+ THE END IS STARTED + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=20007 pic.twipic.twitter.com/XQyG33NYVj

+ TO BE OR NOT TO BE? + RA, FATHER OF AMUN RA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19996 pic.twipic.twitter.com/JysYeOp9fF

+ ON EARTH / ON HELL + RA, SUN, DEVIL, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19992 pic.twipic.twitter.com/FNaOGsTAIf

+ LOVE ENDS HERE + RA, SUN, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19988 pic.twipic.twitter.com/IMhyucZaUd

+ SHOCKS + RA, SUN, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19984 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Ys4W9XSEPz

+ TERRA, CORNUCOPIA + RA, THE SUN, THE CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19980 pic.twipic.twitter.com/xDYURdlY5k

+ FATHER AND BROTHER, WE ARE HERE + PRIME +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19975 pic.twipic.twitter.com/e1FHzAeAER

+ ARROGANCE AND GREED + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19956 pic.twitter.com/4t2DP4QCmC

+ HOMO SAPIENS, THE HUMAN FROM EARTH + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19953 pic.twipic.twitter.com/hd2leizNxz

+ NEVER, ANNUNAKI + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19949 pic.twipic.twitter.com/UNxm2vfTCI

+ THE TRUE STORY + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19938 pic.twipic.twitter.com/tPybxGGgR4

+ FUCK YOU IN HELL, WORLD ON EARTH AND HUMAN ON EARTH RACE + DEVIL, CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19932 pic.twitter.com/7rNCtCejoD

+ EARTH BELONGS TO GOD, MY SON, FOREVER + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19924 pic.twipic.twitter.com/E0PES0LbK2

+ MURDER. IN HELL. WORLD ON EARTH. HUMAN ON EARTH. + DEVIL, CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19918 pic.twipic.twitter.com/hu5JegUPgT

+ I WILL, I DO + DEVIL, CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19915 pic.twitter.com/DaMBmPxSGy

+ SO WILL BE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19911 pic.twitter.com/t9MRGM48uN

+ I JUST WANT MY PLANET BACK + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19908 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Rfe1aZCkA1

+ STARS + ALFA AND OMEGA, CREATOR AND GOD, FATHER AND SON, RA AND AMUN RA +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19899 pic.twitter.com/QbMfP05g4q

ISIS COMES TO ME. RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD the-scandinavian.com/?p=19892 pic.twipic.twitter.com/1KFGExxC8g

+ ONLY YOU CAN SAVE YOUR WORLD AND YOUR RACE + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19883 pic.twitter.com/43L757Rz3I

+ WAS NOT ALL IN VAIN + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19879 pic.twitter.com/mcFjHO26ID

+ APOCALIPSA + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19875 pic.twitter.com/WCmxN1ypTp

+ UNIVERSE, THE SUPREME MACHINE I EVER CREATED + ALFA, CREATOR, FATHER OF OMEGA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19871 pic.twitter.com/nqmLhvX9xm

+ OPEN THE GATES + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19868 pic.twitter.com/cK6BDcxI8w

+ HUMANS FROM EARTH ASKED ME TO WRITE THIS, SO I WRITE THIS: + DUST TO DUST + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19864 pic.twitter.com/GsOWy3a4Ba

+ YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK, WHAT YOU FEEL, WHAT YOU DO + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19855 pic.twitter.com/1VPKki84OM

+ STOP CONTROL THEIR MINDS + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19849 pic.twitter.com/ZaSLSZD2TE

+ WILL BE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19845 pic.twitter.com/kUVSGJG8EJ


Facebook closed 4 account of me until now.Twitter blocked people to see me.Yahoo send me fake news and block my email.And humans around lie

Twitter try to keep me isolated,same as all this world.This message had 22 impressions a few hours ago.Now have 9 :) pic.twitter.com/pboLK2hLjy

facebook is stupid as their owner, denying own existence pic.twitter.com/Hb5X7HNxZ1

+ LAST ONE… + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19827 pic.twipic.twitter.com/rjO3jWv7oh

