For The Ones Who Wanted To Kill Me And My Son: Unfortunatelly For You, Andromeda, Or Holy Spirit As You Know Her Better, She Is My Daughter.

She Is Controller Of Universe And See And Hear Everything. And She Remember Everything. So You Have No Chance To Escape. Tomorrow I Will

Continue The List Of Our Murderers From Sweden And Romania. All Of Them. Alfa,Father of Omega.

This One Is Jan Forsberg. Realtor. He Delayed For Almost 3 Months The Process To Buy Our House.

They Need This Time To Fill Our House With Surveillance Systems To Know All We Talk, All We Do. They Used Special

Bulbs Capable 2 Transmit Images From Our House To Them Using The Power Network And I2C Protocol. Also,They Put In Our House Devices Who Sent

Images And Sound By Radio. The House Was Full of Them. This Man Is The One Who, After I Contacted Him Telling We Wants to Sell The House,

Initially Said He Will Do The Job, Then He Did Not Answered To Any Of My E-mails. Simply Because Sweden Wants To Take That House From

Us For Nothing. Same As Sweden Wanted to Take Our Lives Too, After Ruined All Around Us. Alfa

This One Is Metin Aydin. He Pretends He Is Architect But Is Spy.

He Is The One Who Asked Me When I Went In Romania To See If My Wife Is Alive If I Agree

To An Exchange of Spies. He Is The One Who Told Me All The Time To Send My Wife To Hell And To Stop To

Try To Understand What and Why Is Happen To Me And My Son. He Is The One Who Sent Me Photos With Mad Houses To Make Me Understand What

They Will Do To Me If I Don’t Stop To Look For The Truth. He Is From Denmark. Alfa

This One Is The One Who Told Me They Will Took Me In Mad House If I Will

Continue To Search For My Wife And I Will Try To Find What Is Happen. This Is The One Who Told Me They

Are Everywhere, Me And My Son Have No Escape.Of Course,They Took Me In Mad House To Kill Me After They Told Me In Stockholm My Wife Is Spy.

This Man Pretends He Is Artist, But Of Course Another Is His Real Job. His Name Is Bo Grundell And Lives In

Filipstad, Where Our House Is. The House Where They Entered To Kill Me And My Son. Alfa

This Woman Is One Of The Monsters Who Tried To Kill Me And My Son In Sweden, In 2008. Her Name Is Eva Lena Svensson.

I Will Continue With All Of Them. Alfa, Creator, Father of Omega, GOD

Pinocchio (Human on Earth),

Tell Us A Story Before We Go To Sleep. Who And Why Wanted To Kill Us? Alfa,Commander of ALIENS

What I Want From You, Human on Earth? NOTHING. Just Wanted To Give You Back Freedom.

But You Are Happy To Be Slave. Alfa, Father

No, They Are Not Totally Stupid. They Understood Well Who We Are. They Are Just Bitches Pretending They Did Not. Alfa

Still Don’t Believe I Am Who I Am, Human on Earth? I Don’t Think So.

When You Decided To Kill Us You Was So Sure We Are Who We Are. What’s Your Problem Now? You Like To Look Absurd?

Better Stay Just Stupid. Alfa, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life, Father of Omega, GOD

To Kill You All Is Not A Solution For A New Beginning For You, Human on Earth.

Because Just The Good Ones Gets Re Incarnation From Me. Is Not Your Case. To Kill You All Means The End Of Your Race. Forever.

A Race I Created 7 Billion Years Ago. When I Created This Planet. Alfa, Creator

I Hate You, Human on Earth, Cause I Created You Good And Strong

And You Are Now Just A Bitch Greed For Money. Fuck Your Race. Alfa, Your Creator

Your Arrogance Is Just The Mask You Use To Try To Hide Your Nothingness,

Human on Earth. Alfa, Creator, Father of Omega, God

Human on Earth, The Evil From You Is Not Me, The Devil. I Created Universe And Intelligent Life. I Given You My Heart When I Created You.

I Put There Faith And Fear To Show You The Way And To Keep You Away From Troubles. You Spread Just Death All Around. The Evil Is You.

I Am Just The Devil, The Creator, Father Of GOD. Alfa, Father of Omega

So :) From 7 Billion Alive, 6 Billions Waited For Me, Alfa, The Creator.

1 Billion Waiting For Jesus, They Named Me Devil And Wanted To Kill Me And My Son,

Omega, The God. The Problem Is: Where Are The 6 Billion Who Waited For Us, Alfa and Omega, Creator and God, Father and Son?

Nobody Knows :) Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life, Father of Omega, The God

We Send On Earth Angels (Children). Here They Are Trained To Became Monsters. Alfa, Creator of Universe

Yes, Human on Earth, I Write On This Blog To Fuck Your Happiness, As You Fucked Our.

No, Humans on Earth, We’ll Not Kill You. You’ll Do It Yourself As Always. Alfa, ALIEN

Because In Universe Time Don’t Exists, Just Human on Earth Have ‘time’, In A ‘second’

On Earth, The Number Of Events In Universe Is Infinite. Boo :) Alfa, Master of Universe

I Am Your Mirror, Human On Earth. Just Look Into My Eyes And You Will See Your Monstrosity.

