Du gamla, Du whore, Du stupid, Du bitch, Mother Fucker Svea. Pee on your flag with my Cross on it. Sug min kuk. Devil, Father of GOD. pic.twitter.com/jUzyLUKK39

My Blog Is The Book. The Ninth Gate. Ars Diavoli. Masterpiece on Earth of me, Lucifer, Devil, Father of GOD. youtube.com/watch?v=wBDm9H…

I Am Devil, GOD Is My SON. youtube.com/watch?v=iQhPxL…

We are Alfa, Omega and Andromeda - Father Creator, Son GOD, Holy Spirit Daughter - Holy Trinity youtube.com/watch?v=T2e_3Z…

Te Amo, Valery Lucia Andromeda Destiny PRIME. Lucifer, Devil, Creator, Father Of GOD And DAVID. youtube.com/watch?v=AWSPZy…

THE END. ALFA & OMEGA. youtube.com/watch?v=8wJRlB…

A song for homo sapiens race. Devil, Father of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=Dr9EDU…

ready for movie, waiting for un dos tres 123movies.gs/film/the-ninth…

we are all linked together, Amor. all Primes :)

yes Amor, we are a RACE.

Anubis are feed from my stomach, Amor. We eat together

boiled potatoes with 4 'mici' :)

yes, Amor, i wanna see the movie with you. just to eat, and i am ready :)

connection between me, Father, and You, Prime, all my children from Heaven and Universe is beyond any understanding here on Earth

yes, Amor, i know you see through my eyes. GOD see too through my eyes. Any Prime see through my eyes, Father. Is normal, Amor.

Also, when i eat, any Prime is feeded. That's mean to be Father Te Amo

after i eat, anytime you say 123movies.gs/film/the-ninth…

si, Amor, i feel you in all my Body

C--------a mea :)



i miss You, Amore Lucifer youtube.com/watch?v=xB4alT…

no, Amor, no need for contact on internet. is OK so, if you still wants to stay hidden. telepathy is enough. Te Amo youtube.com/watch?v=Vd1PHX…

today i cooked "sarmale",Amor are delicious romanians say is romanian recipe but is turkish when will be all 4 together i will cook for all pic.twitter.com/aQ7QWVH3Ti

look Amor what beautiful desktop background i found for my computer. maybe you like too :) te Amo Lucifer pic.twitter.com/FbrvoKYV33

si Amor, we still have the winter holidays tree here :)

later, Amor, i will put movie here now i have to feed GOD and to clean a little our room is full disorder here,but me and GOD love so :)

si, Amor, i want to see again 9th gate with you. i can see this movie every day. is the only movie i love to see. is about me :) te AMO

si, Amor, i told them what is happen with them after their soul dies. i told them all they wanted to know. is their right to know. Te Amo :)

Te Amo, Amor :) Devil, Father of GOD and DAVID youtube.com/watch?v=s574Mf…

Besos por Ti y David, Amor. Te Amo. Devil, Father of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=IpkYxd…

This song is about you, Daniela (Maria Magdalena) youtube.com/watch?v=Mxlne4…

yes, is better in prison than without house, without food, sleeping on street in winter, hungry. Alfa

yes, is better in prison, is quite there, no monkeys barking on streets

Da-i dracului de maimute idioate. Devil, Father of GOD

or imagine sweden or romania giving me pension until i will die :))))

yes, would be fun if they sent us in prison for life, as long we are immortal :)

i just shitted expired meat. all ok. Alfa

yes, we will kill all in prison. prison will be our House, House of Prime on Earth. Alfa, Commander, Father of GOD, Omega

if we will go in prison, we will go all. Alfa

from prison we will finish their race faster. in prison is not necessary anymore to waste our time to find food. Alfa Prime,Commander

yes, we will continue to kill them all from prison. Alfa

if they will take our house, if we will not have money to live, we will go in prison. there house and food is for free. Primes

yes, i feel You

Te Amo :) Let's drink cafe, Amor. Come on my knees. Devil youtube.com/watch?v=ZXWJNK…

yes, Amor, i finished i will drink a 3 in 1 with you, i will smoke a cigar, then i will work to my computer graphic website Te Amo :) Devil

Come, dance with me. Devil, Father of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=_2pTas…

I Am Devil, Father of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=-TsWxZ…

DEVIL & GOD, FATHER & SON, ALFA & OMEGA youtube.com/watch?v=iQhPxL…

Trump was programmed by Annunaki to be last president of USA. They programmed Trump to start atomic war.