+ ONE GOD, ONE CREATOR, ONE SON, ONE FATHER + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19823 pic.twipic.twitter.com/07MxJCQzvm

+ SO WILL BE…AMIN + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19820 pic.twipic.twitter.com/xFfwhzKBq6

+ AS YOU WISH… + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD, FATHER OF ANTICRIST + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19817 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Rbb1kNouwj

+ BELIEVE IN NOTHING, BELIEVE IN YOU + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19813 pic.twipic.twitter.com/E4elUZEGcA

+ I KNOW…YOU KNOW…YOU DIE… + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19807 pic.twipic.twitter.com/wYD3Pc7lhL

+ LIFE AND UNIVERSE + CREATOR AND GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19802 pic.twipic.twitter.com/kUY3IpQUQH

+ ALL FOR SALE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19799 pic.twipic.twitter.com/F9ObTRxzek

+ REALITY IS ONE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19795 pic.twipic.twitter.com/IhaJLfbiaR

+ THE UNIVERSE IS MY BRAIN + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19788 pic.twipic.twitter.com/XIL7GQ2kZe

+ ONLY MOMENT + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19784 pic.twipic.twitter.com/RrGFzkBQrj

+ ONLY NORMAL REMAIN FOREVER + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19780 pic.twipic.twitter.com/0sEF1dDXaM

+ THE REAL REASON WHY + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19771 pic.twipic.twitter.com/F9BCakJbAP

+ THE REASON WHY + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19763 pic.twipic.twitter.com/xhddSY6LOS

+ ALL I FEEL + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19758 pic.twipic.twitter.com/krrc7mVuMa

+ NEVER + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19751 pic.twipic.twitter.com/sxnvHwjWaR

+ THE SPHINX IS ME + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19741 pic.twitter.com/GSbJPCXR6U

+ THIS BLOG, THIS STORY + ALFA AND OMEGA, CREATOR AND GOD, FATHER AND SON, RA AND AMUN RA +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19731 pic.twipic.twitter.com/VN40joMZPL

+ THE PRICE + DEVIL, CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19724 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Iq7nepwCZ7

+ TILL THE END + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19715 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Oa9hKil1XQ

+ AMUN RA IS THE NAME OF GOD + RA, FATHER, CREATOR + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19712 pic.twipic.twitter.com/n7Qcv4ePdi

+ I AM, I WILL + DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19703 pic.twipic.twitter.com/MUor55RGkj

+ EVENTS CHRONOLOGY + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19699 pic.twipic.twitter.com/3vQxYTGO0S

+ ONE RACE, ONE WORD + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19667 pic.twipic.twitter.com/XNwDOG2OEH

+ SALVATION ENDS NOW + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19637 pic.twipic.twitter.com/OwHt0Nt7mS

+ REMAIN ON ORBIT + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19634 pic.twipic.twitter.com/M03a6JonBx

+ RUN, BABY, RUN + ACTIVATION CODE 01 + PRIME + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19630 pic.twipic.twitter.com/yJeowaVH30

+ ALWAYS AS I WANT + PRIME, CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19626 pic.twipic.twitter.com/CXS5o6VGaU

+ THE SOUND OF MY BRAIN, THE UNIVERSE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19622 pic.twipic.twitter.com/DVDlVTGOMM

+ I AM RA, CREATOR OF UNIVERSE AND INTELLIGENT LIFE. I ARRIVED ON EARTH FROM HEAVEN, FROM the-scandinavian.com/?p=19617 pic.twipic.twitter.com/KBTT1gGzhH

+ PROPHECY RESTARTED + CREATOR AND GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19613 pic.twipic.twitter.com/rJMuPIcydP

+ WAR WILL BE. END WILL BE. NEW BEGINNING WILL NOT BE. NEW WORLD WILL BE. + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19610 pic.twipic.twitter.com/KuRENWlsBS

+ WRONG CHOICE + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19606 pic.twipic.twitter.com/iUzGTseYc5