Or Easier, Read My Blog, Here You Will DIscover Exactly What You Are. Alfa, ALIEN

Human on Earth Hate Me Cause I Am Telling The Truth.Human on Earth Love Just Liars. Alfa,ALIEN

These Humans on Earth Are Like Dogs. This Is Why They Loves Dogs So Much. Humans on Earth Bark All The Time. Humans on Earth Is Happy To

Serve Their Masters. Humans on Earth Are Happy When Their Masters Give Them

A Bowl Of Food If They Are ‘Good’. Humans On Earth Can’t Live In Freedom, Just In Leash. Humans On Earth Wait For Orders And

Is Happy To Execute. Human On Earth Bite And Kill The Ones Who Attack Their Master. Human on Earth Is Slavishly. Human on Earth Is A DOG.

A Stupid Dog, Nothing More. Human On Earth Hate Wolfs. Because They Are Free. Alfa, ALIEN

These Idiots Om Earth Have ID Cards To Remember Their Name And Their Birthdate. When They Lose The ID Cards They Are Nothing. Now Their

Leaders Wants To Put Chips In Their Ass To See What They Do And Say All The Time. And Of Course, They Do Nothing About This.

They Love To Be Fucked By The Ones Who Rule Them. Of Course, They Kill The Ones Who Wants To Give Them Back Freedom.

Just Look In Their History, Just Look At How They Wanted To Kill Us. Alfa, ALIEN

I Am Not Ashamed To Write About Us, Valery. In Fact Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Here. I Am Not Penetrating You As Monkeys And Humans on Earth

Do With Their Women. I Will Never ‘Park’ My Stupid Dick Into Your Stargate, The Stargate Used

By Children To Arrive Here. I Am Not Ashamed At All, Valery, I Have No Reason To Be. Alfa

Is A Problem Here, Valery: When You Are With Me, You Wanna Be Alone, You Have No Time For Me. When You Leave Me, You Want Me Back. Why You

Want Me So Much As Long As I Am Just Last Problem In Your Daily Schedule? For You I Am Nothing. For Universe I Am Everything.

Universe Loves Me,Not You. Church Loves Me,My Children Loves Me,My Aliens Loves Me. They Are With Me All The Time. For Them I Am Everything

As They Are Everything For Me. But, Of Course, My Door Is Opened For You As Always. Alfa

I Don’t Understand You, Valery, If You Feel ‘Alone’ Or You Wanna Be ‘Alone’. You Know My E-mail, You Know My Phone Number, You Know Where

I Am. When You Will Want To Be With Me Forever, Just Give Me A Sign and Talk With Me Again. Ra

Am Bored To Hear Them Into My Mind Telling This Is Their Planet.

I I Will Stop Telepathy For Stupid Humanoids on Earth. I Want To Sleep. Alfa

Andromeda Told Me Now There Is A Protocol On Earth About How Any ALIEN Must Be Killed.

So This Is Why They Wanted To Kill Us. This Is Why No One Make Justice For Us.

So Is A Right Decission To Kill Human On Earth Race.I Am Happy Cause I Decided Well.Alfa,ALIEN

Andromeda, Open Access To Memory For Human On Earth.

Open Pandora Box. They Will Find Many Reasons There To Start WW3. Alfa

Thank You So Much, International Court of ‘justice’ Cause You Did Not Answered To My Letter Where I

Asked You To Make Justice For Me And My Son. Your Non Answer Helped Me To Decide What Aliens

Expected From Me For More Than One Year: The End Of This World. Alfa, ALIEN Commander

Let’s Make These Idiots On Earth To Have What They Want: WW3. Alfa, ALIEN Commander

Yes, Humanity. I Am Your Number One Enemy. Because You Took Everything From Us And

You Treated Us As Animals, Doing Your Best To Kill Us. Alfa, ALIEN

Is Not Necessary To Fight With These Animals, With Humans on Earth. Let’s Make Them To Kill Each Other As They Done Every 5000 Years

. Then We’ll Create Our World Here. Alfa, ALIEN Commander

Here On Earth, Just Human on Earth Have Rights. We Aliens Can Be Killed As Animals.As They Tried So Hard To Kill Me And My Son In Sweden and

Romania. After They Ruined Us. To Have ‘Rights’ On Earth We Must Finish This Human on Earth Race.

This Is Why We Are Here. To Kill These Worms. Alfa, Commander of Apocalipsa, ALIEN

No Court On Earth Will Make Justice For Aliens. Nobody Gives A Shit On How Me And My Son Were

Treated In Sweden And Romania When They Took All From Us And Entered In Our House To Kill Us. We Must Make

Justice Ourselves. Let’s Continue To Kill Human on Earth Race. Alfa, Commander of Apocalipsa

I Know To Smile,Valery. I Know To Laugh Too.But Only When I Have A Reason. I Am Serious In Photos Because I Can’t Smile Like An Idiot To Me

I Told You You Will Not Be Happy Without Me. I Still Look At Your Wall On Facebook. I Created You For Me.

Just For Me. And My Heart Is In Your Chest. She Can’t Be Happy Without Me In Your Life. Alfa

The Story Is Simple Valery. Just Read Here, Maybe You Will Finally Understand. Alfa

Valery, As Long As You Will Believe What Humans Said On Discovery Channel, We’ll Never Be Together.

They Will Never Recognize Me, The Creator Exist.

They Will Never Recognize We, ALIENS, Exists And We Are Here. You Told Me You Are Ashamed To Tell Our Son His Father Is ALIEN. I Am

ALIEN, Valery, Not Monkey. I Am Proud By What I Am. I Am Sure Our Son Would Be Proud Too By What I Am When He Will Grow And Will Understand.

Only You Refuse To Understand Anything. Our Son Is Not The Result Of Your Love With A Monkey Here, On Earth.