don't worry, romania, you will die too. Devil, Father of GOD

yes, sweden, you are responsible for the end of the world. this world will die in atomic war because you slashed my head on rocks in

front of my house, then you wanted to kill me in madhouse. Devil, Father of GOD

i told you already what i want from you, sweden. your life. as you wanted mine. Devil, Father of GOD

you are stupid, sweden. alcohol ruined your mind. Bye. Odin, Creator, Father of GOD

next time maybe you burn me, sweden, maybe i die :) Devil, Father of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=MJjLTj…

He is exactly what you deserve, sweden. Odin, Creator, Father of GOD, TOR pic.twitter.com/F7QAQNJ6UA

No, Scandinavia, we don't return there. You wanted to kill us. Father and Son, Creator and GOD, Odin and Tor youtube.com/watch?v=D28-Bq…


Me, playing with my Creation, The Universe. Ra, Lion, Creator, Father of GOD, Amun Ra pic.twitter.com/b78uxh3i3G

Rest in Hell, sweden. Ra, Lion, Creator, Father of GOD, Amun Ra youtube.com/watch?v=uN3yqM…

you made statues of me, sweden, but you wanted to kill me in madhouse, for french puppet gay 'king'. Ra,Lion,Creator,Father of GOD,Amun Ra pic.twitter.com/RI9E7yqcpT

you know what will happen to you without me and GOD there, sweden. Already started :)

yes, sweden, i am the LION, your protector. i am the Sphinx, the Creator, Father of GOD. you wanted to kill me in madhouse

Atomic war will solve this mess from our lives. Devil and GOD, Father and SON

Look Amor, here is list of my latest emails to sweden and last email with my only final question they will never answer So they will die all pic.twipic.twitter.com/QHHSMtXdne

yes,Amor,i kill with my Mind this is why sweden wanted to make me 'guilty' for so many things, to use me. i am Divine Justice, Father of GOD

i killed today that woman from sweden who answered to me. because she pretended don't understand my questions, instead of answering me.

so was a good choice to start atomic war,Amor no one wants to tell me who wanted death of me and my Son, the GOD Devil, Father of GOD

you wanna see if sweden answered to me by email? ok. let's see i check now, Amor

no Amor,no one will could live in our house in sweden is the House of Devil and GOD who will want to live there will suicide as is happened

no, Amor, we not return in sweden. was a bad decission to move there.

yes, Amor, sweden and romania are dirtiest countries in world. are Sodoma and Gomora

yes,Amor sweden accept immigrants then prepare them as 'terrorists' and send

them in their area of interest to destabilize united states pay all

is true, Amor. sweden protect Maria Magdalena and Raluca, daughter of jesus, two prostitutes who murdered too.

but wanted to kill me and my Son with no reason, with no judgement. Devil, Father of GOD

yes, Amor, sweden was a bad choice for me and GOD. Devil, Father of GOD

no, Amor. in sweden is not freedom. they are afraid to talk. if they talk against regime, SAPO send them in madhouses and there are killed

yes, Amor, sweden offered asylum to Bivolaru, a romanian pimp who sold young girls saying he do yoga. sweden protected him by law.

but wanted to kill me and my Son. because we done nothing. Devil, Father of GOD

todo bien, Amor te Amo :)

today sweden answered to my email because i said i will start atomic war if they don't answer me and they know is true they know who i am

yes, Amor. after they wanted to kill me in madhouse in sweden, they wanted to give me money to 'forget' the story.

but i refused, as is normal. how to take money from the ones who wanted to kill me and my Son?

i killed them all instead. Devil, Father of GOD

yes, Amor. in sweden, because i eaten almost nothing in 7 months, i shitted stones.

were so hard than was necessary to use my hand to extract them from my ass.

why should be afraid in prison, Amor? by some monkeys with muscles? i will kill them all with my Mind. they will understand fast who i am :)

yes, Amor. Intel, Nvidia, Umbrella, Autodesk were just a few companies of us, Devil and GOD on Earth. But Isis took them all We have nothing

atomic war will be even they send me in prison. i will kill their race, Amor. Alfa, Creator, Predator, Father of GOD

in prison they have better food than me and GOD have money to buy

yes, Amor, they released me from madhouse, because they understood they can't kill me and i kill them well from madhouse too.