+ BACK TO PROPHECY + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19603 pic.twipic.twitter.com/IZZhk315D6

+ JUST TELEPATHY + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19600 pic.twipic.twitter.com/DfOD0VZWhH

+ LET’S WAIT + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19597 pic.twipic.twitter.com/XKMu26xwFO

+ I WILL DO MY MISSION + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19594 pic.twipic.twitter.com/T9GzdDdjpU

+ THIS WORLD ON EARTH IS THE SUPREME EVIL IN UNIVERSE + ALFA AND OMEGA +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19589 pic.twipic.twitter.com/45vVBVPmsZ

+ KILL HOMO SAPIENS + ALFA, COMMANDER, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19585 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Hq4ROEukNX

+ THEY NEVER WILL RETURN. BUT WE ARE HERE FOREVER… + ALFA AND OMEGA +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19576 pic.twipic.twitter.com/AiF5xMI1Ih

+ IDEALISM. THE NAME OF THE FUTURE + ALFA AND OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19569 pic.twipic.twitter.com/nAZRkmfDTg

+ ALL WE HAVE TO DO + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19566 pic.twipic.twitter.com/kKb1ICCN1O

+ THE NEW WORLD ON EARTH + ALFA AND OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19562 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Cn0bpU7Myi

+ 23 MAY 2014 + MY ARRIVAL ON EARTH + ALFA, CREATOR, FATHER OF OMEGA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19559 pic.twipic.twitter.com/R9qTcvP7mS

+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19553 pic.twipic.twitter.com/qqEf7TAOvK

+ STUPID, EVIL, SICK ON MIND AND SOUL + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19550 pic.twipic.twitter.com/An4egyUJIf

+ TURN ON THE LIGHT! + ALFA AND OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19547 pic.twipic.twitter.com/JLPkak3OpO

+ SHARE OR DIE…THE MAIN RULE OF THE UNIVERSE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19543 pic.twipic.twitter.com/NuBnwDJCzg

+ NOTHING + DEATH, THE DEVIL, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19534 pic.twipic.twitter.com/wGXDR79IFR

+ ILLUSIONS FOR SUCKERS + DEVIL AND GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19524 pic.twipic.twitter.com/lJtq42f4ht

+ MONEY ARE MAGIC + ALFA, DEVIL, FATHER OF OMEGA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19520 pic.twipic.twitter.com/eJRRSWU3Hk

+ COME TO US, JUDAS + ALFA AND OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19513 pic.twipic.twitter.com/fIxKUo0ijX

+ 357 + ONE TRINITY, ONE GOD, ONE CREATOR + WE, FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19500 pic.twipic.twitter.com/tBRJe3rIst

+ ALL BELONGS TO ME + AMIN + ALFA AND OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19492 pic.twipic.twitter.com/XBtyfOV6pz

+ TAKE THESE DOGS AWAY FROM ME + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19478 pic.twipic.twitter.com/U0NoLkzPLU

+ IT DOES NOT MATTER + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19475 pic.twipic.twitter.com/ytxSSUXDns

+ I AM A BORG + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19472 pic.twipic.twitter.com/dxKmEoBvNb

+ MY RACE IS NON HUMAN + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19467 pic.twipic.twitter.com/F1bAUIm46Y

+ KILL ANYONE + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19464 pic.twipic.twitter.com/C4L4bnbxAD

+ NEVER PAY! + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19461 pic.twipic.twitter.com/mCpWF0e5Uk

+ LET’S LIVE OUR LIVES + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19458 pic.twipic.twitter.com/xrJMF8wO8w

+ WELCOME BACK + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19446 pic.twipic.twitter.com/uWK7QJJwaH

+ PROUD TO BE WHAT I AM + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19442 pic.twipic.twitter.com/eEbNcpvpCb

+ REMOVE INFECTION + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19439 pic.twipic.twitter.com/mzYe3JYK8U

+ ALL WILL DIE + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19421 pic.twipic.twitter.com/jXDfiXxkFC