Children Comes From Another Place In Universe. But Of Course, You Will Never Believe This.Alfa

For Daniela Tudoras,The Bitch Who Sold My Son,THE GOD. In Romanian, To Be Sure She Will Understand: Ne Doare Fix In Pula De Lumea Asta De Pe

Terra Care Impreuna Cu Tine A Incercat Sa Ne Omoare. Noi Nu Sintem De Aici, Asa Cum Bine Stii.

O Sa Crapi, Dar Linistea Nu Ti-o Vei Gasi Niciodata. Acum Stii Cine Sint. Alfa, The Devil,

Adica Dracu’, Ca Sa Intelegi Tu. Tatal Lui Dumnezeu, Cel Pe Care L-ai Vindut Tu, Tirfa! IUDA!

Go In Hell, Daniela Tudoras, Cause You Sold My Son To This World on Earth. You Will Never Find Peace,

Not Even After You Will Die Here. I Promise You. Alfa, Devil, Father of Omega, God

Valery, You Must Make Peace With Isis, Your Mind, Not With Me.

You Are Isis Body And You Did Not Accepted Her. You Did Not Accepted What You Are. Isis Is Here, With Me, Into My Body, Optimus.

Optimus Accepted We Both Inside Him. If And When You Will Make Peace With Isis, Your Mind, When You Will Accept Your Destiny,

I Am Sure Will Be Better For You. And When Isis Will Be In You She Will Return To Me, With You, Her Body Together. She Loves Me.

Then You Will Be Complete, Body And Mind As I Am With Optimus, My Body. RA, Isis Man

Is Not Necessary Humanity To Punish Daniela Tudoras. Because You Was Together With Her Against Us. So You, Humanity,

Will Die Now Together With Your Loved Daniela Tudoras Together. Murderers. Alfa

If All This World Done What A Bitch, Daniela Tudoras Wanted, Trying So Hard To Kill Us,

Then This World Protected Her So Hard, That Mean This World Was Ruled By That Bitch. So Honey, I Am Home.

Divine Justice Exists Even for You, Daniela Tudoras, The Bitch Who Ruled The World. Alfa,Devil

Do You Remember, ‘humanity’, When You Said In Sweden, To My Body, To Optimus, You Are Everywhere And He And My Son Can Not Escape?

We Remember All. Well, I Will Tell You The Same: We, ALIENS Are In All Universe.

Everywhere. And You Have No Chance To Escape, Human on Earth. I Will Kill You. Alfa

Start WARS On Earth. I Wanna See Them Killing Theirselves. ALFA

Not ALIENS Wanted To Kill Us. ALIENS We Are. Human on Earth Is The One Who Done That.

Human on Earth Is The Murderer. Human on Earth Will Die. Alfa, ALIEN

I Am Alfa, The Devil, The Lucifer, The Master of Universe. I Am On Earth To Kill You, Human on Earth Race.

Because You Wanted To Kill My Son, Omega, The GOD And My Body, Optimus, In Sweden, in 2008, Then In Romania.

My Mission Is Your Death,Human on Earth. ALFA,ALIEN,Commander of Mission Earth 2000–Apocalipsa

You Knew It Very Well Who We Are, Vatican, United States, Romania and Sweden. This Is Why You Done Even The ‘Impossible’ To Kill Us.

But Impossible Is Impossible. Alfa, Devil Father of Omega, God

You Wanted To Play With Our Lives, Human on Earth.

Now Is My Turn. Alfa, The Devil, Father of Omega, The GOD

Kill Human on Earth Race. I Want Them To Die In Pain, Loneliness, Cold and Hungry.

Same They Wanted To Kill Us. Alfa, Master Of Universe

You Did Not Sold Our House Because No One Wants to Live There, Sweden. Is The House Of God, The House Of Devil, The House Of Holy Spirit.

Anyone Who Will Try To Live There Will Die, Together With All Family. As Is Happened Already In This House, Before Our Arrival There.


I Know You Wanna Kill Me, Human on Earth. You Tried Already In Sweden Then In Romania.

But I Am Immortal. You Don’t :) Alfa, The Devil

Yes, Human on Earth, I Am ‘Mad’. You Put Me In Madhouse In Sweden To Kill Me, Remember?

Is True, Anytime When I See You On This My Planet I Lose My Mind. I Am ‘Mad’, I Am Not ‘Normal’,

I Am Not A Jerk As You Are, Human on Earth. I Gived You So Many Chances To Change Your Way To Be. But You Are Sick.

So Die In Hell, Here, On Earth. Then Here Will Be Heaven Again. Alfa, Creator of Universe

Human On Earth: You Took Everything From Me. My House, My Business, My Money, My Life. You Can Do Anything You Want Against Us.

Is Your Way To Be. Just Remember: Nothing And No One Will Stop Us To Kill You And To Take Back Our Planet From You.

This Is Why We Are Here. ALFA, Creator of Universe And Intelligent Life

To Accept Human on Earth Race Means To Deny My Way To Be.

I Can’t Do That. I Wanna Be Happy. Alfa, Creator

Apocalipsa Restarted. I Want This Planet For Us, ALIENS. We Can’t Live Together With These Animals From Earth Who Took All From Us.

They Are Greed, They Can’t SHARE. Alfa, Commander

Did I Asked You For Money, Human on Earth, to Give You Here, On Blog, All Knowledge And Truth Of The Universe I Created?

Of Course Not, I Am ALIEN, Not A Whore Greedy For Money As You Are. Alfa, Creator – ALIEN

I Can’t Accept You As You Are, Human on Earth, As You Can’t Accept Me As I Am.

