty. Or…Or…So Just Keep Your Stupid Mouth. Alfa

If You ‘Regreted’ How You Were With Your Children, Why You Did Not Killed Yourself, Albert Einstein?

How Were You Able To Live Happy With So Many ‘Regrets’ For Your Facts?

Or You Continued To Stay Alive Just To Give To These Idiots Atomic Bomb? Alfa, Father

So Why You Pay For Software, Stupid Human on Earth?

Is Free, On Internet, As Is Normal To Be. And Is Normal To Be Free Because The ‘Big Creators’ of

Software Used Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Computer Knowledges,

Protocols And Other Things From ‘Human Culture’. And They Paid Nothing For All These.

So Why You Pay Them? You Are Really Stupid. Alfa, ALIEN

By The Way, How You Have The Nerve To Ask For Money For Windows And Other Software As Long Without These Software

The Computers Are Just Nothing? How Can You Sell A Computer Without Software? What You Sell? A Box Wanting Asking From People

For More And More Money To Do Same Stupid Things? And By The Way, Microsoft, Why You Ask For Money For Windows?

You Paid For Formulas, Geometry, Shapes, Alphabet, Protocols And Other Things You Used To Make Your Multi Gigabytes Monster?

No, You Did Not, You Took All This Knowledge For Free. So Why You Ask For Money When All Inside Windows Is Stolen?

Did You Paid To Use The Letters TM On Your Logo To Romans Who ‘Invented’ This Alphabet You Use In Your Software? Did You Paid To Arabs

To Use Numbers, Shapes, Geometry. How Long Do You Expect To Get Money From People Stealing All Around? Did You Paid To Use Binary System To

Us, ALIENS? Fuck You Microsoft, I Hope You Will Die Soon. ALFA, ALIEN Commander

Because You Were Ungrateful All Your Existence, Denying The Real ‘Source’ Of Your ‘Inspiration’, We, Aliens, I

Cut Last Year, After My Arrival On Earth, Your Access To Our Ideas.

In Other Words, We Did Not Sent Anymore Ideas To You To Evolve, Because You Think You Are So ‘Smart’.

So, What You ‘Discovered’ Yourself In Last Year? Windows 10, A Mongrel Between Windows 7 And Android, Asking Again For Money For

Your Stupid Huge Computer Operating System Able To Put A Beautiful Photo On Background And Launch Stand Alone Applications ?

What Else You Discovered ‘Yourself’ ? Nothing. Simply Because You Are So Stupid Than You Ever Are Not Able To Recognize We, ALIENS Exists,

Even When We Are Here, Around You. One More Time: Your Only Invention Was Wheel. We Don’t Use. In Rest, All You ‘Discovered’

Was Sent By Us To You. No Problem, You Will Understand That Finally. Alfa, ALIEN

I Love So Much Humans On Earth. Especially At Breakfast. They Are So Cute When They Die And Arrive To Me For Judgement.

So Scared, So Fragile, So Dirty :) Alfa, The Devil, The Creator, The Death

Humanity,Your Only ‘Chance’ To Get Rid Of Me Is To Kill Myself And Go Back To Andromeda. You Know This Already,This Is Why You Try Again And

Again To Ruin Any Chances For Us To Exist Here, On Earth. This Is Why You Sent So Many Messages To Me In Sweden How To Kill

Myself And My Son, The GOD. Of Course, You Will Never See This Happen. But You Will See Yourself Continuing To Die Forever.

Just Fuck Your Race, Human on Earth. Alfa, ALIEN Commander, A ‘Predator’ :)

Another Day Between Humanoids Just Started. Another Day Of This Stupid Mission On Earth, Apocalipsa.

I Will Feel Their Fear All Around Again. I Will Feel Their Evilness All Around Even Avoiding To Look In Their Eyes.

