Software for Architecture: DraftSight


Effimero: Or the Postmodern Italian Condition / Monditalia / La Biennale di Venezia

FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, Completes Successful World Congress

Computers in Architecture: Interior Design

Computers in Architecture: The Visualization of Projects


Inspiration…Where it is? Dissapeared ?:) Same as your Freedom?

Believing in god…the maximum expression of inculture. I created you free! Believe in you!

Sweden, The ‘Messenger of Peace’: She Sell Guns to Poor Countries and She Prepare Spies! For Peace, of course :)

What Kind of Specie Are You, Humans? You Sold Death and Still Sell. You Can’t Live Without Killing :(

Gravity…Antigravity…Totally Explained.

I Just Remembered…

Well, Scandinavia, god transformed you in a crying bitch! Is time to remember your Gods. They are all here.

Another Sick Country in Scandinavia: Denmark. They Protect Thieves Just Because they Were Born There.

Filipstads Kommun Strikes Again :) These Idiots Continue To Send Fake Invoices To Me. In Fact, They Are Faked All :)

I’m curios what you’ll do Sweden, when you’ll be attacked informatically for real…I’ll be not anymore on your side the money, or they will fuck you. Is your choice :) As usual...…

No Antigravity Yet :) I Heard You Are Smart…Another Tip (maybe…)…Is A Wave…Generated by CORE :)

Romania and Sweden (in alphabetical order), take away your dirty hands from Children! You use ‘social’ for

First Thing To Do When You Are Exposed To Depression: Eat Well, Drink Water and Sleep!!!

You’ll LOSE Again, Sweden…In Romania…As You Lost Auction for Fighting Planes…And many other times, i’m sure.

Another Right Un Existent in Sweden: The Access to Proper Medical Record. As I Said, All Are Diagnosed As MAD.

Romanians and Other People from Other Nations Who ‘Lost’ Your Children In Scandinavia: Tell To Police About Kidnap

Last Tip For Antigravity: Maybe a Special Kind of Oscillator? Really, you MUST Discover This, Terra.

How Sweden Ruin Her Citizen Credibility With CAMBIO COSMIC. In Sweden is Dictatorship. No Freedom at All.

This is The Universe...Just Waves...…

Sweden In WW2: She Sold As Usual, Everybody – First Kissed in Ass Germany and Sold Iron To Hitler

You Must Forget About This Too: E=m*c (square). Time is Relative Indeed because DON’T EXISTS :)

Sweden – A Pussy – Until My Return I Will Show Your Crimes Every Day…Next 3 years will be your darkest nightmare

Tried Again to Contact Central Police in Stockholm. I Want The Name of The Bitch Who Ordered All.

STOP Cheating Your Brothers and Sisters: No Unique Fingerprint – No DNA – Just Robots Have – You Are Human

Good morning Terra :)…

Universe, a Continue Bean – No atoms, no electrons, no photons, no gravithons, no, no, no :)

Thanks to Romanian Police. They Had The Time To Listen. Shame on You Again Sweden.

Declaration for Romanian Police, With What Is Happened to Us in Romania. Continues What is Happened In Sweden.