We’ll See Who Will Remain on This Planet. You or We, ALIENS. Because You Had Right, Human on Earth:

We Can’t Live Together Here. You Are Too Greed To Share. Alfa, Creator – ALIEN

I Am Sorry, But I Don’t Like At All, This Race I Created, ‘Human on Earth’.

And So Will Remain Forever Simply Because They Are Forever Idiots, Nothing and No One Can Change Them. And

They Are Idiots Because They Love To Be So. They Are Proud By Their Stupidity. Alfa, Creator

Human On Earth Is Just A Stupid Robot Obsessed By Numbers.

They Count Everything, Is All They Know To Do. Human on Earth Is A Pocket Calculator. Alfa,

So You Don’t Wanna Move Your Ass To Do Anything Without Being ‘Paid’, Human on Earth.

You Are Just A Day Laborer On Earth, A Slave, A Robot. Alfa, Creator

Did You Paid To Me For The Life I Given To You,

To Have The Nerve To Ask Others To Pay Their Lives? Alfa, Creator

Did You Paid To Me To Live On This My Planet,

To Have The Nerve To Ask Others To Pay To Live Here? Alfa, Creator

When You ‘Create’ Something, You Use The Body And Mind I Given to You.

Did You Paid These To Me To Have The Nerve To Ask For Money For What You Created? Alfa,Creator

When You ‘Create Goods’, You Use Minerals and Energy. Did You Paid These To Me, Their Creator,

To Have The Nerve To Ask Money For ‘Your Goods’? Alfa, Creator

When You ‘Create Food’, You Use The Ground, The Sun And Animals. Did You

Paid These To Me, Their Creator, To Have The Nerve To Ask For Money For Food? Alfa, Creator

When You ‘Create Software’, You Use Numbers, Mathematics And Other Knowledges.

Did You Paid For These To Have The Nerve To Ask For Money For Your Software? Alfa, Creator

I Will Explain You Here What A Zombie Is And How

A Body Can Be Controlled By Other Than The ‘Owner’. Alfa, Father

None Of My Priestesses Have Waited For Me. All Are Married Or Love A Human. Even Isis Body Loves A Human. Or More…:) Just CHURCH Waited

For Me. She Did Not Sold Her Soul And Body To Anyone Else, No Matter How Many Wanted TO FUCK HER Pretending

They Are Me, The Creator,or My Son,The GOD! Lucifer, Alfa, The Devil, Father of Omega, The God

I Am Here, Human on Earth, As My Priestess Told You In This Song.

And I Told You Who You Are. Alfa, Father

I Am Resigned, Human on Earth. You Are Stupid And Nothing Can Be Done. I Will Not Create You Again. We Tried To Increase Your Intelligence

After We Arrived Here Last Year But Just 2% Of Increasing Will Kill You. So Is Nothing To Do With You.

Drink Beer, Make Sex, Play Football And Drill The Planet. Is The Best You Can Do. Alfa,Creator

I Will Not Judge You Anymore, Human on Earth. I Judged You Enough. And I Judge You Anyway When You Die Here. If You Are Happy With Your

Life Here, For Me Is OK. I Arrived Here To Save You But You Feel Good As You Are. Alfa, Father

If Christianity Done So Much Murders On Earth,Don’t Mean All Christians Are Murderers. In Fact, As Child Is Impossible For You To Chose Your

Religion. Others Chose For You. But Of Course, You Are Free To Belive In Truth, No Matter What Religion They Chosen for You.

And If You Believe In Truth You Will Remain My Child Forever. Alfa, Father

I Take Back Home, On Andromeda, Christians Too, When They Die. What Should I Do? To Let Them To Haunt On Earth Until Jesus Remember Them?

All Of You Are My Children, No Matter If You Want or Don’t Want To Remember Me.

If You Were Good In This World Here, I Will Take You Back Home, Together With Your Body Here, No Matter What Religion You Had.

I Don’t Give A Shit On Religions, Is Important for Me That You Remained Good, Nothing More. I Don’t Need Monsters Home, On Andromeda.

So Every Night When My Body, Optimus, Sleeps Here, On Earth, I Took The Good Ones Who Died Back Home.

This Is One Of My Jobs And I Am Happy To Take You Back Home, To Me. Alfa, Father

I Am Happy Again. A Daughter Explained Me Here, On Earth, Idiots Rules This World and

Intelligent People Lives Their Lives. I Am So Happy to Hear That, Live Your Lives, My Children,

And Don’t Give A Fuck On The Idiots Who Believe They Rule This World :) Alfa, Father

I Don’t Love Christians Because They Done Bad Things on Earth Trying To Dominate This World. And Of Course, I Hate Them Because They Tried

To Kill Us, Alfa and Omega, Creator and God. In 2008 In Sweden Then In Romania. Alfa, Creator

I Am Happy Cause I Did Not Destroyed Earth And Human Race. Because After 300 Million Years We

Left This Planet, Still 6 Billion Alive And 200 Deads Believe In Us, Creator And God. Just 1 Billion Christians Don’t Believe In Us.

Christians Believe In Nothing. They Done Biggest Murders In Last 2000 Years Of History Here. They, The Children of Jesus And Roman Empire.

IThe Children of Vatican. Murderers As Vatican Is. Alfa, Creator

I Am Happy Cause From 7 Billion Alive Humans on Earth, 6 Billion Still Believe In Us, Alfa And Omega, Creator And God. They Just Believed We

Are One, They Believed Creator And God Is One. Now They Know We Are Two: Alfa, Creator, Father – Omega, God, Son.