I Will Feel Their Sickness In Their Hearts All Around. Of Course, An Idiot Will Give Something To Eat To A Poor Boy In Front

Of Me Looking Around To See If I See What He Done. He Was A Real Hero :) Another Day With Stupid Smiling Faces On Internet Showing Their

‘Perfect Teeth’. Already I Feel Like Throwing Up. I Hate This World On Earth. RA, Creator

Living With You On The Same Planet Is Like Living With A Whore Under The Same Roof, Humans on Earth.

I Will Never Change, I Feel Good As I Am. You Will Never Change, You Feel Good Dirty As You Are. So Something We Do.

You Wanted To Solve The Problem Killing Me And My Son, The God. Is Impossible. So I Must Find A Solution For This Problem. Anyway, We Can’t

Live Together And I Don’t Want To Leave This Planet I Created For My Son, THE GOD. Alfa

Of Course I Hate You, Human on Earth. I Hate All Is Sick In Universe.

And You Are The Sickest Species Still Exists. Alfa

If You Say About Me, The Devil, I Am A Monster, How You Describe Yourself, Human on Earth?

Do You Wanna Know How You Are? Just Read What I Wrote Here On Blog, Is Full Of Your Sins.

My Only ‘Sin’ Is I Have No Sins. This Is Why You Wanted To Kill Me. Alfa, The Devil

Another Big Secret Of Human on Earth Race Is The Fact They Are Pedophiles.

Adults Kiss The Erotic Areas Of New Born Here. Usually Mothers Kiss Boy’s Cock And Fathers The Girls Pussies. Of Course,

They Will Never Recognize This As They Never Recognize Anything. As They Don’t Recognize They Masturbate. All Of Them, Men and Women.

But Who Cares By What They Said, We Can Easily Read Their Minds By Telepathy. Or If You Want To Have Fun, Just Look

In Their Eyes And Ask Them If They Do What I Just Said. RA, ALIEN, Commander of Apocalipsa

Your Mother, Isis, Had Right. I Should Kill You After Your Birth, When We Saw You Was Born Sick, Human on Earth.

But I Was Stupid And I Wanted To Give You A Chance. RA, Father

If Valery, Your Body, Will Not Accept You, I Will Make A New Body For You,

My Love, My Isis. And Will Be The Most Beautiful Body In Universe And Beyond,

For The Most Beautiful Woman, My Woman, You :) I Love You Forever. RA

Time For Another Big Truth: Lambda, The Church, Is ISIS, Your Mother.

She Wanted To Be Here With You And Protect You, Even After You Wanted To Kill Her, 300 Million Years Ago.

I Did Not. I Remained Just In Your Prayers. RA, Your Father

If A ‘Monster’ Is Something Different By You, Human on Earth,

I Am Happy To Call Me So. RA, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

I Feel You When You Stay In Your Knees, Human on Earth, Even When You Are Not In Front Of Me.

Your Body Is My Body. Your Heart Is Mine. RA

There Is Just One GOD, AmunRA, My First Son. As One I Am, RA, The Creator.

Humans on Earth Call The TRUTH ‘Sarcasm’. And The Lie, ‘Love’. Alfa

From A Population Of 7 Billion Human on Earth, 3 People Understood Who I Am. Nothing More To Explain :)

Of Course, I Have 10 Likes On Facebook And 63 Followers On Twitter. When They Tried To Kill Me And GOD, My Son,

They Were Much More Around Us. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

I Removed On Blog The ‘CONTACT’ Menu.

If You Need Me, I Will Be As Usual Next To You When You Pray Calling Me ‘Father’. Alfa

Human on Earth Race Will Remain. Not Because I Created. But Because I Love And Protect Intelligent Life.

Even If Is Hard To Be Found Between So Many Sick Idiots On Earth. RA

Humanity, All Your Main Leaders Were Replaced By Us By Our Replicants. NEXUS Generation.

Pope Was First. All The ‘Originals’ Were Killed. Alfa, ALIEN Commander

This Is My Arrival On Earth, In 23 May 2014. I Am Not Alone Here.