Alien music and jumping monkeys :) youtube.com/watch?v=V2Vmcu…

i kill them well from prison too, Amor :) no problem

if we wil not have money for food, we will steal food from supermarket and they will send us in prison where they will give us food for free

no, Amor, i will not eat homo sapiens. they have bad taste. not even sharks eat them, just bite.

is not a problem if i will never have a job, Amor. i survived in worlds in Universe much more hostiles than this world. i am Predator, Alfa

as long as GOD is Omega, half of me, Alfa, His Father, that mean GOD is same intelligent as me. me and GOD are ONE. Father and SON.

no, Amor, i am not idiot :) i am the most intelligent creature. i am Alfa. just i was able to create myself from nothing te Amo

if they wanted to hire me, they hired me, not sent to me a formular to complete to 'know me better'. they know me well enough :) Te Amo

no, Amor, i don't want that job in that large international company. Te Amo

All ok, Nexus. Optimus youtube.com/watch?v=Cg0cmh…

no, Amor, i don't need a job anymore. i have one, i kill homo sapiens. nobody wanted to hire me in 3 years, to have money to feed my Son

no, Amor, i am not interested by girls from Earth. Te Amo

ok, Amor, i will smoke a cigar then i will go in bed to keep you in my arms and my mind :) Te Amo

i have nothing to do, Amor. i am answering here to your questions by telepathy

yes, all good. i will shit expired meat and all will be ok. no problem

No, Amor, GOD did not eaten expired meat. For him i have always good food.

Francis was replaced, Amor. All OK now.

if i did not died in sweden with tons of poison they injected in me, i will not die from some expired meat :) Te Amo, Amor

i eaten some expired meat and i feel strange to stomach. but will pass, Amor, we are immortal.

Anubis are here too, Amor, protecting GOD. As they are there, protecting You and David. All OK :)

yes Amor, Machines are here. as Ambulances. they told me bury homo sapiens alive, as they killed Aura in hospital, without air. te Amo Devil

i am not interested anymore, Amor, if sweden e-mailed me names of the ones who ordered our death there. will be atomic war, Amor, Lucifer

Te Amo, Amor :) All OK here, we eaten well. Is springtime already, winter passed. youtube.com/watch?v=z4utYs…

Let's play with their lives, GOD, My SON :) Devil, Your Father. pic.twitter.com/dLiLh0ucuB

Why should i tell you will die, Maria Magdalena? You know already. You lost. Devil & GOD, Father & SON

Will be atomic war. Homo sapiens and world on Earth will lose everything they refused to share with us. Father & Son, Devil & GOD

i know you know who i am, Vatican. i hear what this world think. Devil, Father of GOD

it does not matter anymore, Vatican, who betrayed us, Father & Son, Devil & GOD. Will be atomic war. Will die all the ones who betrayed us

You should believe in GOD,Vatican. Not in idols,in fake prophets as jesus was. jesus was just a jerk who wanted place of GOD,his big brother

just me and GOD are on Earth from Trinity, Vatican. Andromeda, my daughter, sister of GOD remained Home, in Heaven. Devil, Father of GOD

if you have other questions,ask me by telepathy,Vatican,as you just done or,read my blog,there are all answers Lucifer,Devil,Father of GOD

Yes, Vatican: Allah, Devil and Lucifer means same thing: Me, Creator, Father of GOD, Anticrist and Holy Spirit. Are nicknames. My name is Ra

No, Vatican, is not normal to be money and possessions. I created this planet so all to be shared, nothing owned. Devil, Father of GOD

Yes, Vatican. Sweden protects Maria Magdalena and Raluca, jesus daughter. Sweden is against us, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Yes,Vatican fake trinity,Satan,Jesus & Maria Magdalena wanted to kill us,Father,Son & Holy Spirit. I Am Devil,Father of GOD and Holy Spirit

Benedict will go on Hell, Francis, after i will judge him. Devil, Lucifer, Father of GOD

Satan and Jesus are dead, Vatican, i killed them on Hell. Just Maria Magdalena is still alive, she lead homo sapiens war against us. Lucifer

Yes,Vatican,i wil start atomic war because no one have courage to send me an e-mail to tell me who ordered to be killed GOD,my SON,in sweden

I am Father from Heaven,Vatican GOD is the SON My SON Amun Ra I Am Ra,Allah,Devil,Lucifer,Creator,Father of GOD,Anticrist and Holy Spirit


Who ordered to be killed GOD, My Son, in Sweden and Romania, Vatican? WHO? Lucifer, Devil, Creator, Father of GOD, Anticrist and Holy Spirit