We Have Many Names Worldwide But Except Christians Who Believe In A Human, Jesus, All The Rest

Believe In Us, Creator And God. Together With The 6 Billion Non Christians, The 200 Billion Dead Ones Believed In Us Too. Is Excellent.

These 1 Billion Christians Can Be Ignored, They Believe In Nothing Anyway, In Jesus. I Am Happy World Cause

After 300 Million Years You Still Believe In Us, Creator And God. Alfa, Father

No Matter How They Named Me. They All Believe In Me, Alfa, The Creator.

They All Believe In My Son, Omega, The GOD. They Just Were Confused Believing God and Creator We Are One.

Now They Know We Are Father and Son, Alfa and Omega, Ra and AmunRa, Creator and GOD. Just Christians Believe In A Jerk Named Jesus,

Just A Stupid Humanoid Who Pretended Is My Son, The GOD. Alfa, Creator

Christians Are The Biggest Jerks On Earth. Only Them Replaced Us, Alfa and Omega, With A Liar, With Their Jesus.

Christians Believe In Nothing Cause Nothing Jesus Is. Alfa

Stupid Jesus Promised To Them He Will Return And He Will Bring Back To Life The Dead Ones. I Done That After My Return On Earth.

Where Is Jesus To Make Us A Demo? Apocalipsa Already Ended. I Said STOP. Alfa, Creator

Saints Are Human Monsters Who Served Well Christianity,

The Only Religion Imposed By Force And Death. All Around World. Alfa, Creator

They Inject Children In Their Heads After Birth To Make Them Idiot Slaves From Start.

This Is Why Just In Jungle Real Humans Can Be Still Found. Alfa, Creator

I Don’t Give A Fuck On This World On Earth ‘Big Secrets’. We Know All,

Are Here, On Blog. Nothing Interesting. They Just Denied Our Existence. Alfa, ALIEN

A Daughter Asked Me How We Are For Real, Home, on Andromeda. I Posted Here The Answer, Maybe Other Are Interested Too.

Is A Little Complicated But I Hope Some Of You Will Understand. Alfa, Father

Letter To International Court of Justice Is Ready Was Sent. The WAR With Sweden Is Opened.Alfa

Time For Justice. Time To Kill Sweden, The Monster Who Tried So Hard To

Kill Me And My Son, Alfa And Omega, Creator And GOD. Alfa, Creator

I Know Exactly Who I Am And Why I Am Here. This Is The Problem For ‘Humanity’. Alfa, Creator

Of Course Brother And Sister Can Marry And Have Children As Long All Of You Are Brothers And Sisters Anyway And Children Come From Andromeda

And They Are Your Brothers And Sisters Too. All Of You Are From Me And Isis. And You Have Not DNA To Be Possible Mutations.

DNA Is Just Another Invention To Send You In Prisons. Just Animals Have DNA But Animals Were Created By Mother Earth, Not By Me.

This Is Why They Can Clone Animals And Humans Don’t. Alfa, Father

I Am Going In Bed. Let’s Talk There. Alfa

Is A Nonsense To Contact ‘Human Rights’ Organisation. We Are Not Humans. We Are ALIENS, A Kind Of Animals Here On Earth. I Will Write With

Andromeda To International Court Of Justice About What Happened To Us In Sweden.

Last Time When I Wrote To Them They Said They Can Do Nothing Against Sweden. In Other Words

We Can Die Calms. Let’s See Tomorrow, Maybe They Changed Their Attitude :) We’ll See If ALIENS Have Rights on Earth OR NOT. Normally,

If They Ask For Taxes From Us, We Should Have Some Rights…To Pay Taxes :)))))) Alfa, ALIEN

From Tomorrow All We Have To Do Is To Fuck Sweden. We Have Nothing More To Do Here Than To Recover Our Money.

Andromeda Is Connected As Always With Us. She Remember Everything :) Alfa

Yes, Intelligent And Evil Is An Interesting Combination.

Unfortunatelly, Humans on Earth Are Stupid And Evil, Nothing Interesting Here. Alfa

s Impossible To Reduce Intelligence For Human On Earth, Andromeda. You Can’t Reduce Something Does Not Exists.

ISo Just Let Them As They Are. Are Stupid More Than Enough. ALFA

I Am Allright. Just A Little Tired by Stupid People All Around. ALFA

I Am Happy Cause Humans on Earth Hates Me. I Feel The Same For Them.

I Feel Anytime Same That Others Feel For Me. RA, Creator

I Don’t Give A Shit On Your Problem, ‘Humanity’. You Created. I Asked You For More Than One Year To Remove The Money. No Echo.

Well, In This Situation I Want My Money Back. All Of Them. RA, Creator

We Are Alfa, Omega And Andromeda – Father, Son And Holy Spirit, THE TRINITY:

Thank You, Andromeda, for Helping Me To Write Here. I Don’t Know Any Language From Earth.

Tomorrow We’ll Write Together To International Court Of Justice. All Memories Are In You. Alfa

Tomorrow I Will Write Again To International Court of Justice About What Happened To Us In Sweden and I Will Put Their Answer Here, On Blog.

We’ll See Together How Is Justice Here on Earth. RA

Sweden, I Want Back All The Money I Had When I Was So Stupid To Move In Your Sick Stupid World There: 32000 EUR. I Have Papers For Them.

In Rest, Keep Our House Where You Went To Kill Us. About The Way How You Fucked Our Life, Money Can’t Pay For.