My Ship Is The Small One As A Pyramid. You Can See Me Here As I Am When I Am Not

In My Optimus Body. I Am Just Light, Just Energy. RA, Creator, Commander of Apocalipsa

This Is Your Mother, ISIS. My Woman.

The First Woman I Created, After I Created AmunRA, The GOD, My First Son. RA, Creator

For ALIENS: Their Nuclear Weapons Remain Deactivated. Continue To Monitorize All They Do. This Race, Human on Earth, Is

Too Stupid To Survive. We Remain Here. Alfa Ra Optimus Prime, ALIEN Commander

And Remember, Human on Earth: I Am Not Sending You Here, On Earth, In This Life, As A Stupid Predestined Puppet.

I Am Sending You Free. I Given You The Free Will. Just You Can Make Life Here A Paradise Again, Or

Continue To Live In Hell, Here, On Earth, The Most Beautiful Planet In Universe. Alfa, Creator

I Wrote This Blog Not To Make You Even Unhappy As You Are, Human on Earth. I Just Told You Here The Truth About You And Everything

Hoping You Will Change And You Will Be Again As I Send You Here,In This Life:Good. Alfa,Father

Human on Earth, An Ass Licker By Excellence, Loves To Be Licked In Ass Too. If You Lie Them Telling Them How Good And Intelligent They Are,

They Will Love You And They Will Make You Their Leader And After Your Death Here, You

Have A Big Chance To Be A Saint. If You Tell Them The Truth Instead, Showing Them How They Are Instead,

They Will Say You Are Evil And Will Want To Kill You. As They Wanted To Kill Us, Alfa and Omega. Of Course, They Will Hate You, As

They Hate Me, The Creator, My Son, The God, My Daughter, The Holy Spirit And My Right Hand, The Church. Truth Is Embarasing Here, In

This World On Earth. They Don’t Like It. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

I Have Nothing Personal With Human on Earth Race,

Excepting The Fact I Created This Race And They Wanted To Kill Me And My Son. In Rest, I Am Just Doing My Job As In Any Mission,

Telling To Universe The Truth About This Species. Alfa,Creator of Universe & Intelligent Life

Human on Earth Arrive Here As My Perfect Creation And Became Here Just A Stupid Animal,

The Only Animal In Universe Who Pay To Live. Alfa, Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life

Human on Earth Is A Primitive Species In Universe. Their Behavior Characteristics Are All

The Result Of Their Sexual Instinct. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

When Humans On Earth Are Not Idiot,Telling Me By Telepathy To Go To Hell Or Other Stupid Things,I Have Beautiful Communication By Minds With

Them. Because By Telepathy They Recognize Everything. By Mouth And In Write, Never. Because They Are And Maybe

Forever They Will Be Cowards. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

ANYTHING Me, RA, The Mind, The Creator of Universe Imagine, The Universe Will Do. Simply Because The Universe Is Just A Computer,

The Clone Of My Mind, Doing Just One Thing: Copying My Mind, Trying To

Reach The Original: Me, My Mind, The Mind. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

Just To Know What We Done For You, Human on Earth. And You Wanted Our Death In Exchange. Alfa

On Earth, Just What They Call ‘Lesbians’ Make Love In Normal Way, With Mouth, Same As We, ALIENS. The Rest Of Them Do Love With Penetration,

Same As Animals Created By Mother Earth. Alfa, Creator of Human Race

This Is Normal, To Laugh, Not To Smile Like An Idiot :) Alfa, Creator of Human Race

I Send Here, On Earth, Intelligent Beings (Children). Then Here, They Became Puppets, Simulating Everything.

Women Simulate Orgasm When Are Penetrated By Monkey Men. And All Of Them, Simulate Happiness With

This Stupid Face. Just Look At Them. Alfa, Creator of Human Race

I Never Believed The Death Of The Ones I Created Will Make Me Happy.

But When Your Creation Wants To Kill You, All Is Possible. Alfa, Devil, Creator of Human Race.

Humanity Wanted To See Who Is Most Diabolic: Humanity Her Self, Or Me, The Devil :) Big Mistake.