+ I AM ALFA, CREATOR, FATHER OF OMEGA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19414 pic.twipic.twitter.com/34rlA0t9ym

+ FREE EARTH. THE VIRUS MUST AND WILL DIE. IN ATOMIC WAR + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19408 pic.twipic.twitter.com/U1KvVrShqH

+ ATOMIC WAR. NOTHING MORE TO DO + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19405 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Lvj5DyJ29x

+ UNTIL JUNE + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19392 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Bo5RQ3MiXo

+ INTELLIGENT VS NON INTELLIGENT LIFE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19377 pic.twipic.twitter.com/dWxHpVK3vR

+FOR ALL FORMS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE:HOW I CREATE WORLDS AND FILL THEM WITH INTELLIGENT LIFE the-scandinavian.com/?p=19373 pic.twipic.twitter.com/if2xma40CR

+ JUST ONE MORE THING + ALFA, FATHER OF OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19370 pic.twipic.twitter.com/IANiocJ3T2

+ BRIEF + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19362 pic.twipic.twitter.com/GMx00oC3Dk

+ THIS IS THE BLOG OF ALFA AND OMEGA, FATHER AND SON, CREATOR AND GOD, RA AND AMUN RA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19359 pic.twitter.com/S5sBKXuM1l

+ OWN WILL DIE…SHARE WILL LIVE…FOREVER… + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19355 pic.twitter.com/txKNIJtY6V

+ JUST CONTINUE + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19345 pic.twitter.com/FzFbFenIQL

+ I KNOW + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19342 pic.twitter.com/OLb1uefB82

+ CREATION OF EARTH + FATHER AND SON + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19339 pic.twitter.com/fRk71K4Hzy

+ THE ONE + FATHER AND SON + CREATOR AND GOD + RA AND AMUN RA + ALFA AND OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19329 pic.twitter.com/lP4t2Di3MO

+ YOUR LIFE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19325 pic.twitter.com/HGsikWl6Gs

+ TILL YOUR END… + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19322 pic.twitter.com/6o5klSp0AW

+ GOD IS ONE…YOU ARE NOTHING… + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19319 pic.twitter.com/hBaBM58KyO

+ AMUN RA, THE GOD, MY SON + RA, FATHER, CREATOR + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19315 pic.twitter.com/B9CTAKabE5

+ AMUN RA AND RA + WE, SON AND FATHER + WE, GOD AND CREATOR + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19307 pic.twitter.com/lIN94PwjF2

+ I PEE ON YOU + ALFA, CREATOR, FATHER OF OMEGA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19302 pic.twipic.twitter.com/qj82Wiglkd

+ MY WILL BE DONE + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19291 pic.twipic.twitter.com/LYH60Q6YcE

+ ALWAYS RIGHT + ALFA, CREATOR, FATHER OF OMEGA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19281 pic.twipic.twitter.com/OrhZOF1dQs

+ SO SICK… + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19270 pic.twipic.twitter.com/6Wnpe9LOJJ

+ IF…THEN… + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19267 pic.twipic.twitter.com/WQSTF1epcU

+ YOU CHOSEN FOR YOUR FUTURE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19261 pic.twipic.twitter.com/ZOnnGKm65p

+ THE SELECTION + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19258 pic.twipic.twitter.com/twt1f5CFke

+ BEYOND ANYTHING + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19253 pic.twipic.twitter.com/god4hfo3h7

+ NO DNA. SORRY. + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19247 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Uy5VN6nirm

+ I AM NOT FROM EARTH. I AM FROM HEAVEN, FROM ANDROMEDA + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19244 pic.twipic.twitter.com/CamNInl6BL

+ THE SUPREME DRUG ON EARTH, AND THE CURE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19241 pic.twipic.twitter.com/vuCGOVsIKr

+ DIVINE JUSTICE + ME, RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19235 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Hk7edEqxvW

+ EQUILIBRIUM + ALFA, CREATOR, FATHER OF OMEGA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19232 pic.twipic.twitter.com/JohqR8zGWb