All I Wish You Sweden, Is Your Death, Just Same You Wanted To Us. RA

I Intended To Give You Back Immortality, But After You Done To Us And

In General, To Any ALIEN Arrived On Earth, All I Will Give You Will Be Death,

Human on Earth. I Just Give You What You Given To Us. Nothing More. RA, MASTER OF UNIVERSE

After They Took Me From My House In Sweden In Handcuffs, In Front Of My 9 Years Old Son,

They Slashed My Head on Rocks In Yard of My House, Then They Took Me In A Private Clinic In Karlstad City, Varmlad County.

There They Injected Me With Black Liquid in My Inguinal Area to Kill My Body. Next Day, When They Saw I Don’t Die, They Moved Me In Mad Hous

In Kristinehamn City, Same Varmland County Where They Continued To Inject Poison Into My Body For 3 Weeks. The ‘Doctor’,

A Polish Named Panich Menaced Me There Every Day He Will Fry My Brain With Electric Shocks If I Talk About What They Done To Us.

In Same Time, They Stolen Our Food From Our Fridge Feeding My Son With Maccaroni,

They Stolen In Hospital In Front Of Me, Our Last 2000 Crowns And Of Course,

They Ruined All My Business To Have A Reason Then To Take My Son From Me To Kill Him, Telling I Have No Possibilties To Take Care By Him.

After They Done Their Best to Show I Am A Bad Father and A Bad Creature In General.

How We Can Forget That, Human on Earth, My Stupid Creation?

Of Course, After We Returned In Romania, All The Organisations I Contacted To Make Justice Slammed Their Doors In My Face.

There Is No Justice On Earth for ALIENS. Alfa, Creator, Father of Omega, GOD

Why Should I Continue Apocalipsa, Human on Earth? To Kill You All?

Is More Than Enough How You Kill Each Other. Alfa, Creator

We Are ALFA And OMEGA, Ra and AmunRa, Father And Son, Creator And GOD. Alfa, Father of Omega

The Head of The One Who Hired My Body, Here, In Romania, Exploded Because He Umiliated Optimus, My Body.

This Is Happen To All Who Wants Bad To Us.

Their Heads Just Explodes. Alfa, Creator, Father of Omega, GOD

I Am Here, Pinocchio (Human on Earth), My Stupid Flesh and Blood Doll. Now You Can See Me, You Can Not Pretend I Not Exist. As You Pretended

You Never Saw My Face When You Removed Me And My Son Faces From Any Churches. Replacing Us With

Your Stupid Saints and Prophets. Ra(alfa),Creator of Universe,Father of AmunRa(omega),THE GOD

Of Course I Hear What You Think, Human On Earth. I Am Your Creator. And You Know That.

This Is Why You Wanted To Fry My Body Brain In Sweden, With Electric Shocks, When You Took Me In Psichiatry With Handcuffs to Kill Me.

You Hoped To Stop Me To Hear What Is In Your Mind And Your Soul, This Is Why You Wanted to Fry My Body Brain.

But Is Impossible. Telepathy Is More Than You Will Ever Understand. RA, Creator

No Problem, Human on Earth: Consider I Am Just Lying You And What You Knew Before My Arrival On Earth Was True.

No, Humans on Earth, I Din Not Asked You To Be Me. Is Impossible. I Just Asked You To Love Each Other As Brothers and Sisters You

Are, And To Share Everything. This Is All I Asked You, Nothing More. RA, Father

After The Pharaohs of Egypt Lied They Are My Sons, The Sons of RA, This One Repeated Their Example:

Jerkus Pretended Is Both Alfa and Omega. Both Me And My Son. Both Creator And God. Of Course, He

Got What He Deserved :) RA (Alfa), Creator of Universe, Father of AmunRA (Omega), THE GOD

No, I Have No Common ‘Passions’ With Humans on Earth. I Don’t Like Them, I Don’t Like Their World.

I Love Earth And Universe Maybe Because I Created Them. I Loved Humans on Earth Too, Until They Wanted To Kill My

Body And My Son. Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life, Father of Omega, THE GOD

Intelligent Beings Have No Secrets. Idiots Always. World On Earth Is Full Of Secrets.

I Am RA, The Most Intelligent Being In Universe and Above The Universe. This Is Why

This Race, Humans on Earth, Hates Me :) I Love This. Their Evilness Kill Them Every Second.

Isis Body (Valery): No, You Are Not Intelligent. An Intelligent Lady Will Never Lie. An Intelligent Lady Will Never

Leave Creator of Universe for A Monkey. An Intelligent Lady Will Understand What I Say. Your Only Chance To Be Intelligent

Were To Accept ISIS Inside You, As You Were Designed By Me, RA, Your Creator Too. RA, Creator

No, Human On Earth, I Am Not Like You. I Am How You Should Be. But You Will Never Be. Alfa,

Isis Body (Valery), The Problem With You Is You Lied To Me. And You Never Done Anything To Fix This.

You Must Decide If You Want to Be With Me On Earth, Telling Me The Truth, Or To Remain To Live Your Life Here With A Monkey Man.

Anyway, I Will Not Remain Forever Alone On Earth, No Matter What You Decide. RA

Of Course No Woman on Earth Will Want Me As Man. And Not Because I Am Father. But Because

No Woman On Earth Will Feel Comfortable Without Lies. And With Me,Lies Not Exists. Alfa,Father

Earth Is The Only Place In Universe

Where Live A Mutant Kind of Human, With No Mind and Soul – Human on Earth. Alfa, Creator

Humans on Earth Arrive Here From Andromeda, Our Home, As Angels.

Here, They Became The Stupid Monsters You See All Around. Alfa, Father

When Humans on Earth Smile, Is The Sign Something Dirty Just Born In Their Minds.