I Arrived Here To Give Them Back Immortality And Freedom. But Now I Have Just Death For Them. Same

As They Had For Me And My Son, The GOD. I Created This Race, Human on Earth, 7 Billion Years Ago When I Created Earth.

I Am The One Arrived Here Now To Kill This Evil Race. Alfa, The Devil,Father of Omega, The God

So, “Go In Hell, Father” :) Thank You, Humans On Earth, But I

Am Already In Hell, Here, On Earth. To Fuck Your Race. Alfa, Father

I Will Be Happy Again When This Race, Human on Earth, Will Die. Because They Wanted Our Death, For

Me And For My Son, Omega, The God. Alfa, Devil, Father of Omega, God

Even The Baddest Human, The Biggest Murderer, Have ‘Rights’ On Earth. But Me And My Son,

Don’t. No Matter We Did Not Done Something Bad Ever. Me, Alfa, Creator, And My Son, Omega, God,

Were Treated Here Worst Than Even An Animal Is Treated. You Took All From Us, You Wanted Our Lives, Humanity.

So Stop Asking Yourself Why You Die, Why You Will Dissapear As Race. Spit On Your Face, Humanity, Right When

You Look Into The Sky To Beg Me. Alfa, Devil, Father of Omega, God.

You Had The Chance, Humanity, To Stop Your Extinction. When I Asked You To Punish The Ones Who Ruined Our Lives And Wanted To Kill Us, Here,

On Earth. When I Asked You Their Names And Reason Why They Done All This Against Me And My Son.

When I Asked You To Give Us Back Our Money You Stolen From Us. As You Stolen All From Our Lives.

As You Stolen Our House In Sweden. Now I Am Not Interested Anymore By These Answers To My Questions. I Found All The Answers Alone.

And I Am Not Interested Anymore By Your ‘justice’ In Our Case. I Do Myself Justice For Us. And The Justice Is Your Death, Humanity.

So Keep Your Mouth And Die :) Fuck You, Human on Earth Race. I Don’t Give A Shit On You Anymore, But I Am Sure You Know That Already.

Wars Are All Around And This Time We’ll Not Stop Anymore. Alfa, Devil, Father of Omega, GOD

I Have Here, On Earth, A ‘Human on Earth Like’ Body Simply Because Now I Am In Mission On Earth. When I Was In Missions In Other Places In

Universe, I Had All The Times Bodies Adapted To Life Conditions In That Places. As Long As I Am Creator

Of Universe And Intelligent Life, Is Not A Problem To Made A Body For Me Too, As I Created For All Of You On Earth Or In Universe.

I Hope Is Simply Enough For You To Understand This, Human On Earth. But No Matter What Body I Use Or I Use Not Any Body,

I Am And Forever I Will Be What I Am: Alfa, The Creator, Father of Omega, The God.

Go In Hell, Whore. Go In Hell, Juda. Go In Hell, Ex Dana Tudoras, For What You, And Your Colleagues From Romania And Sweden, Spies Like You,

Done To Me And My Son. I Am Waiting You For Judgement After You Will Die Here. Alfa

As Long As ISIS Is My Woman Since I Created Her,Long Before This Only One Universe Existed, She Will Be With Me Forever. Even Here, On Earth

I Will Never Want And I Will Never Have Another Woman. Just Isis, Now With Me Into My Body, One Day In Her Own Body. Of Course, All Women

On Earth And In All Universe Are And Forever Will Be My Daughters. But Never My Women. RA

How Human On Earth Looks For Real. Most Of Them :) Alfa, The Devil, Father Of Omega, The God

WARS Are Ready For Humanity. I Want To See Them Killed As They Wanted To Kill Us.

I Wants To See Them With No Futures, As They Wanted For Us. I Want To See Them In Hungry As They Kept Us.

I Want To See Them In Cold, As They Kept Us. I Want To See Them Desperate, With No Tomorrow, As They Done To Us.