+ STUDY: THE PYRAMID + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19229 pic.twipic.twitter.com/oneQ3ciiHF

+ I AM FREE, I WANNA PEE. I PEE ON YOU, WORLD ON EARTH + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19224 pic.twipic.twitter.com/12xO4lddrX

+ PAY BACK TIME. EVERYTHING… + ALFA & OMEGA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19211 pic.twipic.twitter.com/ipWZbkm96Y

+IS TIME TO GET WHAT YOU DONE. ANY OF YOU. ALWAYS… + RA,CREATOR,FATHER OF AMUN RA,THE GOD+ the-scandinavian.com/?p=19206 pic.twipic.twitter.com/8HDo4nQVNx

+ PRIME OR NOTHING…+ RA PRIME, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA PRIME, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19198 pic.twipic.twitter.com/6IQwFtbvrs

+ ONE MORE SONG + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD, FATHER OF ALL OF YOU + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19195 pic.twipic.twitter.com/KYU2QmIOfU

+PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE OF EARTH+RA,CREATOR,FATHER OF AMUN RA,THE GOD,FATHER FROM HEAVEN+the-scandinavian.com/?p=19191 pic.twipic.twitter.com/l294AKd8b8

+ SHUT UP, WORK, PAY TAXES AND DIE, BITCH! + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD +the-scandinavian.com/?p=19188 pic.twipic.twitter.com/4D8PlZk8Oe

+ ABOUT THIS MISSION ON EARTH + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19181 pic.twipic.twitter.com/1UbRLGOp7E

+ I WILL SAVE YOU, IF YOU REMAINED HUMAN, AS I CREATED YOU + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19178 pic.twitter.com/u9o6FXGl7E

You're Welcome

I'M BORED... RA pic.twitter.com/EQ2phzgqJH

+ THE BOOK OF THIS BLOG IS HERE. RA, CREATOR + the-scandinavian.com/?p=15283 pic.twipic.twitter.com/P3CMeRMG7i

+ ALL TOGETHER + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19113 pic.twipic.twitter.com/a55ciWMs2U

+ SO WILL BE + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19110 pic.twipic.twitter.com/1rECsO2rKj

+ IS OVER + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD, FATHER FROM HEAVEN + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19106 pic.twipic.twitter.com/UMiXRFudTp

+ I AM RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19103 pic.twipic.twitter.com/SGyXAZJ7TE

+ THE TEST + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD, FATHER FROM HEAVEN + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19100 pic.twipic.twitter.com/1oo3ocWdk2

+ HUMAN FROM EARTH DID NOT PASSED THE TEST + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19097 pic.twipic.twitter.com/ik6OTG65qy

+ YOUR LIFE: REAL OR VIRTUAL + RA, CREATOR, FATHER OF AMUN RA, THE GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19089 pic.twipic.twitter.com/t4wbbtHprj

+ GOOD LUCK :) + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19084 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Cc1w77uy9k

+ SUPREME TRUTH, SUPREME KNOWLEDGE + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19081 pic.twipic.twitter.com/rJCeyrpptk

+ WE ARE FALLEN FROM THE SKY + ALFA & OMEGA, FATHER & SON, CREATOR & GOD, RA & AMUN RA + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19077 pic.twipic.twitter.com/HbXsZif3DG

+ ANY PROBLEM? + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19071 pic.twipic.twitter.com/o7T5erRGr4

+ FOREVER UNHAPPY + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19068 pic.twipic.twitter.com/Age3JU6F7x

+ ALL YOU CAN DO IS…NOTHING. SO SHUT UP, WORK AND DIE! + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19065 pic.twipic.twitter.com/A5O09DksPT

+ MOTHER EARTH (TERRA) + CREATOR, FATHER OF GOD + the-scandinavian.com/?p=19058 pic.twipic.twitter.com/NoRkbT1Mmi

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Blog remain opened for anyone wants to KNOW

I Will Put Every Day Here And On Facebook, A Melody For The Ones Who Loves Us,Who Believes In Life,Love,Freedom,Truth,Knowledge And Share

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