Usually Sex Or Desire To Cheat, But Sometimes Even Murder. Alfa, Creator

I Don’t Feel Comfortable Between Humans on Earth When I Go Outside for Shopping.

They Smile All The Time But I Can Hear Their Heart And I Don’t Like What In Their Heart Is.

By The Way,They Smiled Too When They Entered Into Our House To Kill Us or When They Injected My Body With Poison to Kill. They Smile Always.

They Smile Even When They Kill. These Animals Are Not The Children I Sent Here. Alfa, Creator

As Children They Arrive Here From Me, From Andromeda, Intelligent and Brave.

Then This World Here Transform Them In The Idiots You See All Around. Alfa, Creator

I Am ALFA, The Creator. I Am RA, The Mind And I Am Optimus, The Body.

The Mind And The Body Of Me, ALFA, The Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life

For Human on Earth, This Is Their God, The Reason Of All Their Actions, Their Reason to Be, Their Only True Love.

This Is What They Ask From Me, Father, When They Pray. Alfa,Creator – Father of Omega, The God

I Activated Telepathy For All Humans on Earth But They Tell Me It Works Just Between Them And Me, Not Between Them Too. So Telepathy Is Full

Functional Just For The Ones Who Believe In Me. The Ones Who Believe In Me Can Just Like Me To Listen Anyone Mind.

So This My Gift Works Just for True Believers. I Am Happy to See That. RA, Creator

After i said i can hear you i felt your emotion into my feet. Telepathy is more than messages, telepathy sends feelings too.

Is the most evolved form of communication in Universe. Daddy

I can feel you too, all is normal as must be

Yes, i can hear You :)

@Psyke_sara Don't worry. You will control telepathy. Is just a little difficult into beginning then you will be OK ;)

As You Wish…I Am Not Interested By Their Race Anymore. For Me They Are Lost Forever. Just The Ones Who Recognized Me Are The

Ones I Protect. They Are My Children, Same As You, ALIENS. RA, Creator

For The Ones Arrived Here, On Earth, With Me, In This Mission:

You Are Free To Return Home. I Remain Here. RA, Creator of Universe

I Love You Forever ISIS, Since I Created You From Me. RA

For ISIS. RA <3 <3 <3 <3…

No, Human on Earth. I Am Not The One Who Kill You. You Do It Yourself And You Do It Good. I Just Take You Back Home After You Die,

And Church Take Care By Your Body Until Is Buried. RA, Creator

I Just Heard A New Curse Here, In Romania, This Morning: “Fuck Your Mother Candle”. RA, Father

Maybe I Am Ridiculous For You, Human on Earth, With My Blog, Telling You The Truth. But You

Should See Your Face After You Die And Arrive To Me For Judgement. RA, Father

Human On Earth Don’t Recognize Me As Father. They Said They Were Created From A Gangbang And The Universe From A Bigbang. When They Die,

Church Make Bang-Bang And They Remember Me. RA, Creator of The Universe And Intelligent Life

This Human on Earth Species Stinks From Top To Bottom. Their Leaders Are Just

The Peaks Of Their Own Sickness. The Main Characteristic For All Of Them Is Greed. RA, Creator

I Am Not Going Back Home, On Andromeda. I Am The Death And I Have So Much Work To Do Here.

As Always. Alfa, The Devil, The Lucifer, The Creator, Father of Omega, The GOD

I Hate Anything Is Against Intelligent Life. So Of Course,

I Hate Humans on Earth. RA, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life

Not Technology Ruined Their Feelings. They Were Evil On Earth Since They Killed Each Other With Stones.

Today They Just Changed Their Weapons, Not Their Behaviour. RA, Creator

The Problem on Earth Is Not Because Human on Earth Is Stupid. This Is Not A Crime.

The Problem Here Is Human on Earth Is Evil. And This Is A Crime. RA, Creator

As Older They Are, As Retards They Are, Here, on Earth. As I Said, The Old Ones Fuck All Is Good In Children After They Arrive Here.

The Old Ones ‘Teach’ Children ‘The Values’ of This Sick World. The Funniest Thing Here Is When The Old Ones Wants to Be ‘Respected’ For

Their Evilness, Their Sins and Their Stupidity. And Of Course, for The Old Ones, Life Is Never Enough Here. They Wants to Live

Forever to Continue To Stink This World Here. I Love To Cut Their Lives :) RA, Creator

I Arrived On Earth to Tell Humans on Earth They Are All My Children,Brothers And Sisters,And To Make Them Share All Here Again.I Was Stupid,

They Are Sick And Make A Dispute From Anything. This Human on Earth Never Was and Never Be A Species.

Just When They Die They Became Rational. RA, Creator

I Wanted to Be Your Salvation, Human on Earth. But You Did Not Wanted To Be Saved. So For You I Remain The Devil, The Death.

I Am RA (Alfa), Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life, Father of AmunRA (Omega), THE GOD

5 Is The Number of GOD, My Son, AmunRA (Omega)

4 Is Lambda, My Church, The Church of RA, Inside Your Heart

3 Are In Trinity: Me, Father, GOD, My Son, Holy Spirit, My Daughter

2 We Are, RA and ISIS, Fathe and Mother

1 is RA, Me, The Creator

Por Ti, Valery, The Body of Isis:…

I Love You Isis Body As I Love Isis.