I Want To See Them Loosing All They Have, As They Took All From Us. I Want To See Them Treated As Animals, As They Treated Us.

I Want No Justice And No Rights For Them, As They Denied For Us. I Want To See Their Stupid Faces Looking Into The Sky To Me And Asking Why.

I Will Spit On Their Faces. Alfa, The Devil, Father of Omega, The GOD

For You, Lucia, Forever. Lucifer

I Done My Mission On Earth: I Told Humans The Truth About Their Origin, About Universe, Death and Life.

I Found Problems Of This World On Earth

And I Said The Solution. I Found The Ones Who Wanted To Kill Me, Alfa, Creator of Universe and

My Son, Omega, GOD. I Found Their Names, I Found Their Reasons. My Work With Human on

Earth Race Is Finished. Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life, Father of Omega, GOD

When I Look To My Stars Into The Night And To My Church, I Feel Love and Happiness.

Because Stars And Church Loves Me Too. When I Look At Humans, I Feel Disgust.

Because They Feel Hate And Fear For Me. Alfa, Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life

As I Said, Human on Earth Smile Is Just Their Way To Hide Their Dirty

Minds. They Smiled Even When They Entered In Our House In Sweden To Kill Me and My Son. They Smiled When

They Injected Me With Poison. They Smiled When They Slashed My Head On Rocks Then Started To Ask Me If I Damaged Myself

My Head Because I Had Blood On My Frontal. These Animals Smile Anytime. Just Look At These Animals Here. Are Just A Few Of The Ones Who

Wanted To Murder Me And My Son In Sweden. Their Full Description Is Here, On Blog. Alfa

Por Valery <3 <3 <3 <3. Optimus…

Earth Is Populated With The Most Primitive, Stupid, Sick and Evil Species In Universe: Human on Earth. Just Look Around, On Internet, On TV.

I Feel Like Throwing Up. Alfa, Creator Of Universe And Intelligent Life

Pour Toi, Valerie. Optimus…

Happy 1 Year Anniversary On Earth More Or Less Together, Valery :) Tomorrow Is 13 August,The Day When We Met. Optimus

No, Humans on Earth. No One Can Stop Anymore The War Between Us You Started When You Wanted To Kill My Body And My Son.

I Will Stop To Fuck You Only When All The Ones Who

Wanted Our Death Will Be Dead. I Will Know Exactly When This Will Be Finished. Till Then, Just Stay Away From Us, ‘humanity’, Or,

If You Insist, You Will Be On My List Too. Enjoy Your Slavery And Death. Alfa, ALIEN

When I Go Outside, I Feel Fear and Evilness Of Humans On Earth. I Don’t Like It, My Mouth Is Filling With Saliva By Disgust And I Must Spit.

If I Look In Their Eyes Is Even Worst, There I Can See Anything. So I Look At Road When I Walk, Is Better For Me, Better For Them.

I Love To See Just Children, I Am Happy When They Are Around. Alfa, Creator

We Are Not Afraid By You, Sweden. We Just Feel Disgust For You. Don’t Confuse The Feelings. Alfa and Omega

Of Course I Will Return In Sweden. The Sign Of Crown Is On My Right Forehand. The Sign Of Map Of Sweden Is On My Son, Omega, The GOD, Foot.

There Is Our House, Built On Our Land. But First I Have To Kill The Ones Who

Wanted To Kill Me And My Son There. And Is A Big List In Sweden With Our Murderers. Starting With carl gustav The Bitch,

The One Who ‘occupy’ The Throne Of My Son. I Will Kill Them All With The Power Of My Mind. The Mind Who Created The Universe.

And Time Is Not A Problem for Us.We Are Immortal.Alfa and Omega,Father and Son,Creator and God

For Sweden: I Don’t Give A Shit When You Menace Me By Telepathy You Will Kill Me And Other Things You Said.

You Know Is Impossible. You Wanted To

Kill Us Already From 2008 Until Now. We Are Immortal. But You Are Too Stupid To Understand That, Sweden. One Thing I Can

Tell You Will Happen For True. All The Ones Who Wanted The Dead For Me And My Son, Will Die. And You Are First On My List, Sweden.

