For Andromeda: What Human was when i created and what is now. From Prince to Beast. Optimus


Old generations transmit to new ones all is bad here. Optimus

For Andromeda: Human Species on Earth have no chance for a normal evolution.

This world was not created by you so the only right you have here is to live your life.

Human, you will have the 'right' to make rules and laws when you will create your own world.

You have a problem. We don't want money. We want all back. PRIMES

Worms, how do you want to be taxed? For last 300 million years? Or just for last ERA of you of 5000 years?

The fact i permitted you to live on Earth don't give you other right than to live here. To live your own life.

Even when you breath you use them.

Human on Earth, do you really want to ask you for 'taxes' for these? You use them every second, for everything you 'build'.

No, we don’t go back on Andromeda. We have to finish our mission here. And we’ll finish.

I am ENGINEER. The ENGINEER of The Universe. The Creator.

We are not Saints or other stupid things you have in your primitive minds. We are ENGINEERS.

For Andromeda: Human on Earth can’t produce energy. They just stole from environment. Optimus

Message to Earth – from RA, The Creator


own NOTHING on Earth! Because you created NOTHING. Just transformed what i gived you from start.

in prisons for varied reasons except murder? Who? The Creator? No, i did not gived you these rights. And remember, you

Who gived you the right to ask for taxes to others to let them live on Earth? Who gived you the right to put others

How Intelligent Species looks in Universe and why you can't contact them

Just for curiouses: How Life is on other evolved Planets and Not Only in All Universe

How stupid your scientists on Earth are. As i said, they are the most idiot creatures. How they look for ET :)

(love is for stupid Aliens). So SEX. Sex is for money so is your favorite game here on Earth. What a wonderful world :)

tons of lies, monkeys trying to rule and to lie normal people, bad science, fake art...bla bla bla Oh, forgot what you like most: SEX

GOOD MORNING TERRA :) What we have in menu for today? Some wars, lot of poverty,

i saw: your famous number PI :) Better PEE :)

when this stupid subscience of you another subscience is based on the biggest anomaly

Now for serious Human from Earth: why fuck children mind with trigonometry (for example, but list of your stupid science is infinite)

For ALIENS :) : Another monster of human thinking (after number PI): Einstein formula E=m*c (square)

This your world is full of pigs. Fat pigs who forgot they have just one stupid life to live. Nothing more.Optimus

You are just a human.

for the rest of his life here on Earth. Killing him you became murderer too. Just Me, The Creator, can kill. Because i am Death.

Who gived you the right to take other life? Even for one who killed? This was the right punishment: COMPLETE ISOLATION

Dreaming your victims every night. You are a zombie, murderer!

For murderers: this is my gift for you - a slowly death, in 10 years, feeling my breath in your back every second.

Arabs, why you drilled my Pyramids and put inside your stinky priests? This is how you protected my name? Ra

We Protect Intelligent Life I Created and Kill Non Intelligent Life created by accident here, on Terra.

I am Ra, The Creator of Universe. And Intelligent LIFE.