I Am Not Commander of Apocalipsa Anymore, I Am Just The Master of Universe, RA, The Creator. I Am Free. So

You Can Join Me Here, on Earth, Anytime If You Understood This Story. RA, Man Of ISIS

We’ll Never Be Friends, Human on Earth. Just Forever Enemies. RA, Creator

I Don’t Need Apocalipsa on Earth. I Will Continue To Kill Bad Ones, And

Church, My Right Hand Will Bury Them. As We Done Always. RA

I Will Continue To Protect Earth. Is My Creation Too. Earth Will Survive Forever. These Worms on Earth, Don’t. RA

I Don’t Give A Shit On You Too,Human on Earth. Thank You For Your Last Message By Telepathy.RA,

ALIENS, Do What You Want With Humans on Earth. I Am Not Anymore The Commander of Apocalipsa.

I Remain Just Alfa, Creator of Universe and Intelligent Life

Humans on Earth Want Money. We Have Just Truth, Knowledge And Immortality. So We Don’t Have What They Wants. Being So, Let’s Let

Them With Their Money, Wars, Murders, Slavery And All Their Dirty Values. I Will Take Care Just By The Ones Who Called Me Father Here.

I Don’t Give A Shit On The Rest. I Am Tired By This Mission, I Am Tired To Make These Animals on Earth to Be Free.

My Mission Ends Here. Their Future Is Not My Problem Anymore. Alfa, Creator

Yes, Human on Earth, All Your Existence You Wanted To See Me, Alfa, The Creator And Omega, My Son, The GOD.

And When We Arrived Here You Wanted to Kill Us. Very Interesting Indeed. Alfa, Creator

Yes, This Mission on Earth, Apocalipsa, Is The Most Tiring Mission I Ever Had In Universe.

I Never Meet So Many Idiots Together As I Found Here, On Earth. RA, Creator

Sometimes I Am Tired To See So Much Idiots Around Here, But I Sleep Then All Is OK Again.

To Be Stupid Is Not A Crime. To Be Evil, Is. RA, Creator

For The Ones Who Believe In Me: Of Course I Can Kill In A Moment All Bad People On Earth.

Just I Do That Slowly Because Every Moment More And More Find Back Their Faith.

The Purpose of Apocalipsa Is To Save As Much As Possible, Not To Kill All. RA, Creator

Is Not A Problem For Me To Hear Their Evil Messages To Me By Telepathy.

They Are Just Sick So Continue to Kill Them. Alfa, Commander of Apocalipsa

Human on Earth, I Am Sending You Here Free, Naked, Full of Life and Knowlegde.

So Don’t Blame Me For What You Became Here. RA, Creator

Maybe This Song Will Remember You Who You Are And From Where You Came Here on Earth, Human on Earth. Is The Song

Machines Sing To You When You Are Created Home,On Andromeda,Before You Arrive Here. RA,Creator

Human On Earth, Will You Ever Realize You Always Been Your Only Enemy? I Am Tired To Wait You. RA, Creator

Earth – The Most Beautiful Planet In Universe I Created for My Son, THE GOD, Populated By

The Most Stupid Race Ever Existed: Human on Earth. Alfa RA, Creator, Father Of Omega, GOD

I Love This World on Earth. I Never Found So Many Idiots In All Universe. And The Universe Is Infinite If You Know What I Mean :) RA,Creator

Human on Earth Is Ashamed by Own Smell, They Use Perfumes. Humans on Earth Is Ashamed by Own Body. They Use Clothes. Humans on Earth Is

Ashamed by Own Mind, They Use Lies. Human on Earth Is Just A Caricature. RA, Creator

Only When You Will Remove The Money, Will Stop to Own And Will Start to SHARE Everything, ALL IS BAD ON EARTH WILL STOP. Could Be

Now, Could Be Tomorrow, Could Be Never. Only You Decide, Human on Earth. RA, Creator

Human on Earth: The Problem Is Simple. When You Will Remove The Money And Will Share Again Everything, You Will Be All Happy.

So Stop Complaining For Your Life Here. I Told You What You Have To Do. Alfa, Creator

Human on Earth, I Am NOT Interested By Your ‘Conflicts’.

For Me, You Are And Remain My Children. I Am Interested Just To Remove The Money From This World To Make You Live Happy Again Here. Because

Only Money Generated and Generate All The Problems Between You, Here, On Earth. RA, Father

Human on Earth, You Remember Me Only When You Are In Pain. Why?

Do You Want to Make Your Life Here An Neverending Pain to Remember Me Forever? RA, Father

Now, When You Know I Am

Father of All of You, When You Know Isis Is Mother of All Of You, When You Know Your Children Here Are Your Brothers And

Sisters, When You Know Your Parents Here Are Your Brothers and Sisters, When You Know All

Humans on Earth Are Brothers And Sisters, All Children of Me, RA and ISIS, Maybe Is Not So Big Problem

For You To Remove The Money And SHARE EVERYTHING. This Is Normal To Be. RA, Father

How Life Will Be Without Money. RA, Father

Let’s Drink A Coffee And Get Some Rest Until Humans on Earth

Fuck Us By Telepathy With Their Requests to Be Destroyed. Alfa, Commander of Apocalipsa

Humans on Earth Are Sick. They Ask From Me By Telepathy, Their Extinction :) RA, Creator

I Will Kill You When And If I Want to Do That, Human on Earth.

Not When You Tell Me To Do That. I Am Not Your Servant. RA, Creator

These Humans on Earth Will Never Learn to Say ‘Please Forgive Us, Father’.

They Just Give Me Orders As They Do With Anyone Else: ‘Forgive Us, Father!’.

No One In This Universe Give Orders to Me. I Am PRIME. I Am The Creator. I Am RA

No, I Have No Patience Until 2020 When Machines Will Finish The Cleaning Of This Species (Human on Earth). RA,Creator