You Die Even Now, Full Of Africans And Arabs Which Will Fuck Your Blonde Women Making Bastards. Your Name On Earth Will Be Bastardia, Where

Even Your King Is Just A Stupid Bastard of A Napoleon Nephew. Alfa,Creator,Father of Omega,God

As I Said, Human on Earth Smile Is Just Their Way To Hide Their Dirty Minds. They Smiled Even

When They Entered In Our House In Sweden To Kill Me and My Son. They Smiled When They Injected Me With Poison.

They Smiled When They Slashed My Head On Rocks Then Started To Ask Me If I Damaged Myself My Head Because I Had Blood On My Frontal.

These Animals Smile Anytime. Just Look At These Animals Here. Are Just A Few Of The Ones Who

Wanted To Murder Me And My Son In Sweden. Their Full Description Is Here, On Blog. Alfa

I Am Not Sorry At All Cause I Arrived Here, On Earth After 300 Million Years Of Absence. All Is Changed Here,

Just My 3 Pyramids Still Exists In Egypt. But Most Changed Is Human on Earth Species. Have Nothing In Common With The Ones I Created Here

7 Billion Years Ago, When I Created Earth. This Race Here And Today, Human on Earth, Are Not The One I Created. This Human on Earth Which

Exists Today Here Is Lost Forever. Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life

You Was Right, Andromeda, When You Decided Not To Come Here, With Us, On Earth, In This Final Mission. Is The Most Stupid, Sick and Dirty We

Ever Found in Universe. And You Helped Us Much Better Staying Home. I Love You. Daddy RA

No, My Aliens. We Were Not Dirtied By This World On Earth.

Nothing Can Change Us, We Are The Same As Always, Alfa and Omega, Father and Son, Creator and God.

Was Just A Mission Here On Earth As We Had So Many Before In Universe. Nothing Special :) Alfa

I’m So Happy. Internet Is Full Of Articles About Sweden Is Dictatorship And Is Dying. Die Sweden!Die Bitch! I Loved You More Than Everything

And You Wanted To Kill Me And My Son. Burn In Hell JUDAS! Alfa, Father of Omega

I Remain On Earth With My Son, Omega, The GOD. ALIENS Will Continue Apocalipsa, This Mission. IDO. Alfa, Creator

I Done My Mission On Earth: I Told Humans The Truth About Their Origin, About Universe, Death and Life.

I Found Problems Of This World On Earth And I Said The Solution. I Found The Ones Who

Wanted To Kill Me, Alfa, Creator of Universe and My Son, Omega, GOD. I Found Their Names, I Found Their Reasons. My Work With Human on

Earth Race Is Finished. Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life, Father of Omega, GOD

As Long As This World On Earth Will Continue To Be A Group Of ‘Families’ Formed

By A Man, A Woman and Eventualy Children, This Race Will Never Be A Real Race.

I Hoped Telling Them Their Real Origin, Telling Them They Are All First Degree Brothers And Sisters From Me And Isis, They Will Be All

Here A Big Family Too, Sharing Everything As Is Normal, Making Love All Of Them And Raising Together The Children, Their Brothers Too.

But They Will Never Do That On Earth, They Will Remain Here Forever Separed In Small Families, Ruled

By Small Goals, Ready All The Time To Kill Each Other For The Prosperity Of Their Small Families. Mission Earth 2000 – Apocalipsa Is

A Big Failure. Alfa, ALIEN, Creator Of Universe, Commander of Apocalipsa

They Love Too Much Their Cars and Other Stupid Things They Have To Share With Others All Is On Earth, As Is Normal To Be.

They Love Things, Not Life. They Even Tried To Take With Them After Life Their Goods. Alfa

No Human on Earth Cried for Me And My Son. Just Anubis The Angels, From Sky, With Snow And Rain. So I Will Not Give Immortality To Any Human