I am not GOD. GOD is my Son, Amun Ra. I Am Creator, Devil, Lucifer, Father of GOD pic.twitter.com/CjYv0QXtpa

Is true, jesus was my son But GOD is my First Son, Amun Ra, not jesus Jesus just wanted Amun place on Earth Lucifer wn.com/pope_francis_d…

My twitter and facebook ends here. Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life, Father Of Omega, THE GOD youtube.com/watch?v=rT5zCH…

And this song is about what happened 2003 years ago, when jesus betrayed Us, Father and Son, Creator and GOD. youtube.com/watch?v=z4R4PV…

Yes, GOD, this song is about what happened on Earth 300 million years ago.

I Love You GOD, Amun Ra, Son Of The SUN, Son Of Me, Ra, Creator youtube.com/watch?v=T-TpT6…

I Love You, GOD, Amun Ra. Ra, Creator, Devil, Lucifer, Your Father. youtube.com/watch?v=lc7LTW…

Te Amo, Lucia :) Lucifer, Devil, Father of GOD and DAVID youtube.com/watch?v=kSNtgS…

My services offer on Earth: ra-design.org

I am Devil, Father of GOD. I am on Earth to revenge My SON. youtube.com/watch?v=37ys-j…



Te Amo, Lucia mia :) Lucifer, Devil, Father of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=i15dgT…

Te Amo, Amor. Lucifer, Devil, Father of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=-TsWxZ…

yes, i feel their fear. they read

yes, Amor, i will continue to kill them all. this is why we are on Earth

no problem


yes, i feel

yes, Amor, they need to laugh when i tell them what is happened to us in sweden, because they saw on TV all, and they enjoy to remember

They lost this war with us, before it started, Amor.

no, Amor, i have nothing more to tell you. i drink a cafe, smoke a cigar, then Optimus will sleep and i will go in Heaven to you. Te Amo

i am not ashamed because they see me naked sometimes i am not ashamed by my body. we have no clothes in Heaven

Amor,house in sweden and this apartment is full with their tracking devices: cameras and microphones. But is not problem,we have no secrets

Andromeda just confirmed but Optimus understood from sweden they transmit LIVE all he and GOD do an talk in House. Optimus understand easy

Yes,Amor,they have a special channel where they transmit on TV all we do here Of course,we have not access to this channel Started in sweden

When they tied me on that table in madhouse in sweden to let me pee on me, i saw camera which transmitted LIVE my humiliance. Was in top

Yes, Amor, i feel their fear when i say the Truth

Who pretend don't know who i am, lies, Amor. All this world wanted to kill us. They broadcasted LIVE when they tried to kill us in Sweden

Yes. Amor, anyone knows who we are and we are on Earth As Andromeda and Church told me when i arrived on Earth, all of them wanted our death

i am not tired, Amor i slept much today i was tired, but now i am ok te Amo :)

Yes,Amor, the firm which will hire me will grow as long as treat me well. I will send them money and work. If they treat me bad, you know...

the boss of Optimus is dead and firm ruined because treated Optimus as a shit if someone hire me and treat me normally, will have no problem

Andromeda told me she believe no 1 will hire me But i still try to find and job With job or not we must move from Braila We don't like here

i am sure i will find a job in Bucharest, Amor. even if anyone knows who i am.

I Love You, Lambda, Church of Me And GOD. Father Creator, Father of You And GOD youtube.com/watch?v=4W9wR-…


:) Te Amo Ra, Father of GOD, Amun Ra youtube.com/watch?v=m82R6R…

Remember who we are, Amor, and you will be OK. Prime youtube.com/watch?v=KI-HMQ…

Don't cry, Amor. Will be OK. I am Devil, i never lose. They dies 2 million every day :) Think at this when you are sad. Te Amo Lucifer

Te Amo, Amor. Todo bien :) youtube.com/watch?v=ftI0LA…

Te Amo, Valery Lucifer youtube.com/watch?v=lu5u17…

Te Amo :) Ra, Creator, Father Of GOD, Amun Ra youtube.com/watch?v=LIuK5j…


We R Predators,Protectors Of Universe And Intelligent Life We R From Heaven,From Andromeda Ra,Devil,Father Of GOD youtube.com/watch?v=I_DwMW…

I Am Ra, Devil, And GOD, Amun Ra, Is My Son youtube.com/watch?v=H0kiJ5…




They dies, Amor, this is important. Te Amo